List of people from Fort Wayne, Indiana

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The following is a list of notable natives, residents, or former residents of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Notable natives and former residents[edit]

Artists, designers, and architects[edit]


Manager of the Cleveland Indians from 2003–2009, Fort Wayne native Eric Wedge.
Pro Football Hall of Famer and Fort Wayne native Rod Woodson.

Authors and writers[edit]

Business leaders[edit]


Farnsworth, inventor of the modern television, lived in Fort Wayne from 1948–1967.


Fort Wayne native and screen legend Carole Lombard.



Physicians and medical researchers[edit]

Public servants[edit]

Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and first Comptroller of the Currency, Hugh McCulloch

Religious leaders[edit]

John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed, is believed to have died in Fort Wayne.


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