List of place names in Vermont

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Below is a list of place names in Vermont, available on the Vermont Secretary of State's website.[1]

Place name Town County
Abbott's Mills Fairlee Orange
Abnaki North Hero Grand Isle
Adamant Calais Washington
Addison Addison Addison
Albany Albany Orleans
Albany Center Albany Orleans
Alburg Alburg Grand Isle
Alburg Center Alburg Grand Isle
Alburg Springs Alburg Grand Isle
Alfrecha Clarendon Rutland
Allen Brook (named for Ethan) Williston Chittenden
Allen Brook (named for Ira) Colchester Chittenden
Allen Point South Hero Grand Isle
Alpine Village Warren Washington
Ames Hill Albany Orleans
Ames Hill Marlboro Windham
Amsden Weathersfield Windsor
Andover Andover Windsor
Appletree Point Burlington Chittenden
Arlington Arlington Bennington
Arnold Bay Panton Addison
Ascutney Weathersfield Windsor
Athens Athens Windham
Avalon Beach Castleton Rutland
Averill Averill Essex
Averill Norton Essex
Averys Gore Averys Gore Essex
Bailey's Mills Reading Windsor
Bakersfield Bakersfield Franklin
Baltimore Baltimore Windsor
Baptist Four Corners Charlotte Chittenden
Barnard Barnard Windsor
Barnet Barnet Caledonia
Barnet Center Barnet Caledonia
Barney Point Colchester Chittenden
Barnumtown Monkton Addison
Barnumville Manchester Bennington
Barre City Barre City Washington
Barre Town Barre Town Washington
Barton Barton Orleans
Barton Landing Barton Orleans
Bartonsville (aka Upper Bartonsville) Rockingham Windham
Basin Harbor Ferrisburg Addison
Batesville Newport Town Orleans
Bayside Colchester Chittenden
Beans Point Milton Chittenden
Beanville West Fairlee Orange
Beartown Sandgate Bennington
Beattys Four Corners Franklin Franklin
Beaulieu's Corner Highgate Franklin
Beaver Meadow Norwich Windsor
Beaver Meadow Woodford Bennington
Beaver Meadow Brook Buels Gore Chittenden
Beebe Plain Derby Orleans
Beecher Falls Canaan Essex
Bell Island (Lake Memphremagog) Derby Orleans
Bellow's Falls Rockingham Windham
Belmont Mount Holly Rutland
Belvidere Belvidere Lamoille
Belvidere Center Belvidere Lamoille
Belvidere Corners Belvidere Lamoille
Belvidere Junction Belvidere Lamoille
Bennington Bennington Bennington
Bennington Flats Bennington Bennington
Benson Benson Rutland
Benson Landing Benson Rutland
Berkshire Berkshire Franklin
Berkshire Center Berkshire Franklin
Berlin Berlin Washington
Berlin Corners Berlin Washington
Bethel Bethel Windsor
Big Bluff Alburg Grand Isle
Bingham Falls Stowe Lamoille
Binghamville (aka Bingham Village) Fletcher Franklin
Birdland North Hero Grand Isle
Bixby Island (Lake Champlain) Grand Isle Grand Isle
Black Island (Lake Memphremagog) Derby Orleans
Blissville Castleton Rutland
Blockhouse Point North Hero Grand Isle
Bloomfield Bloomfield Essex
Blossom's Corners Pawlet Rutland
Blue Rock Alburg Grand Isle
Bolton Bolton Chittenden
Bolton's Joiner Brook Bolton Chittenden
Boltonville Newbury Orange
Bomoseen Castleton Rutland
Bondville Winhall Bennington
Bordoville Enosburg Franklin
Boro Village Cambridge Lamoille
Bow Arrow Point (aka Bow and Arrow Point) Grand Isle Grand Isle
Bowlsville Mount Holly Rutland
Bowman Corners Westford Chittenden
Bradford Bradford Orange
Bradford Center Bradford Orange
Bragg Brook Norwich Windsor
Braintree Braintree Orange
Braintree Center Braintree Orange
Brandon Brandon Rutland
Brattleboro Brattleboro Windham
Bread Loaf Ripton Addison
Brewers Corners Mendon Rutland
Bridgewater Bridgewater Windsor
Bridgewater Center Bridgewater Windsor
Bridgewater Corners Bridgewater Windsor
Bridport Bridport Addison
Brighton Brighton Essex
Brimstone Corner Corinth Orange
Brimstone Corners Pawlet Rutland
Bristol Bristol Addison
Brockways Mills Rockingham Windham
Bromley Peru Bennington
Brookfield Brookfield Orange
Brookfield Center Brookfield Orange
Brookline Brookline Windham
Brooklyn Mount Tabor Rutland
Brookside Newfane Windham
Brookside Westford Chittenden
