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The News International Hacking Scandal is an ongoing controversy involving the News of the World, a now-defunct British tabloid newspaper published by News International — a subsidiary of News Corporation — and the allegations that individuals working for the newspaper engaged in phone hacking, computer hacking, or corruption.

Persons arrested[edit]

This table is a list of those who have been arrested by police in connection with the scandal and the current status of their bail. None of those listed below have been charged with any offence since their arrest and three individuals, Laura Elston, James Desborough [1] and Bethany Usher, have been exonerated.[2]

The barrister for the Metropolitan Police indicated to the Leveson Inquiry that the investigation into phone hacking and related matters is unlikely to be completed until September 2012. [3]

Name Position held Date arrested Date bailed to
Andy Coulson NotW Editor (2003–07), Conservative Party Communications Director (2007–10), UK Government Director of Communications (2010–11) July 8 [4] Originally bailed to October, bail then extended to March 2012
Rebekah Brooks NotW Editor (2000–03), Sun Editor (2003–09), Chief Executive News International (2009–11) July 17 [5] Originally bailed to October, bail then extended to March 2012
Stuart Kuttner NotW Managing Editor (to 2009) August 2 and August 30 [6] Originally bailed to September, bail then extended 'until next year' (2012)
Greg Miskiw NotW Assistant Editor, News (to 2005) August 10 [7] A date in October
Neil Wallis NotW Executive Editor (to 2009) July 14 [8] Originally bailed to October, bail then extended to March 2012
James Desborough NotW U.S. Editor August 18 [9] Exonerated of any wrongdoing by police in March 2012. [10]
Glenn Mulcaire Private Detective April 2011 and December 7 Bailed until 'late March' 2012[11]
Laura Elston Press Association Royal Reporter June 27 Originally bailed to October but cancelled on July 18 when case dropped [12]
Clive Goodman NotW Royal Editor (to 2009) July 8 [13] Originally bailed to October, bail then extended 'until next year' (2012)
Terenia Taras Freelance Journalist July 23 [14] Mid-October
Ian Edmondson NotW News Editor (to 2011) April 5 Bail extended to March 2012
James Weatherup NotW Reporter April 14 [15] Originally bailed to September, bail then extended to March 2012
Dan Evans NotW Features Reporter August 19 [16] A date in October
Neville Thurlbeck Notw Chief Reporter (to 2011) April 5 Originally bailed to September, bail then extended to March 2012. [17] Refused to turn 'Queen's evidence' in November 2012. [18]
Unnamed 63 year old man Described as 'a member of the public from Surrey' [19] July 8 Originally bailed to October, bail then extended 'until next year' (2012)
Police Officer #1 Metropolitan Police Service - -
Jamie Pyatt Sun District Editor November 4 [20] Bailed until March 2012 [21]
Unnamed 52 year old man Arrested in Milton Keynes on suspicion of offences under the Computer Misuse Act November 24 Bailed to 'early December' [22]
Bethany Usher Teesside University Journalism Lecturer, NotW Reporter (2006-2007) November 30 [23] Originally bailed to March 2012 but cancelled December 8 when case dropped.
Lucy Panton Ex-NotW Crime Editor December 15 'A date in April'[24]
Cheryl Carter Ex-Executive PA to Mrs Brookes arrested at her home in Essex for attempting to pervert the course of justice January 7th 2012 'A date in January'[25]


This table contains details of police officers who have featured prominently in the phone hacking scandal.

Name Position Police force Involvement
Sir Paul Stephenson Ex-Commissioner Metropolitan Police Resigned July 17th after it was revealed he hired ex-NotW executive Neil Wallis as an adviser. [26]
John Yates Ex-Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Police Resigned July 18th following prolonged criticism of his handling of the initial phone hacking inquiry. [27] Subsequently cleared of misconduct over his relationship with ex-NotW executive Neil Wallis.[28]
Police Officer #1 Detective Constable Metropolitan Police Arrested on August 19th and suspended from work in relation to leaks from the police phone hacking investigation. [29]
Sue Akers Deputy Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Police Currently leading the inquiry into phone hacking, corruption and related matters.[30]
Mark Rowley Chief Constable Surrey Police Confirmed that Surrey Police knew in April 2002 that Milly Dowler's voicemails had been accessed by the News of the World.
David Cook Detective Chief Superintendent Metropolitan Police Is taking legal action against News International for making him a target of surveillance while he was investigating the murder of Daniel Morgan.[31] Cook's wife - ex-police seargent and former BBC Crimewatch presenter Jacqui Hames - was also targeted for surveillance.[32]
Dick Fedorcio Director of Public Affairs Metropolitan Police Placed on extended leave on August 10th pending outcome of an IPCC investigation into his conduct relating to the hiring of ex-NotW executive Neil Wallis.[33]


Name Position Involvement
Matt Nixson Ex-Sun Features Editor, Ex-NotW Features Editor Dismissed by News International on July 21 for misconduct relating to his work at NotW. Police subsequently confirmed that Nixson would not be arrested or questioned as part of their investigation. [34] Nixson subsequently brought a successful employment case against News International estimated by Press Gazette to have cost the company £1million [35]
Alex Marunchak Ex-NotW Irish Editor It was alleged by the BBC that he obtained e-mails hacked into by a private detective. Marunchak denies receiving any unlawfully obtained material. [36]
Colin Myler NotW Editor (to 2011) NotW's final editor.
Tom Crone NotW Lawyer (to 2011) It was reported in November that a parliamentary committee is likely to 'severely reprimand' Crone over his failure to fully answer questions about surveillance carried out by the News of the World. [37]
Les Hinton News International Chairman (to 2009), Wall Street Journal Publisher (to 2011) Resigned from the Wall Street Journal in July 2011 saying that, while ignorant of hacking, he took responsibility. [38]

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