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This is a list of mutual-fund families in Canada ranked by Canadian mutual fund assets under management (AUM), as of May 31, 2008.

Ultimate parent Company Canadian mutual fund brands AUM parent Cdn total (CAD 000's) AUM sub-total (CAD 000's)
IGM Financial Inc. Canada 108,178,800
Investors Group Inc. Investors Masterseries Funds 61,180,000
Mackenzie Financial Corporation Cundill Funds, Ivy Funds, Mackenzie Funds, Maxxum Funds, Focus Funds, Sentinel Funds, STAR Funds, Universal Funds, Keystone Funds 44,770,000
Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. Counsel Funds 2,220,257
Royal Bank of Canada Canada RBC Global Asset Management Inc. RBC Funds 71,842,336
CI Financial Corp. Canada CI Investments Inc. CI Investments 103,200,000[1]
E-L Financial Corporation Canada Empire Life Investments Empire Life Mutual Funds
Toronto-Dominion Bank Canada TD Asset Management TD Mutual Funds 58,978,000
Invesco United States Invesco Trimark Investments Invesco Funds, Trimark Funds, PowerShares Funds/ETFs 20,430,000
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Canada CIBC Asset Management CIBC Mutual Funds 51,900,000
FMR Corp. United States Fidelity Investments Canada Limited Fidelity funds 42,433,811
Bank of Montreal Canada 38,800,000
BMO Investments Inc. BMO Mutual Funds 33,125,440
Guardian Capital Group Canada Guardian Capital LP Guardian Group of Funds Ltd. 14,500,000
AGF Management Limited Canada AGF Funds Inc. AGF Funds 27,800,000
Franklin Resources Inc. United States Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. Templeton Funds, Franklin Funds, Franklin Bissett Funds, Franklin Mutual Series Funds, Franklin Quotential Portfolios 25,220,000
Phillips Hager & North Ltd. Canada Phillips Hager & North Ltd. PH&N investment funds 21,000,000
Scotiabank Canada GCIC Ltd. Dynamic Funds 23,600,000
Bank of Nova Scotia Canada Scotia Securities Inc. Scotia Mutual Funds 22,608,000
CMA Holdings Incorporated Canada MD Management Limited MD Mutual Funds 15,800,000
National Bank of Canada Canada 13,180,000
Natcan Investment Management National Bank Mutual Funds 9,000,000
Altamira Investment Services Inc. Altamira mutual funds 4,182,000
Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec Canada 12,600,000
Northwest Mutual Funds Inc. Northwest Mutual Funds 4,700,000
Manulife Financial Corporation Canada Manulife Investments Manulife Mutual Funds 10,300,000
AIC Limited Canada AIC Investment Services Inc. AIC Funds 5,640,000
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. Canada IA Clarington Investments Inc. IA Clarington Funds, Clarington Funds, IA Funds, R Funds 1,050,000
Brandes Investment Partners, L.P. United States Brandes Investment Partners, L.P. Brandes mutual funds 5,187,000
HSBC Holdings plc United Kingdom HSBC Investments (Canada) Limited HSBC Investment Funds 5,580,000
Standard Life plc United Kingdom Standard Life Mutual Funds Ltd. Standard Life Mutual Funds 4,600,000
Acuity Funds Ltd. Canada Acuity Funds Ltd. Acuity Mutual Funds 3,594,000
Saxon Financial Inc. Canada Saxon Funds Management Limited Saxon Mutual Funds 2,129,000
Ethical Funds Inc. Canada Ethical Funds Inc. Ethical Funds 2,420,000
Mawer Investment Management Ltd. Canada Mawer Investment Management Ltd. Mawer Mutual Funds 1,969,000
Sentry Select Capital Corp. Canada Sentry Investments Sentry mutual funds 12,000,000
Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited Canada Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited Sceptre Mutual Funds 1,349,000
O'Leary Funds Canada O'Leary Funds O'Leary Funds 1,500,000
Bullion Management Group Inc. Canada BMG BMG Funds 378,760,055
Non-reporting members 64,865,957 (non-reporting members)[2]
Other reporting IFIC members with less than CAD$1 billion assets under management 3,211,000

Same list above, but in truncated form using Dec 31st 2006 Data:

  1. IGM Financial (InvestorsGroup & Mackenzie): $106,358,576
  2. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Asset Management): $71,842,336
  3. CI Fund Management Inc. (CI Mutual Funds Inc.): $51,854,000
  4. Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Asset Management): $51,064,006
  5. AMVESCAP (AIM Trimark): $49,088,604
  6. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC Asset Management): $49,087,624
  7. FMR Corporation (Fidelity): $39,386,006
  8. Bank of Montreal (BMO Investments/Guardian Group of Funds): $35,415,728
  9. AGF Management Limited (AGF Funds): $27,717,631
  10. Franklin Resources (Franklin Templeton Investments): $26,138,760
  11. Phillips Hager & North Ltd.: $18,599,198
  12. Dundee Corporation (Dynamic): $17,935,535
  13. Bank of Nova Scotia: $16,385,129
  14. CMA Holdings Incorporated: $12,599,090
  15. National Bank of Canada (Natcan/Altamira): $11,742,594
  16. Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec: $10,803,843
  17. Manulife: $8,723,606
  18. AIC: $8,684,500
  19. Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.: $6,682,152
  20. Brandes Investment Partners: $5,859,140
  21. HSBC (Canada) Investments: $4,366,067
  22. Standard Life: $4,129,984
  23. Acuity Funds: $7,900,000
  24. Saxon Financial: $2,208,422
  25. Ethical Funds Inc.: $2,006,498
  26. Mawer Investment Management: $1,973,489
  27. Sentry Select Capital Corp.: $7,165,925
  28. Sceptre Investment Counsel: $1,013,208
  29. Other non-reporting IFIC members: $10,364,450
  30. Other reporting IFIC members: $3,211,229


  1. ^ CI is a non-reporting member of the Investment Funds Institute of Canada. AUM reference is the CI Investments website -- About Us, URL accessed 13 February 2007.
  2. ^ Will recalculate once updated CI number is found

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