Brooksville New Haven Addison
Brownington Brownington Orleans
Brownington Center Brownington Orleans
Browns Corners Franklin Franklin
Brownsville West Windsor Windsor
Brunswick Brunswick Essex
Brunswick Springs Brunswick Essex
Buck Hollow Fairfax Franklin
Buels Gore Buels Gore Chittenden
Bull Rush Point North Hero Grand Isle
Burbees Mill Windham Windham
Burke Burke Caledonia
Burke Green Burke Caledonia
Burke Hollow Burke Caledonia
Burlington Burlington Chittenden
Burlington Point Greensboro Orleans
Burnham Hill Woodbury Washington
Burnham Hollow Middletown Springs Rutland
Burton Island (Lake Champlain) Georgia Franklin
Butler Corners Essex Chittenden
Butler Island (Lake Champlain) North Hero Grand Isle
Butternut Bend Pawlet Rutland
Button Bay Ferrisburg Addison
Cabot Cabot Washington
Cabot Plains Cabot Washington
Cabot Village Cabot Washington
Cady's Falls Morristown Lamoille
Calais Calais Washington
Cambridge Cambridge Lamoille
Cambridge Junction Cambridge Lamoille
Cambridgeport Rockingham Windham
Campbell Corner Thetford Orange
Campbell Corners Greensboro Orleans
Campmeeting Point North Hero Grand Isle
Canaan Canaan Essex
Carleton Prize South Hero Grand Isle
Carrying Place North Hero Grand Isle
Castleton Castleton Rutland
Castleton Corners Castleton Rutland
Castleton State College Castleton Rutland
Cavendish Cavendish Windsor
Cedar Beach Charlotte Chittenden
Cedar Island (Lake Champlain) Charlotte Chittenden
Cedar Island (Lake Champlain) South Hero Grand Isle
Center Newport Town Orleans
Center Rutland Rutland Town Rutland
Centertown Hartland Windsor
Centerville Hartford Windsor
Centerville Hyde Park Lamoille
Centerville Wallingford Rutland
Central Park Vernon Windham
Centre Village Northfield Washington
Chadwick Sheldon Franklin
Chamberlain Glen Buels Gore Chittenden
Charleston Charleston Orleans
Charlotte Charlotte Chittenden
Checkerberry Village Milton Chittenden
Chelsea Chelsea Orange
Chelsea West Hill Chelsea Orange
Cheney Point Saint Albans Town Franklin
Chester Chester Windsor
Chester Depot Chester Windsor
Chimney Corner Colchester Chittenden
Chimney Point Addison Addison
Chipman's Point Orwell Addison
Chippenhook Clarendon Rutland
Chiselville Sunderland Bennington
Chittenden Chittenden Rutland
Clarendon Clarendon Rutland
Clarendon Springs Clarendon Rutland
Clark Point Highgate Franklin
Clark Point Swanton Franklin
Clay Point Colchester Chittenden
Cleveland Corners Hyde Park Lamoille
Cloak Island (Lake Champlain) Isle La Motte Grand Isle
Cloverdale Westford Chittenden
Colbyville Waterbury Washington
Colchester Colchester Chittenden
Colchester Point Colchester Chittenden
Colchester Reef Colchester Chittenden
Cold River Shrewsbury Rutland
Concord Concord Essex
Concord Corner Concord Essex
Cookeville Corinth Orange
Cookville (aka Cooksville) Castleton Rutland
Coon Point Alburg Grand Isle
Cooper Point Grand Isle Grand Isle
Cooper Point Isle La Motte Grand Isle
Copperas Hill Shrewsbury Rutland
Copperas Hill Strafford Orange
Copperfield Vershire Orange
Corinth Corinth Orange
Corinth Center Corinth Orange
Corinth Corners Corinth Orange
Cornwall Cornwall Addison
Cove Island (Lake Memphremagog) Derby Orleans
Coventry Coventry Orleans
Coventry Station Coventry Orleans
Craftsbury Craftsbury Orleans
Craftsbury Common Craftsbury Orleans
Crane Point Addison Addison
Cream Hill Shoreham Addison
Crystal Beach Castleton Rutland
Cuttingsville Shrewsbury Rutland
Dameas Island (Lake Champlain) North Hero Grand Isle
Danby Danby Rutland
Danby Four Corners Danby Rutland
Danville Danville Caledonia
Dean Island (Lake Champlain) Charlotte Chittenden
Derby Derby Orleans
Derby Center Derby Orleans
Derby Line Derby Orleans
Dewey's Mills Hartford Windsor
Donaldson Point Highgate Franklin
Dorset Dorset Bennington
Dover Dover Windham
Dowdy Corner Randolph Orange
Downers Weathersfield Windsor
Downingville Lincoln Addison
Dows Walden Caledonia
Dows Crossing Walden Caledonia
Dowsville Duxbury Washington
