List of mosques in the Americas

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This is a list of mosques and Islamic centres in North America and South America.

Name Images Country City Year G Remarks
Islamic Centre of Campinas (Centro Islâmico de Campinas)
Centro Islâmico de Campinas.JPG
Brazil Campinas  ? U
Mesquita de Cuiabá
Mesquita de Cuiabá.jpg
Brazil Cuiabá  ? U
Baitun Nur
Ahmadiyya Mosque 05a.jpg
Canada Calgary (Alberta) 2008 AMJ Canada's largest Ahmadiyya centre (2008)[1]
Baitul Islam Canada Maple (Ontario) 1992 AMJ
Jami Mosque, Toronto Canada Toronto (Ontario) 1969 U Formerly a Presbyterian church and converted into the city's first worship centre.
Baitul Mahdi Canada Durham (Ontario)  ? AMJ
Mosque of Coquimbo
Mezquita de Coquimbo5.jpg
Chile Coquimbo 2007 U Spanish Wiki: Mezquita de Coquimbo
Mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab
Mezquita Maicao Colombia Yuri Romero Picon.JPG
Colombia Maicao 1997 U Spanish Wiki:
Mezquita de Omar Ibn Al-Jattab
El Centro Cultural Islámico de Colón
Colon masjid.jpg
Panama Colón  ? U
Mosque Bab ul Islam Peru Tacna 2000 U Spanish Wiki:
Mezquita Bab ul Islam
Mosque Keizerstraat
Suriname Paramaribo  ? AAIIL [2]
Masjid in Montrose
Montrose Masjid Trinidad.jpg
Trinidad and Tobago Montrose, Chaguanas  ? U
Portland Rizwan Mosque United States Portland, Oregon  ? AMJ
Mosque Tucson
Tucson mosque2.JPG
United States Tucson (Arizona)  ? AMJ Also known as the 'Yousaf Mosque'
Tucson Islamic Center, University of Arizona
Masjed UA.jpg
United States Tucson (Arizona)  ? U
Muslim Temple No. 1 United States Detroit (Michigan) 1931 NoI First mosque of the Nation of Islam.
Mosque Maryam,
Muslim Temple No. 2
United States Chicago (Illinois) 1972 NoI Originally a Greek Orthodox church, purchased in 1972 by the Nation of Islam.
Wabash Mosque United States Chicago (Illinois) 1922 AMJ
Mother Mosque of America United States Cedar Rapids (Iowa) 1934 U
Baitul Ahad United States Cleveland (Ohio)  ? AMJ
Islamic Center of America
Islamic Center America.jpg
United States Dearborn (Michigan) 2005 U
Dearborn Mosque United States Dearborn (Michigan) 1937 U
Noor Islamic Cultural Center United States Columbus (Ohio) 2006 U
Baitul Hameed
United States Chino (California)  ? AMJ
Baitul Samee United States Houston (Texas)  ? AMJ
Baitul Jaamay United States Chicago (Illinois)  ? AMJ
Islamic Center of Washington
Islamic Center of Washington.jpg
United States Washington 1957 U
Baitur Rahman United States Washington  ? AMJ
Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim
Mezquita Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Abdulaziz Al - Ibrahim.jpg
Venezuela Caracas 1993 U Spanish Wiki:
Mezquita Ibrahim Al-lbrahim
AAIIL Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement for the Propagation of Islam
AMJ Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat
NoI Nation of Islam
SA Saudi Arabia (Wahhabism)
U Unknown group (or undetermineted)

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