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Below is a list of newspapers published in Croatia.

List of publications[edit]

National dailies
Specialized dailies
Regional dailies
Official gazette
Publications in other languages

Historical and defunct[edit]

18th century
  • Ephemerides Zagrabienses - The first newspapers ever published in Croatia, in 1771. Published as a weekly in Zagreb by Antun Jandera, there are no surviving copies in existence.
  • Agramer Deutsche Zeitung - Published in 1786 by J. T. Trattner. Based in Zagreb and published in German. No surviving copies have been found.
  • Kroatischer Korrespondent - Established in 1789 and printed in German, the third newspapers published in Croatia and the oldest newspapers with a surviving copy.
19th century
20th century
  • Feral Tribune – Started out as a political satire supplement in Slobodna Dalmacija daily in 1984, later evolved into an independent political weekly from 1993 onwards. Folded in 2008.
  • Republika – Daily newspaper launched in late 2000 by media entrepreneur Ivo Pukanić, intended to compete with Europapress Holding's flagship daily Jutarnji list. Folded after six months in May 2001.
  • Slobodni tjednik – Published 1990–1993, first Croatian tabloid daily.
  • Vjesnik – Published 1940–2012, major government-owned daily.
  • Sportplus – Published from December 2009 to March 2011, sports daily intended to compete with Sportske novosti. After 2011 merged back as a sports supplement into Novi list daily

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