List of pastoral visits of Pope Francis outside Italy

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Pastoral visits of Pope Francis

This is a list of pastoral visits of Pope Francis outside Italy.

Francis does not travel much, and he did not travel extensively before he was named pope. According to Vatican correspondents Lucio Brunelli and Gianni Valente, he considers that part of the pastoral work of priests involves staying close to their churches and not leaving them for long durations.

Francis and Pope John XXIII are the only popes within the past eighty years who had never travelled to the United States before being appointed popes.[1]


 Brazil (July 22 to July 29, 2013)[edit]

Pope Francis visits a favela in Brazil during the World Youth Day 2013.

Francis visited Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for World Youth Day. This was the only scheduled foreign trip for him in the year. Francis was officially welcomed to Brazil during a ceremony at Guanabara palace and met with Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff.[2] Throughout the celebrations, Francis gathered up to 3.5 million pilgrims to celebrate mass at Copacabana Beach.[3] During his vigil address on Saturday, Francis urged the pilgrims not to be "part-time Christians", but to lead full, meaningful lives.[4] The trip was previously scheduled for his predecessor, Benedict XVI, before his resignation.[5]


 Israel,  Jordan, and  Palestine (May 24 to May 26, 2014)[edit]

Francis visited Amman, Bethlehem and Jerusalem during his three day trip to the region (May 24 to May 26). The trip was announced during the Sunday Angelus on January 5, 2014.[6][7] Francis arrived in Jordan on May 24 and after meeting with King Abdullah II, celebrated mass at Amman International Stadium.[8] During his trip, Francis prayed at the Israeli West Bank barrier and also visited the Victims of Acts of Terror Memorial with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.[9] Francis concluded his tour by meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew I to continue inter-faith dialogue with the Orthodox Church.[10]

Upcoming visits[edit]


 South Korea (August 14 to August 18, 2014)[edit]

Pope Francis will visit South Korea from August 14 to August 18 on the occasion of the Sixth Asian Youth Day. Furthermore, on August 16 he will personally beatify the Korean Martyrs.[11]

 Albania (September 21, 2014)[edit]

Pope Francis announced in his Angelus address on June 15, 2014 that he would make a one day visit to the city of Tirana in Albania. He said: "With this brief visit, I want to confirm the Church of Albania in the faith, and bear witness to my encouragement and love for a country that has suffered for so long in consequence of the ideologies of the past".[12]


 Philippines and  Sri Lanka (January 12 to 19, 2015)[edit]

Pope Francis will visit Sri Lanka (12-15) and the Philippines (15-19) in January.[13][14][15]

 United States (September 2015)[edit]

Pope Francis has announced his intention to visit the United States in Philadelphia on the occassion of the World Meeting of Families which is slated for September 22-27. The Vatican has also announced that the Pope is considering visiting New York City, the United Nations and Washington D.C.[16]


 Philippines (January 25 to 31, 2016)[edit]

Pope Francis will visit the Philippines on January 25 to January 31 on the occasion of the 51st International Eucharistic Congress.[17]

 Argentina,  Chile, and  Uruguay (July 2016)[edit]

Pope Francis will visit his nation and two neighbour countries during the bicentennial of the 1816 Argentine Declaration of Independence. The date was also selected to be after the 2015 presidential elections, to avoid interfering with it.[18]

 Poland (July 25 to 31, 2016)[edit]

Pope Francis will visit Krakow, Poland on July 25 to July 31 on the occasion of World Youth Day 2016. This was announced in 2013 at the end of the previous event.

Unscheduled visits[edit]


Pope Francis, on 7 June 2014, accepted an invitation to visit Mexico at the behest of the Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto. The date of the visit has not yet been announced.[19]


On the "exposition of Jesuit St Francis Xavier", The BJP-ruled Goa sought to have Pope Francis visit Goa at some stage in 2014.[20]
There was also a delegation from Philadelphia trying to get Pope Francis to come to the United States of America for the 2015 World Meeting of Families in their city.[21]


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