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This is a list of mosques in Canada. The default setting is alphabetical order by province, followed by town.

Not all Muslim houses of prayer are mosques, with Nizari Ismaili jamatkhanas, of which there are over 90 in Canada including a major Ismaili Centre in both Toronto and Vancouver, being of particular note.

Name Images Province City Year G Remarks
Baitun Nur
Ahmadiyya Mosque 05a.jpg
Alberta Calgary 2008 AMJ *“House of Light” Mosque opened in 2008 in Calgary, which is the largest mosque in Canada.[1][2]
Islamic Center of Calgary
Calgary Islamic Center.JPG
Alberta Calgary 1976 S One of the several Sunni Muslims Mosques in Calgary
Al-Rashid Mosque
Al-Rashid Mosque.JPG
Alberta Edmonton 1938 S First purpose built mosque in Canada
Baitul Hadi Mosque Alberta Edmonton AMJ serves the local chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim in Edmonton.[3]
Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mosque Alberta Lloydminster 2011/2012 AMJ Jamaat Ahmadiyya Lloydminster is working on completing a mosque which has been newly planned and will be serving the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Chapter of Lloydminster.
Ahmadiyya Mosque British Columbia Vancouver in Delta Foundation stone laid in 2005 AMJ The Mosque serves the Vancouver Ahmadiyya Muslim Local Chapters Masjid: Baitu Dua.[3]
Al-Hidayah Mosque British Columbia Port Coquitlam U
Ahmaddiya Centre Mosque Manitoba Winnipeg AMJ The Ahmaddiya Centre-Mosque in Winnipeg serves the local Ahmadiyya Chapter of Wnnipeg.[4]
Ahmadiyya Muslim Center Saskatchewan Regina 2011/2012 AMJ Located in the City Center, an official mosque is under construction in the city on a bought plot the contract for which was signed in July 2011[3]
Darur Rahmat Mosque Saskatchewan Saskatoon AMJ *serves the local chapter of Saskatoon but a much larger mosque is under construction in the southeastern suburban area on a five-acre plot that has already been brought. The foundation stone was laid early during the time of the fourth Khalifa.[3]
Newfoundland and Labrador St. John's 1990 S Only mosque in Newfoundland
Baitul Hafeez Mosque
Bait Ul Hafeez Sydney NS
Nova Scotia Sydney, Nova Scotia 2004 AMJ *The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat of Sydney Chapter's mosque serves as the center of the Jamaat for Eastern Canada. 1090 Grandlake Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Moncton Muslim Association New Brunswick Moncton, New Brunswick 2000 S Moncton Muslim association was formed in 2000. The goal of the association was to serve the needs of local Muslim community. Within five years association was able to build a mosque, the first and only mosque in the Greater Moncton area. Current goal of the association is to run the Mosque, provide opportunities of Islamic learning, facilitate social events and help local Muslim community as well as the general community of Moncton.
Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace Ontario North York AMJ *A 14 story building run by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and predominantly inhabbited by Ahmadis making up 98 percent of the nearly 150 families living in the building. A hall on the first floor of the building serves as the gathering center for the local chapter.[5]
Bait-ul Kareem Mosque Islamic Center in Cambridge.jpg Ontario Cambridge Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario 2006 AMJ local mosque for the Ahmadi Muslim Community's local chapter; It was bought as a church and converted to a mosque. .[3]
Baitul Mahdi Ontario Durham Oshawa 2005/6 AMJ
  • A converted Mosque from a Dutch style castle was brought by a member of the Jamaat in 2005 and later donated to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to serve as Mosque and center for the local chapters of Oshawa and Durham. The property includes a 25 acre plot and has also regularly used by the Jamaat for regional sports events. The opening of the Masjid Al Mahdi took place in July 2006 during the visit of Khalifatul Masih the fifth to Canada.[5]
Bait-ul Islam “House of Islam (Peace and Submission)”
Baitul Islam, Ontario.jpg
Ontario Maple, Toronto, 1992 AMJ
Baitul Hamd
Jamia Ahmadiyya North America, in Mississauga, Canada.jpg
Ontario Mississauga Toronto, 1999 AMJ * Also serves as Jamia Ahmadiyya for North America which is due to change in early 2012 as the Jamia will switch to the Headquarters in Maple Ontario. The complex has one large hall, a cafeteria, a library, several offices for local and regional chapters of the community and of Jamia Ahmadiyya North America as well. The second floors includes many class rooms as well.[7]
Bait-ul Hanif Mosque Mosque on Victoria Park Toronto.jpg Ontario Toronto AMJ * the oldest mosque of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in its eastern GTA and serves as the local mosque for the local chapter of Toronto East.[8]
