List of people executed in Tennessee

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6 individuals have been executed in the state of Tennessee, United States since 2000, the year of Tennessee's first execution since capital punishment was found legal in Gregg v. Georgia.

Executed person Race Date of execution Method Murder victim(s) Under Governor
1 Robert Glen Coe White 19 April 2000 lethal injection Cary Ann Medlin Don Sundquist
2 Sedley Alley White 28 June 2006 lethal injection Suzanne Marie Collins Phil Bredesen
3 Philip Workman White 9 May 2007 lethal injection Ronald Oliver Phil Bredesen
4 Daryl Holton White 12 September 2007 electrocution Stephen Holton, Brent Holton, Eric Holton, Kayla Holton Phil Bredesen
5 Steve Henley White 4 February 2009 lethal injection Fred and Edna Stafford Phil Bredesen
6 Cecil Johnson Black 2 December 2009 lethal injection Bobby Bell Jr., James Moore, Charles House Phil Bredesen

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