Dummerston Dummerston Windham
Dummerston Center Dummerston Windham
Duxbury Duxbury Washington
Eagle Point Derby Orleans
Earlys Point Isle La Motte Grand Isle
East Albany Albany Orleans
East Alburg Alburg Grand Isle
East Arlington Arlington Bennington
East Barnard Barnard Windsor
East Barnet Barnet Caledonia
East Barre Barre Town Washington
East Berkshire Berkshire Franklin
East Bethel Bethel Windsor
East Braintree Braintree Orange
East Brighton Brighton Essex
East Brookfield Brookfield Orange
East Brownington Brownington Orleans
East Burke Burke Caledonia
East Cabot Cabot Washington
East Calais Calais Washington
East Cambridge Cambridge Lamoille
East Charleston Charleston Orleans
East Charlotte Charlotte Chittenden
East Clarendon Clarendon Rutland
East Concord Concord Essex
East Corinth Corinth Orange
East Craftsbury Craftsbury Orleans
East Dorset Dorset Bennington
East Dover Dover Windham
East Dummerston Dummerston Windham
East Elmore Elmore Lamoille
East Enosburg Enosburg Franklin
East Fairfield Fairfield Franklin
East Fletcher Fletcher Franklin
East Franklin Franklin Franklin
East Georgia Georgia Franklin
East Granville Granville Addison
East Greensboro Greensboro Orleans
East Hardwick Hardwick Caledonia
East Haven East Haven Essex
East Highgate Highgate Franklin
East Hubbardtown Hubbardtown Rutland
East Jamaica Jamaica Windham
East Johnson Johnson Lamoille
East Kansas Sunderland Bennington
East Lyndon Lyndon Caledonia
East Middlebury Middlebury Addison
East Monkton Monkton Addison
East Montpelier East Montpelier Washington
East Montpelier Center East Montpelier Washington
East Newark Newark Caledonia
East Orange Orange Orange
East Peacham Peacham Caledonia
East Pittsford Pittsford Rutland
East Poultney Poultney Rutland
East Putney Putney Windham
East Putney Station Putney Windham
East Randolph Randolph Orange
East Richford Richford Franklin
East Roxbury Roxbury Washington
East Rupert Rupert Bennington
East Ryegate Ryegate Caledonia
East Sheldon Sheldon Franklin
East Shoreham Shoreham Addison
East St Johnsbury Saint Johnsbury Caledonia
East Sutton Ridge Sutton Caledonia
East Swanton Swanton Franklin
East Thetford Thetford Orange
East Topsham Topsham Orange
East Wallingford Wallingford Rutland
East Warren Warren Washington
East Wells Wells Rutland
East Wilmington Wilmington Windham
Eden Eden Lamoille
Eden Mills Eden Lamoille
Edgewater Marshfield Washington
Egypt Fairfield Franklin
Elm Point Addison Addison
Elmore Elmore Lamoille
Ely Fairlee Orange
Emerson Rochester Windsor
Enosburg Enosburg Franklin
Enosburg Falls Enosburg Franklin
Essex Essex Chittenden
Essex Center Essex Chittenden
Essex Junction Essex Chittenden
Evansville Brownington Orleans
Ewell's Mill Peacham Caledonia
Factory Point Manchester Bennington
Factory Village Barre Town Washington
Factoryville Chester Windsor
Fair Ground Saint Johnsbury Caledonia
Fair Haven Fair Haven Rutland
Fairbanks Saint Johnsbury Caledonia
Fairfax Fairfax Franklin
Fairfax Falls Fairfax Franklin
Fairfax Plains Fairfax Franklin
Fairfield Fairfield Franklin
Fairfield Pond Fairfield Franklin
Fairfield Station Fairfield Franklin
Fairground Sheldon Franklin
Fairlee Fairlee Orange
Farrington Danville Caledonia
Fayetteville Newfane Windham
Fays Corner Richmond Chittenden
Fayston Fayston Washington
Fayville Glastenbury Bennington
Fee Fee Point North Hero Grand Isle
Felchville Reading Windsor
Ferdinand Ferdinand Essex
Fernville Leicester Addison
Ferrisburg Ferrisburg Addison
Ferrisburg Station Ferrisburg Addison
Fieldsville Hartland Windsor
Fish Bladder Island (Lake Champlain) South Hero Grand Isle
Fisk Point Isle La Motte Grand Isle
Five Corners Plymouth Windsor
Five-Mile Point Shoreham Addison
Fletcher Fletcher Franklin
Florence Pittsford Rutland
Florence Junction Pittsford Rutland
Folsom Lyndon Caledonia
Fonda Swanton Franklin
Forestdale Brandon Rutland
Fort Cassin Point Ferrisburg Addison
Four Corners Newbury Orange
