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The following is the list of open source hardware projects that includes computer systems and components, cameras, radio, telephony, science education, machines & tools, robotics, renewable energy, home automation, medical & biotech, automotive, prototyping, test equipment, and musical instruments.

Amateur radio[edit]

Audio electronics[edit]

  • Monome 40h – A reconfigurable grid of 64 backlit buttons, used via USB. A limited batch of 500 monome 40h has been produced. All the design process, design specifications, firmware and PCB schematics are available online.
  • Neuros Digital Audio Computer – An open-source portable digital audio player.


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  • ColorHug - An LCD and LED display colorimeter by Ania and Richard Hughes with fully free software (client, driver, firmware) and hardware (PCB schematics) stack.[1]

Computer systems[edit]

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  • LED Throwies – Non-destructive graffiti and light displays.

Machines and tools[edit]

Medical devices[edit]

Music electronics[edit]

  • Arduinome
  • MIDIbox The MIDIbox project is an open source modular DIY hardware and software platform for MIDI devices like controllers, synthesizers, sequencers
  • Stoicheia a dual gate Euclidean sequencer


  • NetFPGA is a project consisting hardware platform, software, community and education material to enable research and education effort in a line-rate network environment.

Renewable energy[edit]

  • Wind turbines: To assist people in the developing countries, and hobbyists alike, several projects have been open-sourced, e.g. the Jua Kali wind turbine, Hugh Piggot's wind turbine, ForceField Wind Turbine, et cetera


Further information: Open-source robotics


  • Openmoko – open phone framework (first use case: FIC Neo FreeRunner, released as of mid-2008)
  • TuxPhone A project to develop open-source (hardware and software) GSM/GPRS cellphone.
  • OpenBTS and OsmoBTS - Open source software based GSM base stations.
  • GTA04 - successor of Openmoko
  • UmTRX - a dual-channel wide-band SDR platform with gigabit Ethernet connectivity, that is developed by Fairwaves and designed to be used as a transceiver (TRX) with OpenBTS and OsmoBTS GSM base stations

Scientific Hardware[edit]

Video electronics[edit]

Wireless hardware[edit]

  • Openpicus – Open-source platform for smart sensors and Internet of things
  • Sun SPOT is an open source hardware and software platform for sensor networks and battery powered, wireless, embedded development.
  • USRP universal software radio peripheral is a mainboard with snap in modules providing software defined radio at different frequencies, it has a USB 2.0 link to its host computer.
  • PowWow Power Optimized Hardware and Software FrameWork for Wireless Motes is an open source hardware and software platform for wireless sensor networks.
  • Twibright RONJA – Open-source free-space optic system, DIY in a garage, 10 Mbit/s full duplex/1.4 km


  • Thingiverse - a collection of primarily 3-D printable open-source designs of objects


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