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This is a list of notable people from Moncton, New Brunswick. Although not everyone in this list was born in Moncton, they all live or have lived in Moncton and have had significant connections to the community.

Full Name Famous for Birth Death Other
Julie Doiron Musician 1972 Indie rock musician for Eric's Trip
France Daigle Acadian novelist 1953 Winner of the Governor General's Literary Prize for French fiction in 2012.
Olivier Jarda Musician Singer-songwriter
Roger Lord Musician Professional pianist, brother of former premier Bernard Lord.
Matt Minglewood Musician 1947 Rock musician
Marg Osburne Musician 1927 1977 Country and gospel singer, television and radio personality. Featured on Don Messer's Jubilee and That Maritime Feeling
Mike Plume Musician 1968 Country singer
Rheal Cormier Athletics 1968 Baseball player
Rick White Musician 1970 Indie rock musician (Eric's Trip, Elevator
Jasper Wood Musician 1974 Internationally renowned concert violinist
Holly Elissa Thespian 1979 Film actor
Viola Léger Thespian 1930 Stage actress and retired Canadian Senator, known for her role as La Sagouine
Gordie Drillon Athletics 1913 1986 Hockey Player
Robert Maillet Thespian 1969 Film actor, played "Uber Immortal" in movie "300", played "Dredger" in 2009 "Sherlock Holmes" movie, with Robert Downey Jr.
Robb Wells Thespian 1971 Comic actor, played "Ricky" on TV's Trailer Park Boys
Michael de Adder Writer 1967 Political cartoonist.
Sheree Fitch Writer 1956 Children's author
Gérald Leblanc Writer 1945 2005 Author and poet
Don Jardine Professional Wrestler 1940 2006 Renowned wrestler known as "The Spoiler" and "The Super Destroyer". Trainer of WWE wrestler The Undertaker.
Antonine Maillet Writer 1929 Novelist, recipient of the "Prix Goncourt", the highest honour in francophone literature.
George Steeves Writer c. 1945 Contemporary photographer
Christian Cardell Corbet Writer 1966 Portrait sculptor, painter, forensic artist and patron.
Rick Bowness Athletics 1955 Former NHL player and former head coach of five different NHL teams, most recently the Phoenix Coyotes. Currently assistant head coach for the Vancouver Canucks.
Sandy Ferguson Athletics 1879 1919 Heavyweight boxer, fought Jack Johnson five times.
Russ Howard Athletics 1956 Two-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist men's curler.
Travis Jayner Athletics 1982 Olympic bronze and World Championship silver short track speed skater
Terry Moore Athletics 1958 Soccer player; NASL, Irish League, Olympics, played for Canada at the 1986 World Cup.
Northrop Frye Writer 1912 1991 Literary critic and academic; continues to be a prominent figure in Moncton culture, with The Frye Festival, an annual literary festival bearing his name.
James E. Lockyer Government 1949 Law professor and former New Brunswick Minister of Justice.
Julian LeBlanc Thespian 1989 [ [Actor]]
Michel Bastarache Government 1947 Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
Claudette Bradshaw Government 1949 Former federal Minister of Labour (1998–2004)
Nick Bradshaw artist unknown Comic book artist Marvel,DC etc.
Herménégilde Chiasson Government 1946 artist, academic, current Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick
Reuben Cohen Business 1921 Lawyer and business magnate
Allison Dysart Government 1880 1960 Premier of New Brunswick (1935–1940)
Henry Emmerson Government 1853 1914 Premier of New Brunswick (1897–1900), Federal Minister of Railways and Canals (1904–1907)
Ray Frenette Government 1935 Premier of New Brunswick (1997–1998)
Roméo LeBlanc Government 1927 2009 Former federal Minister of Fisheries, Senator and Speaker of the Canadian Senate. Governor-General of Canada (1995–1999).
Bernard Lord Government 1965 Premier of New Brunswick (1999–2006)
Frank McKenna Government 1948 Premier of New Brunswick (1987–1997), former Canadian ambassador to the United States of America.
James Alexander Murray Government 1864 1960 Premier of New Brunswick (1917)
Ivan Rand Government 1884 1969 Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. Creator of the Rand Formula which allows union dues to be automatically subtracted from workers salaries. Member of the UNSCOP which oversaw the partition of Palestine in 1947.
Brenda Robertson Government 1929 First female member of the New Brunswick legislature and the first female cabinet minister in New Brunswick, Canadian Senator (1984–2004)
Brian Gallant Government 1982 Premier of New Brunswick (2014–present)
Bill "Spaceman" Lee Athletics 1946 Celebrated American pro baseball pitcher; played four years with the Moncton Mets (1984–1987)
Clifford William Robinson Government 1866 1944 Premier of New Brunswick (1907–1908), Canadian Senator
Kerri Smith Actress

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