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Page from the manuscript score of Handel's oratorio Messiah

This is a chronological list of oratorios from the 17th century to the present. Unless otherwise indicated, all dates are those when the work was first performed. In some cases only the date of composition is known. In others, the oratorio has only been performed on a recording.

17th century[edit]

18th century[edit]

First edition of Vivaldi's Juditha triumphans, the only one of his four oratorios to have survived

19th century[edit]

Worcester Cathedral, where Sullivan's The Prodigal Son premiered in 1869

20th century[edit]

Manuscript score of Elgar's The Dream of Gerontius, signed by Elgar and the performers of the premiere

21st century[edit]

The Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, where John Adams's El Niño premiered in 2000

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