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Hackney Coat of Arms

Among those who were born in the London Borough of Hackney (About this sound pronunciation ), or have dwelt within the borders of the modern borough are (alphabetical order, within category):

Notable residents[edit]

Key to "Notes" regarding the residents' affiliation to Hackney
Letter Description
B Indicates that the resident was born in Hackney.
D Indicates that the resident died in Hackney.
I Indicates that the subject is buried in Hackney.
L Indicates that the resident lived in Hackney.
Citations in the Notes box refer to the information in the entire row

Academia and research[edit]

Name Notability District[1] Notes[2]
Arthur Aikin FLS and founder of the Chemical Society of London Hoxton L
Revd George Collison First President of Hackney Academy Homerton L
William Godwin Political philosopher (studied) Hoxton L[3]
Philip Henry Gosse Naturalist De Beauvoir Town L[4]
Edmond Halley Astronomer Haggerston B[5]
George Loddiges Horticulturalist and scientist Hackney L/I[6]
Sir Charles Martin FRS FRCS Scientist; a director of the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine Dalston B
Richard Price Philosopher, mathematician, and first actuary Newington Green D[7]
Leonard Woolley Archaeologist and discoverer of Ur. Upper Clapton L[8]

Arts and entertainment[edit]

1907 Hetty King sheet music cover, 1907

Business and finance[edit]

Name Notability District[1] Notes[2]
Robert Aske Merchant and philanthropist Hoxton L
Sir John Harvey Jones Businessman and television presenter B
Moses Montefiore Financier and philanthropist Stamford Hill L
Samuel Rogers poet and banker
Nathan Meyer Rothschild Financier Stamford Hill L
Alan, Lord Sugar Businessman and celebrity L


Name Notability District[1] Notes[2]
Ronald and Reginald Kray Crime gang leaders Hoxton B
Dick Turpin Highwayman, plied his trade Kingsland Road and in
Stoke Newington

Engineering and technology[edit]

Name Notability District[1] Notes[2]
Sir Francis Beaufort Hydrographer Buried in Saint John's Church Gardens.
Hackney Central
Joseph Priestley Chemist and philosopher Preached at the Gravel Pit Meeting, in
Homerton and lived in Lower Clapton

Journalism and the media[edit]

Name Notability District[1] Notes[2]
Benjamin Cohen Internet entrepreneur and journalist Hoxton L[20]
Mel Calman Cartoonist and writer Stamford Hill B[21]
Robert Crampton Journalist South Hackney L[22]
Trevor Nelson DJ (and MBE) Hoxton L


Mary Wollstonecraft, (c. 1797); a painting by John Opie
Name Notability District[1] Notes[2]
Grace Aguilar writer Hoxton
Anna Laetitia Barbauld poet
buried in Saint Mary's Church
Stoke Newington L/I[23]
Alexander Baron Writer
(including The Lowlife set in the area)
Hackney Downs School B[24]
Rosa Nouchette Carey Children's novelist Tryons Road L[25]
Daniel Defoe writer and spy (educated) Stoke Newington L[26]
Siobhan Dowd Author Haggerston L
Sir Edmund Gosse poet, author and critic De Beauvoir Town L[27]
Kate Greenaway Children's llustrator Hoxton L[28]
William Hazlitt writer (educated) Homerton L
Mary Howitt poet and translator Upper Clapton L
Harold Pinter playwright and Nobel Prize winner Hackney Downs School L[29]
Edgar Allan Poe writer (educated) Stoke Newington L[30]
Michael Rosen Children's Laureate 2007–2009 Dalston L[31]
Iain Sinclair writer Haggerston L
Mary Wollstonecraft reformer and writer, mother of Mary Shelley Hoxton
She also had a school at Newington Green and attended Newington Green Unitarian Church

Lucy Aikin, a biographer, daughter of John James Burgh, writer, educationalist and philosopher Samuel Rogers, poet and banker


Politics and government[edit]


Name Notability District[1] Notes[2]
William Booth founder of the Salvation Army Stoke Newington B (buried in Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington)
Vicesimus Knox Anglican pacifist Hoxton L
Isaac Watts Theologian, logician, and hymn writer Stoke Newington L
Jabez Whiteley Anglican missionary, and first Bishop of Chota Nagpur Hoxton B
*Arguably, all the English Dissenters associated with Newington Green Unitarian Church, as the church itself lies within Hackney, although the rest of the green (and thus most of the houses) belong to Islington. Notable ministers of the church:



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