Foxville Williamstown Orange
Franklin Franklin Franklin
Freedleyville Dorset Bennington
French Hollow Winhall Bennington
French Settlement Highgate Franklin
Fullum Dummerston Windham
Gallup Mills Victory Essex
Garden Island (Lake Champlain) Charlotte Chittenden
Gardiner Island (Lake Champlain) Ferrisburg Addison
Garfield Hyde Park Lamoille
Gassetts Chester Windsor
Gaysville Stockbridge Windsor
Gebbie Corner Greensboro Orleans
Georgia Georgia Franklin
Georgia Center Georgia Franklin
Georgia Plains Georgia Franklin
Gilman Lunenburg Essex
Glastenbury Glastenbury Bennington
Glover Glover Orleans
Goodellville Mount Holly Rutland
Goodrich Four Corners Norwich Windsor
Goose City Dover Windham
Goose Green Corinth Orange
Goose Point Alburg Grand Isle
Gordons Landing Grand Isle Grand Isle
Gorhamtown Poultney Rutland
Goshen Goshen Addison
Goshen Four Corners Goshen Addison
Gospel Village Barre Town Washington
Gould's Mills Springfield Windsor
Grafton Grafton Windham
Grahamville Ludlow Windsor
Granby Granby Essex
Grand Isle Grand Isle Grand Isle
Grand Isle Station Grand Isle Grand Isle
Grangerville Pittsford Rutland
Granite Junction Hardwick Caledonia
Graniteville Barre Town Washington
Granville Granville Addison
Graveyard Point North Hero Grand Isle
Green Bay Peacham Caledonia
Green River Guilford Windham
Greenbush Weathersfield Windsor
Greens Corners Swanton Franklin
Greensboro Greensboro Orleans
Greensboro Bend Greensboro Orleans
Greensboro Four Corners Greensboro Orleans
Griffith Mount Tabor Rutland
Groton Groton Caledonia
Groton Pond Groton Caledonia
Grout Westminster Windham
Guildhall Guildhall Essex
Guilford Guilford Windham
Guilford Center Guilford Windham
Halifax Halifax Windham
Halifax Center Halifax Windham
Halls Lake Newbury Orange
Hammondsville,Hamlet Reading Windsor
Hancock Hancock Addison
Hanksville Huntington Chittenden
Hardscrabble Corner Springfield Windsor
Hardwick Hardwick Caledonia
Harmonyville Hamlet Townshend Windham
Harrisville Halifax Windham
Hartford Hartford Windsor
Hartland Hartland Windsor
Hartland Four Corners Hartland Windsor
Hartwellville East Haven Essex
Harvey Danville Caledonia
Haskinsville Hyde Park Lamoille
Hathaway Point Saint Albans Town Franklin
Hazens Road Hardwick Caledonia
Healdville Mount Holly Rutland
Heartwellville Readsboro Bennington
Hectorville Montgomery Franklin
Hen Island (Lake Champlain) North Hero Grand Isle
Hewetts Corners Pomfret Windsor
Hibbard Point North Hero Grand Isle
Highgate Highgate Franklin
Highgate Center Highgate Franklin
Highgate Falls Highgate Franklin
Highgate Springs Highgate Franklin
Hill Point Charlotte Chittenden
Hinesburg Hinesburg Chittenden
Hinsdale Vernon Windham
Holcomb Point Isle La Motte Grand Isle
Holden Chittenden Rutland
Holland Holland Orleans
Hollister Pittsford Rutland
Hooker Siding Bradford Orange
Horseneck Island (Lake Memphramagog) Newport Town Orleans
Hortonia Hubbardtown Rutland
Hortonia Mount Holly Rutland
Hortonville Mount Holly Rutland
Houghtonville Grafton Windham
Howard Hill Benson Rutland
Hoyt Point South Hero Grand Isle
Hubbard Corner Georgia Franklin
Hubbardtown Hubbardtown Rutland
Huntington Huntington Chittenden
Huntington Center Huntington Chittenden
Huntville Fairfax Franklin
Hutchins Montgomery Franklin
Hyde Park Hyde Park Lamoille
Hyde Point Grand Isle Grand Isle
Hydeville Castleton Rutland
Indian Point Newport Town Orleans
Ira Ira Rutland
Irasburg Irasburg Orleans
Irasville Waitsfield Washington
Island Pond Brighton Essex
Isle La Motte Isle La Motte Grand Isle
Jackson Corner Williamstown Orange
Jackson Point South Hero Grand Isle
Jacksonville Whitingham Windham
Jamaica Jamaica Windham
Jay Jay Orleans
Jay Peak Jay Orleans
Jeffersonville Cambridge Lamoille
Jericho Jericho Chittenden
Jericho Center Jericho Chittenden
Jerusalem Starksboro Addison
Joe's Pond Danville Caledonia
Johnson Johnson Lamoille
Jonesville Richmond Chittenden
Jordon Point Isle La Motte Grand Isle
