List of people killed by law enforcement officers in the United Kingdom

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List of people killed by law enforcement officers in the United Kingdom for notable cases in the history of United Kingdom of people who died directly or indirectly because of the actions of law enforcement officers, regardless of the manner of death, duty status of the officers, or if they acted officially or unofficially. This includes officers working for all law enforcement agencies, existing or historical, in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, but excludes crown dependencies, colonies or other political entities subject or previously subjected to the direct control of the government of the United Kingdom. It also excludes deaths for which other government agents are responsible, such as deaths as a result of actions of the British Armed Forces.

During The Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) killed 30 civilians, 17 members of Irish republican paramilitaries and 4 members of loyalist paramilitaries.[1] These figures exclude killings that were carried-out by RUC officers on behalf of loyalist paramilitaries (see collusion).

Single deaths[edit]

Multiple deaths in a single incident[edit]

  • 1969 Northern Ireland riots (14–15 August 1969 in Belfast and Armagh, Northern Ireland)
    • John Gallagher (30)
    • Patrick Rooney (9)
    • Hugh McCabe (20)
    • Samuel McLarnon (27)
    • Michael Lynch (28)
  • Arnon Street killings (1 April 1922 in Belfast, Northern Ireland)
    • John Mallon (60)
    • Bernard McKenna (42)
    • John McRory (40)
    • William Spallen (70)
    • Joseph Walsh (39)
    • Michael Walsh (7)
  • McMahon murders (24 March 1922 in Belfast, Northern Ireland)
    • Edward McKinney (25)
    • Bernard McMahon (26)
    • Owen McMahon (50)
    • Frank McMahon (24)
    • Gerard McMahon (15)
    • Patrick McMahon (22)

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