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This list of newspapers in Trinidad and Tobago is a list of newspapers printed and distributed in the Trinidad and Tobago. It includes a list of daily newspapers, weekly and specialty newspapers, community newspapers and magazines published in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago has three (3) national newspapers.

Trinidad and Tobago newspapers[edit]

National daily newspapers[edit]

35-37 Independence Square, Port of Spain (North Office, Production House)[1]

22-24 St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain (North Office)[1]

19-21 Chacon Street, Port of Spain (North Office) [1]

Weekly and specialty newspapers[edit]

  • the Trinidad and Tobago Sunshine Newspaper, Kantac Plaza, Arouca [2][3][3]
  • TnT Mirror, Ninth Street & Ninth Avenue, Barataria,[1][4]
  • Showtime Newspaper, Ninth Street & Ninth Avenue, Barataria (North Office)[1]
  • Sunday Punch Newspaper, Ninth Street & Ninth Avenue, Barataria (North Office)[1]
  • The Moruga Chronicle, Moruga Rd. Basse Terre, Moruga[1]
  • Blast Newspaper, 5-6 Hingoo Lands, San Juan [1]
  • Bomb Newspaper, Southern Main Rd & Clifford St. Curepe [1]
  • Hello Small Business & Tradesman News,[1]
  • The Probe [5]
  • The Independent, 20 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain [5]
  • The Weekend Heat, Southern Main Road, Curepe [6]
  • The Catholic News [7]
  • The Anglican Outlook, 2 Hayes Street, St. Clair, Port of Spain
  • The Eastern Times, Sunset Drive, Arouca

Tobago newspapers[edit]

  • Tobago News, TIDCO Mall, Scarborough [1][4]
  • Tobago Pillar, U Turn Mall, Wilson Road, Scarborough, Tobago[1]

Monthly journals[edit]

  • Trinidad and Tobago Review, Trinidad & Tobago Institute of the West Indies at Tapia House

82-84 St. Vincent Street, Tunapuna [1]


  • Sweet TnT Magazine - Trinidad and Tobago culture - printed and posted on
  • MACO Magazines - MACO Caribbean Living, MACO People Trinidad, MACO People Barbados
  • the Westerly
  • Living World Journal
  • TT NRG - Local Publication on Oil & Gas
  • UWI Today
  • Island Sports and Fitness
  • Tobago Today
  • Trinidad-Tobago Net
  • St Augustine News - UWI
  • Abstract Magazine
  • Zorce Racing Magazine
  • SixthSpeed Tuner Magazine
  • Ranting trini
  • Critical Analysis
  • Trin Mag
  • Just Comics and More
  • Comic Publisher
  • The Draft
  • Boca - Marine and Yachting Magazine
  • Caribbean Beat - Caribbean Airlines inflight magazine
  • Exporter
  • Caribbean E-Business Magazine
  • Vox
  • Executive Time
  • Discover Trinidad & Tobago
  • Scorch
  • Topsoil Magazine
  • Ins and Outs of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Who's Who in Trinidad and Tobago Business
  • Business Trinidad and Tobago
  • Coco Belle Magazine - Beauty and lifestyle Caribbean magazine.

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