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In this List of people from Westport, Connecticut are people who have been born in, raised in, lived in or who died in Westport, Connecticut, USA. Individuals are listed by area in which they are best known:

Actors, comedians, others in the film, television and industries[edit]

Singers, musicians and other entertainers[edit]

  • Michael Bolton, singer, current resident
  • Phil Donahue, (husband of Marlo Thomas) talk show host, current resident
  • Matt Gallant (b. 1964), a television host, raised in town
  • Mike Greenberg ESPN Personality, host of Mike and Mike, current resident.
  • Dan Hartman (1950–1994) a singer, songwriter and record producer, died in town.
  • Don Imus, radio personality, current resident
  • Larry Kenney, radio personality on the Don Imus show, actor, and father of Kerri Kenney-Silver, lives in town.
  • Meat Loaf (Marvin Lee Aday), Rock singer and songwriter, moved to town from Stamford with his wife and stepdaughter Pearl Aday shortly after the 1981 birth of another daughter, Amanda Aday; coached girls softball in town; later moved to Redding, Connecticut.[4]
  • Gerry Mulligan, Gerald Joseph "Gerry" Mulligan (b. April 6, 1927 – d. January 20, 1996), was an American jazz saxophonist, composer and arranger.
  • Nile Rodgers, musician and music producer
  • Harry Rodrigues, known famously as Baauer, is a DJ and creator of the famous "Harlem Shake" track. He lived in Westport from 2003-2006 and attended Staples High School.
  • Neal Smith, drummer for Alice Cooper and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee briefly lived in Westport. He now sells real estate in the area.
  • Martha Stewart, entrepreneur, convicted felon, past resident, also had a studio in town
  • Eric Von Schmidt (1931–2007), a folk and blues singer-songwriter of the folk/blues revival of the 1960s.
  • Hy Zaret (d. 2007), lyricist, lived in Westport, where he died.
  • John Solum, renowned flutist, author and teacher. Current resident.

Artists, illustrators, cartoonists, designers[edit]

Donald Reilly - Cartoonist New Yorker Magazine Bud Sagendorff - Popeye Artist

Athletes, sportspeople[edit]

Authors, writers, journalists[edit]

  • Lynsey Addario (b. 1977), journalist, freelance photographer
  • Lincoln Child (b. 1957), author of techno-thriller and horror novels, was born in town.
  • Peter De Vries (1910–1993) an editor and novelist, died in Norwalk.
  • Frank Deford, (b. 1938), journalist, writer and commentator, current resident
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) past resident, author of The Great Gatsby
  • Ramin Ganeshram (b. 1968), journalist, chef, author, current resident
  • Hardie Gramatky (1907–1979), author, artist, illustrator, resident later in life, died and buried in town.
  • Jane Green, also known as Jane Green Warburg, author and current resident.
  • William H. Gregory (b. 1924), past resident, journalist, author of "The Defense Procurement Mess", "The Price of Peace" and "Inside the Iron Works How Grumman's Glory Days Faded"
  • Tyler Hicks (b. 1969), journalist, staff photographer, The New York Times
  • A.E. Hotchner, author and cofounder with Paul Newman of Newman's Own[7]
  • Shirley Jackson (1916–1965), author of many novels including the short story The Lottery, lived in town from 1949–51
  • Gordon Joseloff (b. 1945), former First Selectman and an Emmy Award-winning journalist
  • Melissa Kirsch (b. 1974), author of The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything, lived in town, graduated from Staples High School.
  • Hilton Kramer, (1928-2012) editor and art critic, former resident
  • Ruth Krauss (1901–1993), author of children's books, including The Carrot Seed, died in town.
  • Nora Benjamin Kubie (1899–1988) author and illustrator of children's books
  • Robert Lawson (1892–1957), an author and artist whose children's books made him the first person to receive both the Newbery Medal (Rabbit Hill, 1945) and Caldecott Medal (They Were Strong and Good, 1940), died in town.
  • Robert Ludlum, late author and past resident lived on Sasco Creek where he and Dangerfield frequently visited.
  • Sheila Lukins (1942–2009), cook and food writer who co-authored the The Silver Palate series of cookbooks and The New Basics Cookbook.[8]
  • Jim Nantz, CBS Sports, current resident.
  • David Pogue, New York Times technology columnist, current resident.
  • Harry Reasoner, (1923-1991) news anchor, lived in town
  • Ronald B. Scott, former resident, journalist, biographer of presidential candidate W. Mitt Romney, and author of the novel Closing Circles: Trapped in the Everlasting Mormon Moment that was set in Westport.
  • Jack Tippit, late cartoonist, "Amy", lived in town
  • Max Wilk, (1920-2011) author
  • Jane Yolen, author and past resident

Government and politics, office holders and activists[edit]


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