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The following is a list of notable alumni of the Hotchkiss School. Former pupils of the School are known as either Pythians or Olympians depending on their year of entry (Pythians are associated with even years whereas Olympians are associated with odd years).


Name Notability
Dickinson W. Richards Nobel Prize winner (Medicine)
John Hersey Pulitzer Prize winning author, Dean of Pierson College (Yale University)
Archibald MacLeish Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize * Archibald MacLeish (1892–1982), Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner.[1]
Alfred Whitney Griswold President of Yale University
Walter W. Taylor Leading American archaeologist
Everett N. Case President, Colgate University
Willard F. Enteman President, Bowdoin College
Strobe Talbott President of Brookings Institution, Deputy Secretary of State, Journalist, diplomat,
Roger Sherman Loomis Professor of literature, Columbia University, and one of the foremost authorities on Medieval and Arthurian literature
Christopher Winship Senior Professor of sociology, Harvard University
Leonard Woods Labaree Professor of History Yale University
Arthur Lehman Goodhart Legal scholar, Master of University College, Oxford University
Benjamin Woods Labaree Professor of History, Williams College; American Maritime Studies; Chairman of the Maritime Library;
Edward H. Ahrens Physician; Professor Emeritus, Rockefeller University
Charles Snead Houston Physician, mountaineer, high-altitude investigator, and former Peace Corps administrator who first identified high altitude pulmonary edema
David Hawkins Philosopher of science and assistant to J. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Manhattan Project to build atomic bombs, and official historian of the project; co-developer (with Herbert A. Simon) of the Hawkins–Simon condition, still taught in advanced macroeconomics courses


Name Notability
Archibald MacLeish Poet Laureate of the United States; Pulitzer Prize recipient in [1932 for Conquistador; Librarian of Congress; Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory, Harvard; Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award recipient, 1952, for Collected Poems; recipient of Pulitzer Prize, drama, 1958, for J.B., a verse play based on the book of Job; Academy Award recipient for the screenplay, The Eleanor Roosevelt Story
Tom Dolby Author of the novel The Trouble Boy (2004). His second novel, set at a Massachusetts boarding school, is titled The Sixth Form (2008). Son of billionaire engineer, Ray Dolby founder of Dolby Laboratories.
David McCord Lippincott Novelist; American composer, lyricist and author; creative director at McCann Erickson, writing copy and creating jingles; author of several books including The Voice Of Armageddon (on which the film is based)
Peter Matthiessen Naturalist and author of more than 20 works of fiction and nonfiction, including At Play in the Fields of the Lord, Far Tortuga, The Birds of Heaven: Travels with Cranes, and The Snow Leopard (National Book Award), 1978; recipient of Heinz Award in Arts & Humanities
Julia Quinn Romance novelist whose books include It’s In His Kiss, When He Was Wicked, Sir Phillip With Love, and The Viscount Who Loved Me
Tom Reiss Author of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize-winning biography The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo; author of The Orientalist (2005), an international bestseller short-listed for the Samuel Johnson Prize and translated into over 20 languages; contributor to The New Yorker and other publications
Stephen Birmingham Author whose works include Our Crowd: The Great Jewish Families of New York and The Right Places
David McCord Lippincott Novelist and Screen writer


Name Notability
Henry Luce Co-founder of Time Also founder of Sports Illustrated and Fortune)
Briton Hadden Co-founder of Time
Forrest Mars, Jr. CEO of Mars, Incorporated, billionaire
John Mars Billionaire
Jonathan Bell Lovelace Founder, Chairman Emeritus, President, Pioneer, and CEO of The Capital Group Companies, pioneer in the mutual fund business; The capital group is one of the world’s largest investment management organizations with assets in excess of $1.4 trillion under management.
Harold Stanley Founder, Morgan Stanley
Henry Ford II President of Ford Motor Company
Edsel Ford President of Ford Motor Company, son of Henry Ford
William Clay Ford, Jr. CEO of Ford Motor Company
John L. Thornton President and Co-COO of Goldman Sachs, Co-CEO Goldman Sachs International, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia, Partner of Goldman Sachs, Chairman of the Brookings Institution, Member of the Board of DirecTV, Ford Motors, Goldman Sachs, Intel, News Corporation[2]
William H.T. Bush Investment banker
Jonathan Bush Investment banker
Fay Vincent CEO, Columbia Pictures Industries, Baseball Commissioner.[3]
Tom Werner Chairman of the Boston Red Sox and co-founder of Casey Werner, producers of "The Cosby Show", "3rd Rock from the Sun" and "That '70s Show"
Roy D. Chapin CEO of American Motors Corporation; US Secretary of Commerce
John Shedd Reed Chairman and CEO of the Santa Fe Railway, Philanthropist, ex-chairman of NMSC
John Luke President and CEO, Westvaco Corporation
Mark P. Mays President and CEO, Clear Channel Communications