Junction Sheldon Franklin
Juniper Island (Lake Champlain) Shelburne Chittenden
Kansas Sunderland Bennington
Keelers Bay South Hero Grand Isle
Keenes Corner Glover Orleans
Kelley Stand Sunderland Bennington
Kellog Island (Lake Champlain) South Hero Grand Isle
Kendricks Corner Springfield Windsor
Kennedy Corners Chelsea Orange
Kents Corner Calais Washington
Kibbie Point South Hero Grand Isle
Killington Killington Rutland
Kimball Barton Orleans
Kirby Kirby Caledonia
Kirby Corner Williston Chittenden
Knight Island (Lake Champlain) North Hero Grand Isle
Knight Point North Hero Grand Isle
Ladd Point Grand Isle Grand Isle
Lake Norton Essex
Lake Bomoseen Castleton Rutland
Lake Dunmore Salisbury Addison
Lake Elmore Elmore Lamoille
Lake Morey Fairlee Orange
Lake Ninevah Mount Holly Rutland
Lake Park Derby Orleans
Lake Raponda Wilmington Windham
Lake Rescue Ludlow Windsor
Lake Salem Derby Orleans
Lake St Catherine Wells Rutland
Lake of the Clouds (Mount Mansfield) Cambridge Lamoille
Lakewood Spur Swanton Franklin
Landgrove Landgrove Bennington
Lanesboro Marshfield Washington
Lapham Bay Shoreham Addison
Larrabees Point Shoreham Addison
Law Island (Lake Champlain) Colchester Chittenden
Lawrence Four Corners Windham Windham
Lazy Lady Island (Lake Champlain) Georgia Franklin
Leicester Leicester Addison
Leicester Junction Leicester Addison
Lemington Lemington Essex
Lewis Lewis Essex
Lewiston Norwich Windsor
Lillieville Bethel Windsor
Lime Rock Point Georgia Franklin
Limekiln Point Highgate Franklin
Lincoln Lincoln Addison
Little Bluff Alburg Grand Isle
Little Hollow Rochester Windsor
Livermoreville Londonderry Windham
Londonderry Londonderry Windham
Lone Rock Point Burlington Chittenden
Long Point Alburg Grand Isle
Long Point Ferrisburg Addison
Lowell Lowell Orleans
Lower Cabot Cabot Washington
Lower Graniteville Barre Town Washington
Lower Granville Granville Addison
Lower Narrows Danville Caledonia
Lower Plain Bradford Orange
Lower Village Stowe Lamoille
Lower Waterford Waterford Caledonia
Lower Websterville Barre Town Washington
Ludlow Ludlow Windsor
Lunenburg Lunenburg Essex
Lyman Hartford Windsor
Lyndon Lyndon Caledonia
Lyndon Center Lyndon Caledonia
Lyndon Corner Lyndon Caledonia
Lyndonville Lyndon Caledonia
Mac Donough Point Ferrisburg Addison
Mackville Hardwick Caledonia
Macoyville Cambridge Lamoille
Mad River Glen Waitsfield Washington
Madonna Morristown Lamoille
Magowan Newport Town Orleans
Maidstone Maidstone Essex
Mallets Head Colchester Chittenden
Malletts Bay Colchester Chittenden
Manchester Manchester Bennington
Manchester Center Manchester Bennington
Manchester Depot Manchester Bennington
Maple Corner Calais Washington
Maple Dell Springfield Windsor
Maquam Swanton Franklin
Marlboro Marlboro Windham
Marshfield Marshfield Washington
Marshfield Station Marshfield Washington
Mayo Concord Essex
McGregg Point Alburg Grand Isle
McIndoe Falls Barnet Caledonia
Meach Island Shelburne Chittenden
Mechanicsville Hinesburg Chittenden
Medburyville Wilmington Windham
Melville Landing Georgia Franklin
Mendon Mendon Rutland
Merrill Corner Albany Orleans
Metcalf Island (Lake Champlain) Highgate Franklin
Michigan Chittenden Rutland
Middle Hollow Rochester Windsor
Middlebury Middlebury Addison
Middlesex Middlesex Washington
Middlesex Center Middlesex Washington
Middletown Andover Windsor
Middletown Springs Middletown Springs Rutland
Mile Point Ferrisburg Addison
Miles Pond Concord Essex
Mill Village Craftsbury Orleans
Mill Village Vershire Orange
Mills Point Colchester Chittenden
Milton Milton Chittenden
Milton Falls Milton Chittenden
Miltonboro Milton Chittenden
Missisquoi Richford Franklin
Molly's Pond Cabot Washington
Monkton Monkton Addison
Monkton Boro Monkton Addison
Monkton Ridge Monkton Addison
Montgomery Montgomery Franklin
Montgomery Center Montgomery Franklin
Montpelier Montpelier Washington
Montpelier Junction Montpelier Washington
