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Below is a list of newspapers published in Portugal.


The number of national daily newspapers in Portugal was 32 in 1950, whereas it was 27 in 1965.[1]

Portuguese newspapers[2]
Newspaper Frequency Est. Headquarters Circulation Owner Website
Correio da Manhã daily 1979 Lisbon 117,215 Cofina
Diário de Notícias daily 1864 Lisbon 17,794 Controlinveste
Expresso weekly 1973 Lisbon 92,431 Impresa (Sojornal)
i daily 2009 Lisbon 5,207 Newshold
Jornal de Notícias daily 1888 Porto 63,100 Controlinveste
Público daily 1990 Lisbon and Porto 27,739 Sonae
Sol weekly 2006 Lisbon 23,709 Newshold





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