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This list of open-source hardware projects includes computer systems and components, cameras, radio, telephony, science education, machines and tools, robotics, renewable energy, home automation, medical and biotech, automotive, prototyping, test equipment, and musical instruments.

Amateur radio[edit]

Audio electronics[edit]

  • Monome 40h – A reconfigurable grid of 64 backlit buttons, used via USB. A limited batch of 500 monome 40h has been produced. All the design process, design specifications, firmware and PCB schematics are available online.
  • Neuros Digital Audio Computer – An open-source portable digital audio player.


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  • ColorHug – An LCD and LED display colorimeter by Ania and Richard Hughes with fully free software (client, driver, firmware) and hardware (PCB schematics) stack.[1]

Computer systems[edit]

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  • TerraTec's Cinergy T2, a USB DVB-T receiver which's hardware plans and firmware were released to the public domain in 2007 [3]




  • LED Throwies – Non-destructive graffiti and light displays.

Machines and tools[edit]

Medical devices[edit]

Music electronics[edit]

  • Arduinome
  • MIDIbox The MIDIbox project is an open-source modular DIY hardware and software platform for MIDI devices like controllers, synthesizers, sequencers

Music instruments[edit]


  • NetFPGA is a project consisting hardware platform, software, community and education material to enable research and education effort in a line-rate network environment.

Renewable energy[edit]

  • Wind turbines: To assist people in the developing countries, and hobbyists alike, several projects have been open-sourced, e.g. the Jua Kali wind turbine, Hugh Piggot's wind turbine, ForceField Wind Turbine, et cetera


Further information: Open-source robotics


  • Openmoko – open phone framework (first use case: FIC Neo FreeRunner, released as of mid-2008)
  • TuxPhone A project to develop open-source (hardware and software) GSM/GPRS cellphone.
  • OpenBTS and OsmoBTS – Open-source software based GSM base stations.
  • GTA04 – successor of Openmoko
  • UmTRX – a dual-channel wide-band SDR platform with gigabit Ethernet connectivity, that is developed by Fairwaves and designed to be used as a transceiver (TRX) with OpenBTS and OsmoBTS GSM base stations

Scientific Hardware[edit]

Video electronics[edit]

Wireless hardware[edit]

  • Openpicus – Open-source platform for smart sensors and Internet of things
  • Sun SPOT is an open-source hardware and software platform for sensor networks and battery powered, wireless, embedded development.
  • USRP universal software radio peripheral is a mainboard with snap in modules providing software defined radio at different frequencies, it has a USB 2.0 link to its host computer.
  • PowWow Power Optimized Hardware and Software FrameWork for Wireless Motes is an open-source hardware and software platform for wireless sensor networks.
  • Twibright RONJA – Open-source free-space optic system, DIY in a garage, 10 Mbit/s full duplex/1.4 km
  • SatNOGS - Satellite Networked Open Ground Station. A hardware and software stack for satellite communications.


  • Thingiverse – a collection of primarily 3-D printable open-source designs of objects

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