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This is a list of original GoBots from their creation until the absorption of Tonka into Hasbro in 1991.

Challenge of the GoBots[edit]

Characters introduced in Challenge of the GoBots.


  • Matt Hunter
  • Nick Burns
  • Allison Janmoria "A.J." Foster
  • Dr. Anya Turgenova
  • General Newcastle
  • The Last Engineer
  • Master Renegade
  • Dr. Zebidiah (Thadius) Braxis

GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords[edit]

Characters introduced in GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords.

  • Margot Kidder as Solitaire: A good female Rock Lord.
  • Telly Savalas as Magmar: Leader of the evil Rock Lords.
  • Roddy McDowall as Nugget: Solitaire's assistant, strikes up a quick friendship with Scooter.
  • Michael Nouri as Boulder: Leader of the sole remaining group of good Rock Lords, and an ally of Solitaire.
  • Lou Richards, Jr. as Leader-1: The Guardian leader, who transforms into an F-15 Eagle.
  • Frank Welker as Scooter: The Guardians' chief engineer, who transforms into a scooter.
  • Bernard Erhard as Cy-Kill: The Renegade leader, who transforms into a motorcycle.
  • Darryl Hickman as Marbles: A young good Rock Lord who appears to have some form of psychic powers. His name is derived from marble.
  • Michael Bell as Granite: A good Rock Lord. As his name implies, he is very tough.
  • Philip L. Clarke as Crackpot: A good Rock Lord.
  • Frank Welker as Pulver-Eyes: A rather manic good Rock Lord; his name is a pun on the word pulverise.
  • Michael Bell as Slimestone: An evil Rock Lord.
  • Foster Brooks as Stoneheart: An evil Rock Lord.
  • Peter Cullen as Tombstone: An evil Rock Lord.
  • Peter Cullen and Frank Welker as Sticks 'N' Stones: An evil Rock Lord who seems to be a conjoined twinned Golem with Sticks as the right head and Stones as the left head (from the viewer's point). For comedic effect, the two heads (each voiced by a different actor - ironically, Cullen and Welker are arguably best remembered as the voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron, opposing leaders in the original Transformers cartoon) regularly argue with each other. the name derives from the old saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.".
  • Richard Gautier as Brimstone: An evil Rock Lord.

  • Arthur Burghardt as Turbo: A Guardian warrior who travels to Quartex with Leader-1. Transforms into a concept car.
  • Marilyn Lightstone as Crasher: A Renegade warrior who travels with Cy-Kill, she transforms into a Porsche 956.
  • Peter Cullen as Pincher: A Renegade mutant who travels with Cy-Kill, who transforms into a spaceship.
  • Darryl Hickman as Hornet: A Renegade mutant who travels with Cy-Kill, he transforms into a spaceship. The film represents Hornet's debut, but he also have appeared in two episodes of the TV series.
  • Richard Gautier as Bugsie: A Renegade mutant who travels with Cy-Kill, he transforms into a tank.
  • B. J. Ward as Small Foot: A Guardian captured along with Solitaire, who transforms into a Toyota Hilux.
  • Morgan Paull as Matt Hunter: A UNICOM astronaut and their liaison with the Guardians, Matt travels with Leader-1 to Quartex.
  • Leslie Speights as A. J. Foster: A UNICOM cadet kidnapped by Cy-Kill.
  • Ike Eisenmann as Nick Burns: A UNICOM cadet kidnapped by Cy-Kill.
  • Several other Gobots have cameo or walk-on scenes during the early stages of the film, including Fitor, Cop-Tur, Herr Fiend, Heat Seeker, Klaws, Sparky, Rest-Q, Dozer, Zeemon, Twin Spin, Twister and Stallion. In an odd animation error, Herr Fiend and Baron Von Joy's roles were reversed, with each Gobot fulfilling the other's role, and being referred to by name. This error is especially odd as it required several scenes of animation, yet the error is consistent throughout.



Note that the figures were not always released in numerical order.