Moretown Moretown Washington
Moretown Common Moretown Washington
Morgan Morgan Orleans
Morgan Center Morgan Orleans
Morristown Morristown Lamoille
Morristown Corners Morristown Lamoille
Morrisville Morristown Lamoille
Morses Line Franklin Franklin
Morses Mill Cambridge Lamoille
Moscow Stowe Lamoille
Mount Holly Mount Holly Rutland
Mount Mansfield Stowe Lamoille
Mount Snow Dover Windham
Mount Tabor Mount Tabor Rutland
Mud Island (Lake Champlain) Panton Addison
Mud Point Alburg Grand Isle
Mutton Hill Charlotte Chittenden
Nelsons Corners Weathersfield Windsor
Neshobe (Lake Bomoseen) Castleton Rutland
New Boston Norwich Windsor
New Haven New Haven Addison
New Haven Junction New Haven Addison
New Haven Mills New Haven Addison
Newark Newark Caledonia
Newark Hollow Newark Caledonia
Newbury Newbury Orange
Newbury Center Newbury Orange
Newbury Village Newbury Orange
Newfane Newfane Windham
Newport Center Newport Town Orleans
Newport City Newport City Orleans
Newport Town Newport Town Orleans
Nichols Point South Hero Grand Isle
Noaks Island (Lake Champlain) Highgate Franklin
North Bennington Bennington Bennington
North Brownington Brownington Orleans
North Burlington Burlington Chittenden
North Calais Calais Washington
North Cambridge Cambridge Lamoille
North Chester Chester Windsor
North Clarendon Clarendon Rutland
North Concord Concord Essex
North Craftsbury Craftsbury Orleans
North Danville Danville Caledonia
North Derby Derby Orleans
North Dorset Dorset Bennington
North Duxbury Duxbury Washington
North Enosburg Enosburg Franklin
North Fairfax Fairfax Franklin
North Fayston Fayston Washington
North Ferrisburg Ferrisburg Addison
North Georgia Georgia Franklin
North Goshen Goshen Addison
North Hartland Hartland Windsor
North Hero North Hero Grand Isle
North Hollow Rochester Windsor
North Hyde Park Hyde Park Lamoille
North Junction Saint Albans Town Franklin
North Kirby Kirby Caledonia
North Landgrove Landgrove Bennington
North Montpelier East Montpelier Washington
North Moretown Moretown Washington
North Orwell Orwell Addison
North Pawlet Pawlet Rutland
North Peacham Peacham Caledonia
North Pomfret Pomfret Windsor
North Pownal Pownal Bennington
North Randolph Randolph Orange
North Royalton Royalton Windsor
North Rupert Rupert Bennington
North Shaftsbury Shaftsbury Bennington
North Sheldon Sheldon Franklin
North Shrewsbury Shrewsbury Rutland
North Springfield Springfield Windsor
North Thetford Thetford Orange
North Troy Troy Orleans
North Tunbridge Tunbridge Orange
North Underhill Underhill Chittenden
North Walden Walden Caledonia
North Wardsboro Wardsboro Windham
North Westminster Westminster Windham
North Williston Williston Chittenden
North Windham Londonderry Windham
North Wolcott Wolcott Lamoille
Northam Shrewsbury Rutland
Northboro Thetford Orange
Northfield Northfield Washington
Northfield Center Northfield Washington
Northfield Falls Northfield Washington
Norton Norton Essex
Norwich Norwich Windsor
Nourses Corner Colchester Chittenden
Noyesville Walden Caledonia
Oakland Georgia Franklin
Old Bennington Bennington Bennington
Old City Strafford Orange
Olympus Bethel Windsor
Orange Orange Orange
Orchard Point Shelburne Chittenden
Orleans Barton Orleans
Orwell Orwell Addison
Packer Corner Guilford Windham
Pages Concord Essex
Pages Corner Essex Chittenden
Panton Panton Addison
Parker's Mill Springfield Windsor
Passumpsic Barnet Caledonia
Patch Pond (see Lake Ninevah) Mount Holly Rutland
Pawlet Pawlet Rutland
Peach Four Corners Newbury Orange
Peacham Peacham Caledonia
Peacham Hollow Peacham Caledonia
Pearl Grand Isle Grand Isle
Peaseville Andover Windsor
Pedden Acres Springfield Windsor
Pekin Calais Washington
Pelots Point North Hero Grand Isle
Perkinsville Plainfield Washington
Perkinsville Weathersfield Windsor
Peru Peru Bennington
Peters Four Corners Shaftsbury Bennington
Peth Braintree Orange
Phelps Falls Troy Orleans
Phelps Point South Hero Grand Isle
