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This is a list of mosques in Germany by states.


Name Images City Year Group Remarks
Schwetzingen Masjid
Mosque of Schwetzingen Castle.jpg
Schwetzingen 1779 - Oldest mosque architecture in Germany. Non-functional as a mosque.
Mimar Sinan Masjid Mosbach
Mosbach Moschee.JPG
Mosbach 1990s DITIB
Yavuz Sultan Selim Masjid
Mannheim-Jungbusch 1995 DITIB Capacity: 2.500.
Ehsan Masjid
Ehsaan-Moschee (Mannheim).jpg
Mannheim 2010 AMJ
Große Moschee
Buggingen, Große Moschee.jpg
Buggingen 1998 DITIB
Alperenler Masjid
Alperenler-Moschee in Rheinfelden (Baden).jpg
Rheinfelden (Baden) 1996 DITIB
Fatih Masjid
Heilbronn  ? IGMG
Mevlana Masjid
Eppingen  ? IGMG
Central Masjid Offenburg
D Moschee in Offeburg.jpg
Offenburg  ? DITIB


Name Images City Year Group Remarks
Freimann Masjid
Moschee Freimann Rückansicht.JPG
Munich-Freimann 1973 IZM Foundation stone in 6. October 1967
Penzberg 2005
Masjid in Sendling
Munich Sendling Mosque Winner Drawing Höfler.jpg
Munich-Sendling 1989 DITIB


Name Images City Year Group Remarks
Ahmadiyya Mosque Berlin
Wilmersdorfer Mosque.JPG
Berlin-Wilmersdorf 1924 AAIIL Wilmersdorfer Moschee Oldest mosque in Germany.
Şehitlik Mosque
Sehitlik4 Moschee Berlin.JPG
Berlin-Neukölln 2004 DITIB Architect: Hilmi Senalp; Capacity: 1.550.
Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque
Omar ibn Al Khattab mosque berlin kreuberg.jpg
Berlin-Kreuzberg 2008 U
Khadija Mosque
Khadija-Moschee, Berlin, Germany - 20110603.jpg
Berlin-Heinersdorf 2008 AMJ


Name Images City Year Group Remarks
Fatih Mosque
Fatih-Moschee Bremen.png
Bremen-Gröpelingen 1999 IGMG Capacity: 1.300


Name Images City Year Group Remarks
Fazle Omar Mosque
Hamburg-Lokstedt 1957 AMJ First mosque built after World War II in Germany
Imam Ali Mosque
Imam-Ali-Moschee Hamburg.jpg
Hamburg-Uhlenhorst 1961 Sh Build by Iranian business men
Central Mosque Hamburg
Moschee in der Böckmannstraße in Hamburg-St. Georg.jpg
Hamburg-St. Georg 1977 IGMG


Name Images City Year Group Remarks
Noor Mosque
Nuur-Moschee Frankfurt Germany.jpg
Frankfurt am Main 1959 AMJ
Anwar Mosque
Anwar-Moschee Rodgau.jpg
Rodgau 2008 AMJ
Noor ud Din Mosque
Darmstadt 2003 AMJ
Baitus Shakur
Bait ul-Shakoor in Groß-Gerau.JPG
Groß-Gerau 1992 AMJ Biggest Ahmadiyya mosque in Germany. Capacity: 850.
Baitul Huda
Baitul-Huda-Moschee Usingen.JPG
Usingen 2004 AMJ
Fatih Mosque
Stadtallendorf Mosque2.jpg
Stadtallendorf 2004 DITIB
Bait-ul Aziz
Bait ul-Aziz (Riedstadt).jpg
Riedstadt 2004 AMJ
Muqeet Mosque
Muqeet-Moschee (Wabern).JPG
Wabern 2007 AMJ
Bashir Mosque
Baschir-Moschee (Bensheim).jpg
Bensheim 2006 AMJ
Baitul Ghafur
Bait ul-Ghafur (Ginsheim).jpg
Ginsheim-Gustavsburg 2011 AMJ
Baitul Hadi Mosque
Bait ul-Hadi (Seligenstadt).jpg
Seligenstadt 2011 AMJ
Baitul Baqi
Bait ul-Baqi (Dietzenbach).jpg
Dietzenbach 2011 AMJ
Baitul Aman
Bait ul-Aman (Nidda).jpg
Nidda 2011 AMJ

Lower Saxony[edit]

Name Images City Year Group Remarks
Baitus Sami
Bait us-Sami.jpg
Hannover 2008 AMJ
Salimya Mosque
Göttingen 2008 DITIB
Islamisches Kulturzentrum Wolfsburg Wolfsburg Located at Berliner Ring 39, 38440 Wolfsburg. The Imam is Arabic. This mosque attracts all the Muslims in the city, majority of which are Turkish. Official website :

North Rhine-Westphalia[edit]

Name Images City Year Group Remarks
Bilal Mosque
Bilal-Moschee, Aachen.jpg
Aachen 1964 IZA Maintained by Islamisches Zentrum Aachen
Wesseling Mosque
„Mimar Sinan Camii“
Wesseling 1987 DITIB
King Fahd Mosque
Bonn König-Fahd-Akademie.jpg
Bonn-Bad Godesberg 1995 SA
Baitul Momin
Münster-Hiltrup 2003 AMJ
Vatan Mosque
Brackwede DITIB-Moschee.jpg
Bielefeld-Brackwede 2004 DITIB
Merkez Mosque
Wuppertal Moschee Gathe.jpg
Wuppertal-Elberfeld  ? DITIB
Nasir Mosque
Isselburg 2007 AMJ
DITIB-Merkez-Moschee Duisburg IMGP0009.jpg
Duisburg 2008 DITIB 4th largest mosque in Germany, Capacity: 1.200.
Cologne Central Mosque
DITIB-Zentralmoschee Köln - April 2015-7489.jpg
Cologne DITIB Construction began 2009


Name Images City Year Group Remarks
Hamd Mosque
Hamd Moschee Wittlich.jpg
Wittlich 1998 AMJ Capacity: 600.
Tahir Mosque
Tahir-Moschee Koblenz.jpg
Koblenz-Lützel 2004 AMJ


Name Images City Year Group Remarks
Centrum Masjid Rendsburg
Moschee Rendsburg 20091003-DSCF4338.jpg
Rendsburg 2008 IGMG Capacity: 300; 2 Minarets à 26 m.


AAIIL Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement for the Propagation of Islam
AMJ Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
ATIB Union der Türkisch-Islamischen Kulturvereine in Europa
DITIB Diyanet İşleri Türk İslam Birliği
DR Deutsches Reich
IGMG Millî Görüş
IZA Islamic Centre Aachen
IZM Islamic Centre Munich
SA Saudi Arabia (Wahhabism)
Sh Shia Islam
TJ Tablighi Jamaat
U Unknown

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