List of most expensive U.S. public works projects

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Below is a list of so-called megaprojects that are among the most expensive in U.S. history.


The following list includes projects to build new highways or improve existing ones, including roadways, bridges, and tunnels. It includes only projects that are underway or completed. Additionally, projects with multiple independent segments (e.g., I-69 Indiana-Texas Extension, Trans-Texas Corridor) are not included, though individual segments may or may not make the list.

  1. Big Dig (1992–2006), Boston, Massachusetts, $14.6 billion[1][2]
  2. San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge East Span Replacement (2002–13), San Francisco/Oakland, California, $6.3 billion
  3. Mon-Fayette Expressway (1988–2012), southwest Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, $5.0 billion [3]
  4. Ohio River Bridges Project (2005–20), Louisville, Kentucky, and southern Indiana, $4.1 billion[4]
  5. Central Texas Turnpike (2001–7), area around Austin, Texas, $3.6 billion[5]
  6. Intercounty Connector (2007–11), Montgomery County, Maryland, $2.57 billion[6]
  7. Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement (1999–2008), Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and southern Maryland, $2.5 billion[7]
  8. I-4 Ultimate corridor reconstruction (2015-2021), Orlando, Florida, $2.3 billion[8]
  9. Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel, 2012–15, Seattle, Washington, $2 billion – $4 billion [9]
  10. Interstate 69 Extension SIU #3 (2008–18), Evansville to Indianapolis, Indiana, $1.8 billion[10]
  11. Wekiva Parkway (2013-2021), Orlando, Florida, $1.6 billion[11]
  12. I-95 New Haven Harbor Corridor Reconstruction (2001–16), New Haven, Connecticut, $1.4 billion[12]
  13. E-470 (1991–2003), Denver, Colorado, $1.2 billion[13]

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