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List of magazines on paranormal, anomalous and Fortean phenomena.


  • Haunted Digital Magazine [1]
    • Haunted Digital Magazine is the definitive paranormal magazine that takes a fun, fresh, informative, interesting and entertaining look at all things spooky and ghostly. Not wanting to rest on our paranormal laurels, Issue X, our brand new issue is set to become the spookiest one to date featuring haunted locations from all over the world, including paranormal features from an array of diverse and eclectic writing talent. If you want wall-to-wall mediums, love and light, sloppy ploppy paranormal then this is not the magazine for you. If you want full on ghost stories of haunted locations, scary stories of the macabre and something that can give you that paranormal twist then Haunted Digital Magazine is the magazine for you. #dontbenormal – BE PARANORMAL!!
  • The Spectral Times [2]
    • Monthly magazine covering all ghostly goings on in the UK and further afield. Coverage of hauntings, investigative teams, ghost tours, stories, ghost films and publications and more.
  • The Paranormal Magazine [3]
  • Anomalist, The [4]
    • Explores the "unknown."
  • Fortean Times [5]
    • Publishing reports of anomalous phenomena and investigative articles.
  • Journal of Scientific Exploration [6]
    • Official research journal of the Society for Scientific Exploration.
  • Magonia [7]
    • Interpreting contemporary vision and belief.
  • Nexus magazine [8]
    • UFOs, fringe science, conspiracy theory, alternative medicine
  • NLO [9]
    • Russian UFO-oriented weekly magazine on various paranormal phenomena.
  • Paranormal Magazine [10]
    • A monthly publication that includes in depth articles about the paranormal and other anomalous phenomena.
  • Weird NJ [11]
    • Deals with sightings of UFOs, ghosts, the Jersey Devil and other supernatural occurrences in the state of New Jersey.


  • Open Minds Magazine [13]
    • Focusing on exploring the true nature of the UFO phenomenon in terms of its history, evidence and sociopolitical and scientific implications.


  • Fate [14]
    • Broad array of accounts of the strange and unknown
  • Taps Para Mag [15]
    • Features paranormal information, tales of phenomena, ghost stories, and other articles written by various TAPS members.




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