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Below is a list of newspapers published in Portugal.


The number of national daily newspapers in Portugal was 32 in 1950, whereas it was 27 in 1965.[1]

Portuguese newspapers[2]
Newspaper Frequency Est. Headquarters Circulation Owner Website
Correio da Manhã daily 1979 Lisbon 120,994 Cofina
Diário de Notícias daily 1864 Lisbon 34,987 Controlinveste
Expresso weekly 1973 Lisbon 99,383 Impresa (Sojornal)
Jornal i daily 2009 Lisbon and Porto 7,405 Grupo Lena
Jornal de Notícias daily 1888 Porto 82,401 Controlinveste
Público daily 1991 Lisbon and Porto 32,411 Sonae
Sol weekly 2006 Lisbon 33,041 O Sol é Essencial, SA





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