List of people diagnosed with cystic fibrosis

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The following notable people have or had cystic fibrosis.

Name Life Notability Reference
Abernathy, FrankieFrankie Abernathy (1981–2007) Former cast member of MTVs The Real World: San Diego; appeared in 22 of the 25 episodes. [1]
Balas, BillBill Balas (19??—) American screenwriter and director best known for his work on the A&E series Bates Motel [2]
Barnett, DeanDean Barnett (1967—2008) American conservative columnist and blogger. [3]
Bentley, LisaLisa Bentley (1968—) Canadian Ironman triathlete. [4]
Charles, NathanNathan Charles (1989—) Professional rugby union player with the Western Force. As of 2014, believed to be the only CF patient to play any contact sport professionally. [5]
Chopin, FrédéricFrédéric Chopin ? (unconfirmed) (1810–1849) Polish composer. During his lifetime and at his death, he was thought to suffer from tuberculosis. However recently scientists have suggested that his symptoms were more consistent with cystic fibrosis, unknown at the time. The Polish government has refused to allow DNA tests to be performed on his heart, which is preserved in alcohol (see Frédéric Chopin's illness). [6]
Davies, ChristopherChristopher Davies (1978—) Former Southern Redbacks cricketer and current Woodville-West Torrens Football Club Chief Executive Officer. [7]
Deford, AlexandraAlexandra Deford (1971–1980) Daughter of American sportswriter Frank Deford, subject of Deford's book Alex: The Life Of A Child. [8]
Esiason, GunnarGunnar Esiason (1991—) Son of former football player Boomer Esiason. [9]
Flanagan, BobBob Flanagan (1952–1996) American writer, poet, performance artist, and comic. [10]
Flores, TravisTravis Flores (1991—) American activist, philanthropist, motivational speaker, actor and award-winning children's book author.[11] [12]
Gottlieb, NolanNolan Gottlieb (1982—) Former Anderson University (South Carolina) NCAA basketball player and current Anderson assistant coach. [13]
Kallenbach, Kenneth KeithKenneth Keith Kallenbach (1970–2008) Frequent guest on the Howard Stern Show. [14]
Lemarchal, GrégoryGrégory Lemarchal (1983—2007) French singer and winner of the show Star Academy, Season 4. [15]
Markvoort, EvaEva Markvoort (1984–2010) Canadian blogger and subject of 65 Redroses. [16]
Martineau, AliceAlice Martineau (1972–2003) British singer-songwriter and model. [17]
Murnaghan, SarahSarah Murnaghan (2003-) 10 year old girl who was initially denied access to adult lungs when no pediatric lungs were available. Federal Judge Michael Baylson issued a temporary restraining order keeping Kathleen Sebelius from enforcing the 'patient-must-be-12-or-older' rule. [18]
Nelson, ChristineChristine Nelson (1960–1982) Actress; Daughter of Muppet puppeter Jerry Nelson who appeared alongside her father in a cameo appearance in The Great Muppet Caper. [19][20]
Rothenberg, LauraLaura Rothenberg (1981–2003) Brown University student, and author of Breathing for a Living: A Memoir, and My So Called Lungs a radio documentary, which aired on NPR August 5, 2002. [21]
Simmons, AndrewAndrew Simmons (1984—) British professional wrestler. [22]
Stobbs, AlexAlex Stobbs (1990—) British music student, subject of the documentary A Boy Called Alex [23]
Williams, BillBill Williams (1960–1998) software developer. [24]


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