Bait-ul Ehsaan Mosque Ontario Windsor AMJ a primary school building which includes a Gym, several class rooms and small school field in the back lot was bought by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The Masjid serves as the local Ahmadiyya Muslim chapter.[8]
Baitul Afiyat Mosque Ontario Scarborough Markham 2008 AMJ *An old church was bought and turned to a masjid in November 2008. The property was first build in 1865 and is serving as a local Mosque and gathering place for The Ahmadiyya Muslim local chapter of Scarborough and Markham. The center also serves as the regional center for the community in GTA East.
Bait-ul Noor Mosque Ontario AMJ serves as the Mosque for the Local Ahmadiyya Muslim Chapters of Hamilton South and Hamilton North.
Brampton Mosque Ontario Brampton 2005 AMJ *Foundation stone laid for Brampton Mosque in 2005. When completed, it will have a larger interior than that of Bait-ul Islam Mosque in Maple.[1]
Hadeeqa-e-Ahmad Ontario Bradford, Ontario AMJ *Ahmadiyya Muslim Center consists of a large detached house on 250 acres of land which was bought by the community to serve as a Jalsa facility and a Moosian Graveyard. The land is used to grow corn and carrots. An orchard of 900 trees grows apples, pears and cherries.[3]
Jamaat Center Ontario Cornwall 2005 AMJ The center serves as a Prayer space and auxiliary function to the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Chapter of Cornwall.
Jam'e Masjid Markham Ontario Markham 2005 Jam'e Masjid Markham has become a focal point for the Muslims of Markham. It is centrally located in the midst of a Muslim community and services the religious, social and recreational needs of this community.
Malton Prayer Centre Ontario Malton in Mississauga, Toronto.[3] AMJ
Masjid Darul Iman Ontario Markham
Ottawa Mosque (Ottawa Muslim Association),[9]
Ottawa Mosque.jpg
Ontario Centre Town West Ottawa S
[DarAssunnah Mosque] ([(Assunnah Muslim Association]),[10] Ontario South Ottawa 2011 S A large Mosque built in the South of Ottawa.
[Islam Care Centre Mosque (previously known as Islamic Information Centre or Lisgar Mosque] ([Islam Care Centre]),[10] Ontario Downtown Ottawa 1993 S The only mosque in downtown Ottawa, which also serves as a community centre, a resource centre, and a family service centre.
Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque (Ahmadiyya Muslim Association) [11] Ontario East Ottawa AMJ
Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque Kanata (Ahmadiyya Muslim Association) [11] Ontario West Ottawa AMJ
Assalam Mosque (Ottawa Islamic Centre) Ontario Ottawa Assalam mosque in the Ottawa Business Park on St. Laurent Avenue[9][12]
Ottawa Ismaili Mosque (Ismaili Council for Ottawa)[13] Ontario West Ottawa
Bilal Masjid mosque Ontario Ottawa-Orléans [9][12]
Jami Omar Ontario Bells Corner, Ottawa-Carleton[12]
Salaheddin Islamic Centre
Salaheddin Islamic centre.png
Ontario Scarborough  ? S
Islamic Society of Peel Ontario Brampton 1978 “Warm, welcoming, caring, open, involved, genuine, accepting...” These are some of the words that recent visitors have used to describe Brampton Makki Masjid. We work hard at creating an environment in which people can experience God within a supportive Muslim community. Congregation are drawn from all walks of life throughout the Brampton, and surrounding areas.
Islamic Foundation Toronto Ontario Toronto 1969 S
Jami Mosque Ontario Toronto 1969 S
South Nepean Muslim Community[12] Ontario Barrhaven, Ottawa-Carleton,
St Catherine Jamaat Center Ontario St. Catharines AMJ *Located just out in the eastern suburbs of the city in the Niagara region. The mosque is a converted detached house on a 4 acre plot which also has an apple and cherry orchard.
Toronto and Region Islamic Congregation Ontario Toronto 1991 S
Windsor Mosque Ontario Windsor 1964 S Also known as An-Noor Mosque and Dominion Mosque
Al Nusrat Mosque Quebec Montreal AMJ *Located in the north center part of the Island of Montreal, the current Masjid was a former Banquet Hall facility and consists of three halls and a large commercial kitchen. The building has several shops for rent by the Jamaat which are due to change when their contracts are finished.[1]
The Mosque of Aylmer (Gatineau Mosque) Gatineau Mosque .IMG 4651.jpg Quebec Aylmer
Outaouais Islamic Centre (Centre islamique de l’Outaouais) Quebec Aylmer *1,200-square-metre mosque at Lois and St. Jean Bosco Roads, Ottawa [12]
Hull Mosque A mosque in Hull, Quebec.jpg Quebec Hull, Quebec
Inuvik Mosque North West Territories Inuvik 2010[14] S[15]
Mission House Quebec Quebec City 2008 AMJ *Several Families have moved in the area since 2008; Maulana Isaac Fonsica Sahib serves as the local Imam.
AMJ Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
S Sunni

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