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The following is a list of personal information managers and online organizers.

Open source applications[edit]

PIM application Platform(s) Software license Notes
Chandler Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Apache License Free form approach based on Lotus Agenda
Evolution Linux, Microsoft Windows,[1] Unix, GNOME GPL
Haystack all operating systems with POSIX and Java MIT License
Lightning Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, others MPL/GPL/LGPL Addon for the Thunderbird E-Mail client
OpenIRIS Microsoft Windows LGPL Java-based Semantic Desktop wrapper around Mozilla Suite, Open Office Glow, etc.
org-mode Cross-platform GPL Integrates with Emacs BBDB for contact management support, web browsers for hyperlink storing support. Free iPhone and Android app available (MobileOrg)
Osmo Linux GPL
Kontact Linux, Microsoft Windows, Unix, Mac OS X, KDE GPL
Mozilla Calendar Project Linux, OpenSolaris, Solaris, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, OS/2 MPL deprecated by Lightning
Spicebird Cross-platform GPL/LGPL/MPL deprecated by Lightning
ical Cross-platform GPL

System default[edit]

PIM application Platform(s) Software license Notes
Evolution GNOME GPL
iCal Mac OS proprietary software
Kontact KDE GPL Included in KDE4. Also available for Mac OS X[2] (technology preview) and Microsoft Windows[3]
Windows Contacts Microsoft Windows proprietary software

Freeware applications[edit]

PIM application Platform(s) Notes
CintaNotes Microsoft Windows organizes information as notes, grouped using tags
Ecco Pro Microsoft Windows organizes information via full power outline and tag assignments. (Tags can contain text, numeric, or date data. Date data automatically mapped to calendar.)
eM Client Microsoft Windows Personal information manager, Email client, Calendaring software
Google Calendar Web application
Palm Desktop Mac OS, Microsoft Windows
Planz Windows XP, Vista, 7 Provides a single, integrative document-like view of personal information as an overlay to the user's file system.
Rdex Windows, Android Freeform database
Remember The Milk Web application
TeamWox Web application organizer, todolist, reminders, email client, file storage, mindmap editor, contact book, ip pbx
Yahoo! Calendar Web application
Windows Live Calendar Web application Has a freeware offline client (Windows Live Mail) for Microsoft Windows only

Non-free applications[edit]

PIM application Platform(s) Notes
3D Topicscape Microsoft Windows organizes information into 3D landscapes
Backpack Web application Todo list and calendar
Contactizer Mac OS X previously known as "OD4Contact"
Microsoft Entourage Mac OS X
Evernote Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Web application
eM Client Microsoft Windows Similar to Outlook
FileMaker Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Franklin Planner family Microsoft Windows Modeled on Benjamin Franklin's writings; includes earlier "Ascend" and current "PlanPlus" products
Lotus Notes Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Lotus Organizer Microsoft Windows
Meeting Maker Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris
Microsoft Office Outlook Microsoft Windows
mobile PhoneTools Microsoft Windows
MyInfo Microsoft Windows Free form personal information manager
Novell GroupWise Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Web application
OneNote Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Outline Mac OS X, iOS
Personal Knowbase Microsoft Windows Freeform note-taking organizer. Portable.
Plaxo Web application
Things Mac OS X Task management and scheduling
Tinderbox Mac OS X
TopXNotes Mac OS X Hybrid personal note and information organizer
Wrike Web application
Yojimbo Mac OS X

Discontinued applications[edit]

PIM application Platform(s) Software license Notes
Google Notebook Web application
Hula Linux FOSS-GPL Replaced by Bongo project
Lotus Agenda DOS Freeware
Sidekick DOS, Microsoft Windows Commercial 1983–1999
MORE / GrandView Mac OS, MSDOS Commercial 1986-1990

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