Government and Law[edit]

Name Notability
Potter Stewart Justice of the US Supreme Court
Archibald MacLeish Assistant Secretary of State, Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize * Archibald MacLeish (1892–1982), Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner.[1]
Jon Ormond Newman Judge, United States court of appeals
Eli Whitney Debevoise Founder of the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton
George J. Richardson Chief of Detectives County of Hawaii. Present at the Hilo Massacre of 1938.[4]
Porter J. Goss former Director of the CIA, Representative of Florida, United States House of Representatives
Strobe Talbott Deputy Secretary of State, Journalist, diplomat, President of Brookings Institution
Paul Nitze Secretary of the Navy, architect of US policy towards the Soviet Union, Co-founder of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies;
Malcolm Baldrige, Jr. United States Secretary of Commerce
Paul Warnke Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
Robert Bork United States Solicitor General, Conservative legal scholar, Supreme Court nominee; Distinguished Fellow, the Hudson Institute;
Donald B. Easum Former United States Assistant Secretary of State; United States Ambassador to Nigeria
Roy D. Chapin US Secretary of Commerce and CEO, American Motors Corporation
Charles Edison Governor of New Jersey, son of Thomas Edison
Artemus Gates banker, World War I hero, Under Secretary of the Navy
Lawrence M. Judd Governor of Hawaii
Jerry Voorhis Representative, United States House of Representatives (D-CA)
Robert D. Orr Governor of Indiana
Ernest Gruening Governor of Alaska, US Senator
William Warren Scranton Governor of Pennsylvania, United States Ambassador to the United Nations
Arthur K. Watson United States Ambassador to France and president of the International Chamber of Commerce
Livingston T. Merchant United States Ambassador to Canada and Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs
G. McMurtrie Godley United States Ambassador to Laos and co-founder and first president of the Glimmerglass Opera
Victor Ashe United States Ambassador to Poland
Clark T. Randt, Jr. United States Ambassador to China 2001–2009
Winston Lord United States Ambassador to China
Charles Yost United States Ambassador to the United Nations, United States Ambassador to: Laos, Syria, and Morocco; United States Representative to the United Nations
R. Lawrence Coughlin Representative, United States House of Representatives
Peter Hall Judge, US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit; former U.S. Attorney, District of Vermont
Jon O. Newman Judge, United States Court of Appeals
Frederick Vanderbilt Field Communist
Lisa Brown Staff Secretary to President Barack Obama


