List of newspapers in Kosovo

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This is a list of newspapers in Kosovo:

  • Koha Ditore ('Daily Time') claims it is independent, but the owner Veton Surroi was the leader of the Reformist Party ORA. It was the only newspaper published before 1999. Koha Ditore is considered the most serious newspaper in Kosovo.
  • Gazeta Express ('Express newspaper') is independent. Looks like a British tabloid, but is quite serious. Owned by among others mobile operator IPKO. The paper has been accused by some people and organizations in Kosovo of Islamophobia.
  • Infopress
  • Bota Sot ('World Today') Pro-Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK). One of the few Kosovar newspapers distributed in many Western countries.
  • Bota Press ('World Press') This newspaper appears to be the newest newspaper in the country. So not much is known about it yet.
  • Epoka e Re ('The New Epoch') pro-VETËVENDOSJE!
  • Kosova Sot ('Kosovo Today') independent. Claims to have the highest circulation.
  • Lajm ('News') pro-New Kosovo Alliance (AKR), owned by the Kosovo Albanian businessman and politician Behgjet Pacolli. Tabloid.
  • Tribuna ('The Tribune')
  • Zëri ('The Voice') is owned by Blerim Shala, an analyst and journalist that is highly liked by the internationals in Kosovo and took part in the Kosovo-status negotiations.