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The people listed below were all born in, residents of, or otherwise closely associated with San Francisco, California.

People by field[edit]





Baseball players[edit]

The following Major League Baseball players were born in San Francisco:

See San Francisco Giants#Baseball Hall of Famers for San Francisco Giants players in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Basketball players[edit]


  • Abe Attell (b. 1884), world Featherweight champion
  • Andre Ward (b. 1984), 2004 Olympics light heavyweight gold medal winner

Football players[edit]

  • Ed Berry (b. 1963), former NFL defensive back with Green Bay Packers and the San Diego Chargers[5]
  • Tom Brady (b. 1977)! current NFL quarterback for New England Patriots and two time NFL most valuable player[6]
  • Tedy Bruschi (b. 1973), former NFL linebacker for the New England Patriots[7]
  • Chris Darkins (b. 1974), former NFL running back with the Green Bay Packers[8]
  • Eddie Forrest (1921–2001), former NFL offensive lineman for San Francisco 49ers[9]
  • Jason Hill (b. 1985), current NFL wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars[10]
  • Mike Holmgren (b. 1948), former NFL head coach for the Green Bay Packers and the current president of the Cleveland Browns[11]
  • John Nisby (b. 1936), former NFL guard with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Redskins. One of the first African American players to play for the Washington Redskins.[12]
  • Igor Olshansky (b. 1982), current NFL defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys[13]
  • O. J. Simpson (b. 1947), former running back with the Buffalo Bills & San Francisco 49ers (1985). Inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Early on, City College of San Francisco running back. USC running back.[14]
  • Donald Strickland (b. 1980), current NFL cornerback for the New York Jets[15]
  • Eric Wright (b. 1985), current NFL cornerback for the Detroit Lions[16]


Other sports[edit]

Business people[edit]


Political figures[edit]

See also List of mayors of San Francisco, California


Non-native residents[edit]

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