Name Notability
Henry Luce Co-founder of Time Also founder of Sports Illustrated and Fortune)
Briton Hadden Co-founder of Time
Lewis H. Lapham Editor of Harper's Magazine Company
John G. Avildsen Film Director (Rocky, The Karate Kid)
Tom Werner The Carsey-Werner Company whose productions include: That '70s Show, 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Cosby Show, Cybill, Davis Rules, A Different World, Grace Under Fire, Roseanne; Chairman and co-managing partner, Boston Red Sox
Peter Arno The New Yorker cartoonist, (Coined the Phrase "Back to the drawing board").
William Loeb Conservative newspaper proprietor; publisher of the Union Leader newspaper
Varian Fry Journalist and 'the American Schindler'
Peter H. Hunt Director of theater and television productions; recipient of a Tony Award for the musical 1776; NY Drama Critics Award, 1969; London Critics Award, 1970; Christopher Award, 1972; Edgar Award, 1982; and Ace Award, 1983
John W. Anderson Senior correspondent, The Washington Post Foreign Service Department
Elizabeth Chandler Screenwriter
Chris Wallace Television Journalist on Fox
Max Carlish British documentary filmmaker; recipient of a BAFTA and an International Emmy Award for Best Arts Documentary for a series about The Royal Opera House in London and a groundbreaking series about British science fiction
Bradford Dillman Actor who appeared in A Certain Smile, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, The Way We Were, and other films
Ben Mulroney Host of Canadian Idol, son of Canadian Prime Minister
Allison Janney Emmy Award winning Actress
John H. Hammond Executive at Columbia Records, Record Producer (discovered Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen)
Leland Hayward Hollywood and Broadway agent and producer
Burr Steers filmmaker and actor
Chris Meledandri Founder and CEO of Illumination Entertainment and founding president of 20th Century Fox Animation

Music and Art[edit]

Name Notability
Douglas Moore Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and one of few American opera composers; member of the music faculty of Columbia University;
Roswell Rudd Grammy nominated trombonist
John Crosby Founder, the Santa Fe Opera; general director until 2000; recipient, National Medal of Arts and Officer’s Cross of the Federal German Order of Merit; President, Manhattan School of Music and of Opera America; longest serving general director of any American opera company
Esko Laine Double bass player, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Peter Duchin Orchestra leader; organizer, Peter Duchin Orchestras and Duchin Entertainment;
Frederick "Dennis" Greene Founder and lead singer, Sha Na Na; professor of law, University of Dayton School of Law
Scott Powell Member of the rock group, Sha Na Na; orthopedic surgeon
Edwin Denby poet and dance critic
Thomas Hoving Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Gerald Murphy Precisionist Artist
Samuel Wagstaff art curator who helped significantly to establish fine arts photography


Name Notability
Matt Kavanagh Lacrosse attackman who plays for Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Was named an all-american in each of his first 2 seasons, as well as the MVP of the u-19 World Championships for lacrosse in 2012.
Matt Herr Ice hockey forward who played for part of four NHL seasons.[5]
Torrey Mitchell NHL forward for San Jose Sharks
Caitlin Cahow Member, Hockey Team USA, 2006 Olympic Games in Torino, Italy
August Kammer Member, the Hockey Team USA and Walker Cup golf team; winner of an Olympic bronze medal in 1936 as a member of the Hockey Team USA at Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Gina Kingsbury Member and gold medalist, Hockey Team Canada, 2006 Olympic Games in Torino, Italy, and Hockey Team Canada, 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada
Raymond W. "Ducky" Pond Yale University football player; coach of football at Yale in the 1930s
Peter Revson billionaire, Formula One race car driver
Shavar Thomas Major League Soccer player and member of the Jamaica National Football Team


Name Notability
Elliott B. Strauss United States Navy rear admiral, key Allied staff officer for the invasion of Normandy
Douglas Campbell American aviator and World War I flying ace; the first American aviator flying in an American unit to achieve the status of ace
Frank O'Driscoll Hunter American aviator, World War I flying ace, and chief of the First Air Force in World War II
William Heilman Lieutenant Colonel, Brigadier General United States Army
Thaddeus Beal Under Secretary of the Army; President/CEO, Harvard Trust Company of Cambridge, MA
Artemus Gates Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air; Under Secretary of the Navy; President, New York Trust
Roswell Gilpatric Assistant Secretary of the Air Force; Undersecretary of the Air Force; Deputy Secretary of Defense; member of the Council on Foreign Relations


Name Notability
Henry Knox Sherrill Episcopal clergyman who was Bishop of Massachusetts, 20th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, and the founding President of the National Council of Churches
Scotty McLennan Minister, lawyer, professor, and author who is Dean for Religious Life at Stanford University, Minister of Stanford Memorial Church, and the inspiration for the Doonesbury cartoon character the Reverend Scot Sloan
Margot Käßmann Lutheran theologian, Landesbischöfin (bishop) of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Hanover in Germany, and the first woman elected as Chair of Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany[6]



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