Picket Island (Lake Champlain) Charlotte Chittenden
Pierces Corner Clarendon Rutland
Piermont Station Bradford Orange
Pikes Falls Jamaica Windham
Pittsfield Pittsfield Rutland
Pittsford Pittsford Rutland
Pittsford Mills Pittsford Rutland
Plainfield Plainfield Washington
Pleasant Valley Cambridge Lamoille
Plumies Point Bridport Addison
Plymouth Plymouth Windsor
Plymouth Union Plymouth Windsor
Podunk Wardsboro Windham
Point of the Tongue Alburg Grand Isle
Pomfret Pomfret Windsor
Pompanoosuc Norwich Windsor
Poposquash Island (Lake Champlain) Saint Albans Town Franklin
Post Mills Thetford Orange
Potash Point Panton Addison
Pottersville Wolcott Lamoille
Poultney Poultney Rutland
Pownal Pownal Bennington
Pownal Center Pownal Bennington
Prindle Corners Charlotte Chittenden
Proctor Proctor Rutland
Proctorsville Cavendish Windsor
Prospect Hill Rutland Town Rutland
Prosper Woodstock Windsor
Providence Island (Lake Champlain) South Hero Grand Isle
Purgatory Danby Rutland
Purgatory Mount Tabor Rutland
Putnamville Middlesex Washington
Putney Putney Windham
Quaker Smith Point Shelburne Chittenden
Quechee Hartford Windsor
Queen City Park South Burlington Chittenden
Queneska Island (Lake Champlain) Shelburne Chittenden
Ralston Corner Concord Essex
Randolph Randolph Orange
Randolph Center Randolph Orange
Raponda Turn Wilmington Windham
Rawsonville Jamaica Windham
Reading Reading Windsor
Readsboro Readsboro Bennington
Readsboro Falls Readsboro Bennington
Red Rock Point Colchester Chittenden
Red Rock Point South Burlington Chittenden
Red Village Lyndon Caledonia
Reed Point Isle La Motte Grand Isle
Reid Hollow Halifax Windham
Reynolds Point Isle La Motte Grand Isle
Rhode Island Corners Hinesburg Chittenden
Rices Mills Thetford Orange
Richford Richford Franklin
Richmond Richmond Chittenden
Richville Manchester Bennington
Ricker (aka Rickers) Mills Groton Caledonia
Rickers Groton Caledonia
Riders Corners Corinth Orange
Ripton Ripton Addison
Riverside Jericho Chittenden
Riverside Rockingham Windham
Riverton Berlin Washington
Robinson Rochester Windsor
Robinson Point Grand Isle Grand Isle
Robinson Point South Hero Grand Isle
Rochester Rochester Windsor
Rock Dunder (Lake Champlain) Shelburne Chittenden
Rock Island (Lake Champlain) Georgia Franklin
Rock Island (Lake Champlain) Panton Addison
Rockingham Rockingham Windham
Rockville Starksboro Addison
Rocky Dale Bristol Addison
Round Pond Newbury Orange
Roxbury Roxbury Washington
Roxbury Flat Roxbury Washington
Royalton Royalton Windsor
Rupert Rupert Bennington
Russellville Shrewsbury Rutland
Rustown Hartford Windsor
Rutland City Rutland City Rutland
Rutland Town Rutland Town Rutland
Ryegate Ryegate Caledonia
Ryegate Corner Ryegate Caledonia
Sadawga Springs Whitingham Windham
Saint Albans City Saint Albans City Franklin
Saint Albans Town Saint Albans Town Franklin
Saint Albans Town Bay Saint Albans Town Franklin
Saint Albans Town North Saint Albans Town Franklin
Saint Albans Town Point Saint Albans Town Franklin
Saint George Saint George Chittenden
Saint Johnsbury Saint Johnsbury Caledonia
Saint Johnsbury Center Saint Johnsbury Caledonia
Saint Rocks Fairfield Franklin
Salisbury Salisbury Addison
Salisbury Station Salisbury Addison
Samsonville Enosburg Franklin
Sanderson Corner Fairfax Franklin
Sandgate Sandgate Bennington
Sandy Point Isle La Motte Grand Isle
Sandy Point Swanton Franklin
Savage Island (Lake Champlain) Grand Isle Grand Isle
Savage Point North Hero Grand Isle
Sawyer Island (Lake Champlain) South Hero Grand Isle
Saxton Point Shelburne Chittenden
Saxtons River Rockingham Windham
Scott Point Isle La Motte Grand Isle
Scottsville Danby Rutland
Searsburg Searsburg Bennington
Shad Island (Lake Champlain) Highgate Franklin
Shady Rill Middlesex Washington
Shaftsbury Shaftsbury Bennington
Shaftsbury Center Shaftsbury Bennington
Sharon Sharon Windsor
Shawville Sheldon Franklin
Sheddsville West Windsor Windsor
Sheffield Sheffield Caledonia
