List of newspapers in Syria

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This is a list of newspapers in Syria.

National political newspapers[edit]

Political parties' newspapers[edit]

Local newspapers[edit]

Specialist newspapers[edit]

Restricted circulation newspapers[edit]

Defunct newspapers[edit]

  • Ad-Domari, satirical weekly, lasted for 104 issues only, as it was closed by the authorities in July 2003
  • Al-Alam, independent daily (1946–1950), issued by Al-Alam publishing house, which was owned by Izzat Husrieh
  • Al Qabas (Damascus), owned by Najeeb Al Rayes
  • Nidal ash-Shaab, issued irregularly, the official newspaper of the Syrian Communist Party until 2001; the public sale of the newspaper was prohibited by the Syrian government, and it was delivered to party members only
  • Syria Times, English-language official daily

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