List of past and present youth hostels in England and Wales

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This page lists the youth hostels currently and previously operated by the Youth Hostels Association (England & Wales) (YHA). The list is split into two sections, hostels currently operated by YHA and those previously operated by, or as part of, YHA some time since the creation of YHA in 1931. The primary sources for these lists are given in the references section.

Current hostels[edit]

Youth hostel road sign.svg

This section lists the location[Notes 1] of hostels currently operated by, or as part of YHA as of December 2012.

Past hostels[edit]

End of youth hostel.svg

This section lists the locations[Notes 1] of hostels which have been operated by, or as part of YHA, at some time since 1931. Although the majority of the hostels in this section have closed there are those that still operate as hostels but are no longer part of YHA — these are not separately identified.


  1. ^ a b The counties listed are the current ceremonial counties of England and the current unitary authorities of Wales


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Source material[edit]

  • Neal, Tim; Neal, Simon (1993). Youth Hostels of England and Wales 1931-1993. St Albans: YHA. ISBN 0-9522254-0-9. 
  • The individual YHA Handbooks issued annually between 1931 and 2002 and biennially since 2003.