Gobot # Name Vehicle Mode MR Number
01 Cy-Kill Motorcycle MR-01
02 Tank Tank MR-02
03 Fitor Jet MR-03
04 Cop-Tur Helicopter MR-04
05 Loco Locomotive MR-05
06 Spay-C Space Shuttle MR-14
07 Turbo Concept car MR-07
08 BuggyMan Dune Buggy MR-08
09 Dumper Dump Truck MR-09
10 Pumper (and Pumper II) Fire Engine (Pumper and Pumper II) MR-10 (Pumper and Pumper II)
11 Dozer Bulldozer MR-11
12 Hans-Cuff Toyota Crown Patrol Car MR-13
13 Fly Trap Garbage truck MR-26
14 Small Foot Toyota Hilux SR5 MR-35
15 Dive-Dive Submarine MR-33
16 Slicks Renault RE-20 Turbo MR-32
17 Block Head Cement Mixer MR-34
18 Road Ranger Semi-trailer truck MR-18
19 Royal-T Harrier Jet MR-19
20 Spoiler and Warpath [disambiguation needed] Countach LP500S(Spoiler); Hughes AH-64 Apache(Warpath MR-21(Spoiler); BMR-04(Warpath)
21 Crasher, Crasher II and Super Cy-Kill Porsche 956(Crahser and Crasher II) Futuristic Motorcycle(Cy-Kill) MR-20(Crasher (Rothmans) and Crasher II; BMR-01(Cy-Kill)
22 Screw Head and Super Spay-C Drill Tank(Screw Head); Space Shuttle(Super Spay-C) MR-17(Screw Head); BMR-05(Super Spay-C)
23 Blaster and Staks Missile tank(Blaster); Peterbilt 352H Truck Cab(Staks) MR-23(Blaster); BMR-03(Staks)
24 Crain Brain and Super Leader-1 UNIC K-200B Crane(Crain Brain); McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle(Leader-1) MR-24(Crain-Brain; BMR-02(Leader-1)
25 Leader-1 and Baron Von Joy F-15 Eagle(Leader-1), Porsche 930 Turbo Sports Car (Baron Von Joy) MR-25(Leader-1); MRDX-07(Baron Von Joy)
26 Rest-Q and Zeemon Ambulance(Rest-Q); Datsun 260Z Fairlady-Z(Zeemon) MR-15(Rest-Q); MRDX-02(Zeemon)
27 Scooter and Herr Fiend Scooter(Scooter); Porsche 928S Sports Car (Herr Fiend) MR-16(Scooter); MRDX-03(Herr Fiend)
28 Geeper-Creeper and Bug Bite Mitsubishi Jeep CJ-3B(Geeper Creeper); Volkswagen Beetle 1303S(Bug Bite) MR-28(Geeper Creeper); MRDX-05(Bug Bite)
29 Path Finder and Destroyer Flying Saucer(Path Finder); Leopard A4 Main Battle Tank(Destroyer) MR-29(Path Finder); MRDX-04(Destroyer)
30 Night Ranger and Psycho Harley Davidson Motorcycle(Night Ranger); Super Car(Psycho) MR-37(Night Ranger); MRDX-01(Psycho)
31 Spoons and Defendor Forklift(Spoons); Saladin Mk. II Armoured Car(Defendor) MR-34(Spoons); MRDX-06(Defendor)
32 Water Walk and Throttle CessnaSeaplane(Water Walk); BMW KS 100 RS Motorcycle (Throttle) MR-31 (Water Walk only)
33 Flip-Top and Super Vamp SH-2 Seasprite(Flip Top); Futuristic Jet(Vamp) MR-40(Flip-Top only)
34 Good Knight and Raizor Classic Style Excalibur(Good Knight); McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom VTOL Jet(Raizor) MR-44(Good Knight only)
35 Blaster II and Super Couper Missile tank(Blaster); Ford Coupe Modified Car(Super Couper) MR-23(Blaster only)
36 Street Heat and Spy-Eye Camaro Z28(Street Heat); Panavia Tornado GR1 Jet Bomber(Spy-Eye) MR-43(Street Heat only)
Gobot # Name Vehicle Mode MR Number
37 Wrong Way and Clutch AH-64 Apache(Wrong Way); Chevrolet C/K Pick Up(Clucth) MR-41(Wrong Way only)
38 Scratch and Night Fright Ford Bronco(Scratch); Mil Mi-24 Attack Helicopter(Night Fright) MRT-41*(Scratch only)
39 BuggyMan II Dune Buggy MR-08
40 Zero A6M Zero MR-39
41 Tux Rolls-Royce Phantom VI MR-46
42 Twin Spin CH-46 Sea Knight MR-50
43 Snoop (unreleased) SR-71 Blackbird MR-45
44 Leader-1 II F-15 Eagle MR-25
45 Cy-Kill II Motorcycle MR-01
46 Vamp Futuristic Car MRD-101
47 Scorp Robotic Scorpion MRD-102
48 Pincher Spaceship MRD-103
49 Stallion Ford Mustang MRT-45*
50 Sparky Pontiac Fiero MRT-43*
51 Van Guard Dodge Caravan MRT-42*
52 Heat Seeker F-16 Falcon MR-49
53 Stinger Chevrolet Corvette MRT-44*
54 Major Mo Nissan 300ZX MR-48
55 Bad Boy A-10 Thunderbolt MR-47
56 Creepy and Creepy II Robotic spider-scorpion(Creepy and Creepy II) MRD-104(Creepy and Creepy II)
57 Tail Pipe (RS-Turbo) and Tail Pipe II Nissan Skyline(Tail Pipe (RS-Turbo) and Tail Pipe II) MR-42(Tail Pipe (RS-Turbo) and Tail Pipe II)
58 Bugsie bug n/a *
59 Blades crab Monster MRD-105
60 Klaws sea animal n/a *
61 Hornet Futuristic Jet n/a *
62 Treds M1 Abrams n/a *
63 Bullseye B-1 Lancer n/a *
64 Mr Moto Honda 200X n/a *
65 Mach-3 F4 Phantom MR-51
66 Man-O-War Iowa-class battleship MR-54
67 Ace P51 Mustang n/a *
68 Bolt P-38 Lightning n/a *
69 Dart Honda VF1000 n/a *
70 Sky Jack F14 Tomcat MR-52
71 Gunnyr MiG-21 n/a *
72 Bentwing F4U Corsair n/a *

[*] Denotes that the figure was not released as part of Machine Robo. The figures with "MRT" designations were commissioned from Bandai by Tonka; the remainder of the figures unreleased in Japan were Machine Robo prototypes. The others, that are extras to the toyline, are Zod, Scales, the AM Radio Gobot, Laser Gun, Space Hawk, the Watch Gobots: Tic Toc and Gong, the Combiners: Puzzler (Crossword, Jig Saw, Pocket, Rube, Tic Tac and Zig Zag) and Monsterous (Fangs, Fright Face, Gore Jaw, Heart Attack, South Claw and Weird Wing), the Power Warriors: Courageous, Grungy and Nemesis, who was planned, but not released, the Secret Riders: Twister, Tork and Tri-Trak, the Dread Launchers: Chaos (Screamer), Re-Volt, and Traitor, the Boomers: Blast and Rumble and the Power Marchers: Hitch Hiker and Quick-Step.

Rock Lords[edit]

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