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This list contains persons burned by various religious groups, after being deemed heretics. The list does not attempt to encompass the list of those executed by burning (such a one would include many other people such as victims of witch hunts or other persecutions). Some of the victims, such as Quirinus Kuhlmann and Jacques de Molay, were executed primarily for political purposes; the charges of heresy were simply official excuses. After they were convicted by the Church, they were turned over to the local government for execution because of religious restrictions that kept ecclesial clergy from actually carrying out the executions.

Roman Catholic Church[edit]

Burning of the Templars, 1314
John Badby burned in a barrel, 1410
Joan of Arc at the stake, 1431
Rogers' execution at Smithfield, 1555

The book "Acts and Monuments" by John Foxe, commonly known as Foxe's Book of Martyrs lists many more than this.

The Church in England[edit]

In Eastern Orthodox countries[edit]

The “baptism by fire” of Old Believer leader Avvakum in 1682

Calvinist Church[edit]

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