List of monastic houses on the Isle of Wight

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List of monastic houses on the Isle of Wight is located in Isle of Wight
Barton Priory
Barton Priory
Appuldurcombe House
Appuldurcombe House
St Mary's Priory, Carisbrooke
St Mary's Priory, Carisbrooke
Carisbrooke Priory
Carisbrooke Priory
Old Quarr Abbey
Old Quarr Abbey
Quarr Abbey
Quarr Abbey
St Cecilia's Abbey, Ryde
St Cecilia's Abbey, Ryde
St Cross Priory
St Cross Priory
St Helen's Priory
St Helen's Priory
Ventnor Priory (site)
Ventnor Priory (site)
Locations of monastic houses on the Isle of Wight

The following is a list of monastic houses on the Isle of Wight in England.

In this article alien houses are included, as are smaller establishments such as cells and notable monastic granges (particularly those with resident monks), and also camerae of the military orders of monks (Templars and Hospitallers). The numerous monastic hospitals per se are not included here unless at some time the foundation had, or was purported to have the status or function of an abbey, priory, friary or preceptory/commandery.

The name of the county is given where there is reference to an establishment in another county. Where the county has changed since the foundation's dissolution the modern county is given in parentheses, and in instances where the referenced foundation ceased to exist before the unification of England, the kingdom is given, followed by the modern county in parentheses.

The geographical co-ordinates provided are sourced from the details provided by English Heritage Pastscape [1] and Ordnance Survey publications.

A Monastic Glossary follows the listing, which provides links to articles on the particular monastic orders as well as other terms which appear in the listing.

Abbreviations and key[edit]

The sites listed are ruins unless indicated thus:
* indicates current monastic function
+ indicates current non-monastic ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure)
^ indicates current non-ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure) or redundant intact structure
$ indicates remains limited to earthworks etc.
# indicates no identifiable trace of the monastic foundation remains
~ indicates exact site of monastic foundation unknown
identification ambiguous or confused

Locations with names in italics indicate probable duplication (misidentification with another location)
or non-existent foundations (either erroneous reference or proposed foundation never implemented)
or ecclesiastical establishments with a monastic appellation but lacking monastic connection.

Trusteeship denoted as follows:
EH English Heritage
LT Landmark Trust
NT National Trust

Alphabetical listing of establishments[edit]

Foundation Image Communities & Provenance Formal Name or Dedication
& Alternative Names
OnLine References & Location
Appuldurcombe House,
AppuldurcombeHouse.JPG Benedictine monks
alien house: dependent on Montebourg;
founded c.1100: manor granted by Richard de Redvers to Montebourg Abbey before 1090;
dissolved 1414;
16th century Elizabethan house built on site;
hotel 1859;
leased for use as a college for young gentlemen 1867-1890s;
Benedictine monks
founded 1901-1908;
virtually abandoned 1909; used to accommodate troops in the two World Wars; damaged by a mine 1943; currently a shell internally in ruins; (EH)
St Mary [1]

50°37′01″N 1°14′01″W / 50.617029°N 1.233635°W / 50.617029; -1.233635 (Appuldurcombe House)
Barton Priory BartonManor approach IsleOfWight.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular — from Cambridge
founded 1275 by John Insula, Rector of Shalfleet and Thomas de Winton, Rector of Godshill;
dissolved 1439; granted to Winchester College
The Holy Trinity
Barton Oratory;
Burton College

50°44′50″N 1°15′52″W / 50.7473181°N 1.264329°W / 50.7473181; -1.264329 (Barton Priory)
Carisbrooke — St Mary's Priory # StMary'sPriory Carisbrooke IsleOfWight.JPG Cistercian monks
alien house: priory cell dependent on Lire Abbey;
founded c.1156 by Baldwin de Redvers: granted to Lire by William fitz Osbern, Marshall of William the Conqueror;
granted to Mount Grace, Yorkshire, by Richard II;
Benedictine monks
restored by Henry IV;
dissolved 1414; granted to the Carthusians at Sheen, Surrey by Henry V
The Priory Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Carisbrooke [4]

50°41′31″N 1°18′50″W / 50.691904°N 1.313939°W / 50.691904; -1.313939 (St Mary's Priory, Carisbrooke)

Carisbrooke Priory * CarisbrookePriory New.JPG Dominican nuns
currently owned by the Carisbrooke Priory Trust, a registered charity;[5]
The Open Door [6]

50°41′09″N 1°18′27″W / 50.685787°N 1.307526°W / 50.685787; -1.307526 (Carisbrooke Priory)
Newport Whitefriars? Carmelite Friars[note 1]
Quarr Abbey QuarrAbbeyFarm.JPG Savignac monks
founded 27 April 1132 by Baldwin de Redvers (Redveriis);
Cistercian monks
orders merged 17 September 1147;
dissolved 1536; granted to John and George Mills 1544/5
The Abbey Church of Our Lady of the Quarry
Quarrer Abbey

50°43′52″N 1°11′58″W / 50.730996°N 1.199356°W / 50.730996; -1.199356 (Old Quarr Abbey)
Quarr Abbey *,
QuarrAbbey.JPG Benedictine monks
founded 24 May 1907 from Appuldurcombe House
current house constructed from the ruined masonry of the former abbey; extant

50°43′53″N 1°12′17″W / 50.73144°N 1.204773°W / 50.73144; -1.204773 (Quarr Abbey)
Ryde — St Cecilia's Abbey *
Appley House, Ryde
StCecilia'sAbbey Ryde IsleOfWight.jpg Solesmes nuns
returned to France from exile
Benedictine nuns
daughter of Liege Abbey;
founded at Ventnor 1882;
transferred to Appley House 1922;
priory attained abbey status 1926;
aggregated into the Solesmes Community 1950; extant
Priory of the Peace of the Heart of Jesus

Abbey of the Peace of the Heart of Jesus (1926)

50°43′42″N 1°08′47″W / 50.728428°N 1.14636°W / 50.728428; -1.14636 (St Cecilia's Abbey, Ryde)
St Cross Priory Tironensian monks
alien house: cell dependent Tiron;
founded after 1132 (c.1120): church founded (in the tenure of Gervase, Abbot de Insula (Quarr)) by Robert Colaws;
dissolved 1391; granted to Winchester College;
site apparently occupied by a viaduct and railway

50°42′09″N 1°17′45″W / 50.7024887°N 1.2958771°W / 50.7024887; -1.2958771 (St Cross Priory)
St Helen's Priory StHelen'sChurch IsleOfWight.jpg Cluniac monks
alien house: dependent on Wenlock, Shropshire;
founded c.1090 (before 1155);
dissolved 1414

50°42′05″N 1°05′57″W / 50.701405°N 1.099298°W / 50.701405; -1.099298 (St Helen's Priory)
Ventnor Priory,
Steephill View
Benedictine nuns
daughter of Liege Abbey, Belgium,
founded 1882;
transferred to Appley House, Ryde 1922;
Steephill View house now demolished;
Priory Lodge, built 1970, now occupies the site
Pax Cordis Jesu

50°35′43″N 1°12′49″W / 50.5953°N 1.2137°W / 50.5953; -1.2137 (Ventnor Priory (site))

The following location on the Isle of Wight lacks monastic connection:


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