List of piscine and amphibian humanoids

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Piscine and amphibian humanoids (people with the characteristics of fish or amphibians) have made appearances throughout mythology, cryptozoology, folklore and fiction.

The bishop-fish, a piscine humanoid reported in Poland in the 16th century

In mythology[edit]

See also: Merman and Mermaid
  • Dagon in Semitic mythology
  • Huh: Ancient Egyptian frog-headed god whose name means "endlessness".

In folklore[edit]

  • The each uisge or "water horse" from Scottish folklore, could assume the form of a man
  • Sirens, while initially described as birdlike, were associated with mermaids in later folklore

In cryptozoology[edit]

In fiction[edit]

  • The Fishmen are a race of fish-like humans from the anime One Piece.
  • The Frogman, a character from the Oz novel series
  • The TigerSharks in the cartoon series of the same name

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