List of parrot species classified by families

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This is a species list of true parrots (Psittacoidea) sorted taxonomically. The two other superfamilies of the Psittaciformes order are Strigopoidea (a small family of nine species, all from New Zealand and nearby islands) and Cacatuoidea (Cockatoos). A list of the three superfamilies combined also exists. For further details, see the main article.

Family Psittacidae[edit]

Subfamily Psittacinae[edit]

Subfamily Arinae[edit]

Tribe Arini[edit]

Tribe Androglossini[edit]

Incertae sedis[edit]

Family Psittrichasiidae[edit]

Subfamily Psittrichasinae[edit]


Family Psittaculidae[edit]

Subfamily Platycercinae[edit]

Tribe Pezoporini[edit]

Tribe Platycercini[edit]

Subfamily Psittacellinae[edit]

Subfamily Loriinae[edit]

Tribe Loriini[edit]

Tribe Melopsittacini[edit]

  • Genus Melopsittacus

Tribe Cyclopsittini[edit]

Subfamily Agapornithinae[edit]

Subfamily Psittaculinae[edit]

Tribe Polytelini[edit]

Tribe Psittaculini[edit]

Tribe Micropsittini[edit]

Incertae sedis (Latin for of uncertain position[edit]

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