Shelburne Shelburne Chittenden
Shelburne Falls Shelburne Chittenden
Shelburne Point Shelburne Chittenden
Sheldon Sheldon Franklin
Sheldon Junction Sheldon Franklin
Sheldon Springs Sheldon Franklin
Sherman Whitingham Windham
Shoreham Shoreham Addison
Shoreham Center Shoreham Addison
Shrewsbury Shrewsbury Rutland
Simms Point Grand Isle Grand Isle
Simonsville Andover Windsor
Simpsonville Townshend Windham
Sloop Island (Lake Champlain) Charlotte Chittenden
Smith Four Corners Walden Caledonia
Smithville Ludlow Windsor
Snowsville Braintree Orange
Sodom Shaftsbury Bennington
Somerset Somerset Windham
South Albany Albany Orleans
South Alburg Alburg Grand Isle
South Barre Barre Town Washington
South Barton Barton Orleans
South Burlington South Burlington Chittenden
South Cabot Cabot Washington
South Cambridge Cambridge Lamoille
South Canaan Canaan Essex
South Corinth Corinth Orange
South Danville Danville Caledonia
South Dorset Dorset Bennington
South Duxbury Duxbury Washington
South End Mount Tabor Rutland
South Franklin Sheldon Franklin
South Halifax Halifax Windham
South Hero South Hero Grand Isle
South Hinesburg Hinesburg Chittenden
South Hollow Rochester Windsor
South Kirby Kirby Caledonia
South Lincoln Lincoln Addison
South Londonderry Londonderry Windham
South Lunenburg Lunenburg Essex
South Newbury Newbury Orange
South Newfane Newfane Windham
South Newport Newport Town Orleans
South Northfield Northfield Washington
South Peacham Peacham Caledonia
South Pomfret Pomfret Windsor
South Poultney Poultney Rutland
South Randolph Randolph Orange
South Reading Reading Windsor
South Richford Richford Franklin
South Royalton Royalton Windsor
South Ryegate Ryegate Caledonia
South Shaftsbury Shaftsbury Bennington
South Starksboro Starksboro Addison
South Strafford Strafford Orange
South Tunbridge Tunbridge Orange
South Vernon Vernon Windham
South Vershire Vershire Orange
South Victory Victory Essex
South Walden Walden Caledonia
South Wallingford Wallingford Rutland
South Wardsboro Wardsboro Windham
South Washington Washington Orange
South Wheelock Wheelock Caledonia
South Windham Windham Windham
South Woodbury Woodbury Washington
South Woodstock Woodstock Windsor
Spoonerville Chester Windsor
Springfield Springfield Windsor
Stacey Crossing Benson Rutland
Stamford Stamford Bennington
Stannard Stannard Caledonia
Starksboro Starksboro Addison
Stave Island (Lake Champlain) South Hero Grand Isle
Stephenson Point North Hero Grand Isle
Stevens Mills Richford Franklin
Stevensville Underhill Chittenden
Stockbridge Stockbridge Windsor
Stoney Point North Hero Grand Isle
Stowe Stowe Lamoille
Stowe Village Stowe Lamoille
Strafford Strafford Orange
Stratton Stratton Windham
Stump Station Shoreham Addison
Sudbury Sudbury Rutland
Summer Point Ferrisburg Addison
Summerville Saint Johnsbury Caledonia
Summit Mount Holly Rutland
Summit Warrens Gore Essex
Summit Siding Newport Town Orleans
Sunderland Sunderland Bennington
Sunderland Station Sunderland Bennington
Sunset Island (Lake Champlain) Colchester Chittenden
Sutton Sutton Caledonia
Swanton Swanton Franklin
Swanton Suburbs Swanton Franklin
Tafts Corner Williston Chittenden
Taftsville Woodstock Windsor
Talcville Rochester Windsor
Tarbellville Mount Holly Rutland
Terrible Mountain Andover Windsor
Texas Falls Hancock Addison
The Bluffs Newport Town Orleans
The Four Corners Greensboro Orleans
The Island Weston Windsor
Thetford Thetford Orange
Thetford Center Thetford Orange
Thetford Hill Thetford Orange
Thompson's Point Charlotte Chittenden
Thompsonburg Londonderry Windham
Thwingville Barre Town Washington
Tice Holland Orleans
Ticklenaked pond Ryegate Caledonia
Tillotson Mills Lowell Orleans
Tinmouth Tinmouth Rutland
Tolmans Corner Greensboro Orleans
Tompsonburg Londonderry Windham
Topsham Topsham Orange
Townshend Townshend Windham
Trow Hill Barre Town Washington
Troy Troy Orleans
Tunbridge Tunbridge Orange
Tyson Plymouth Windsor
Underhill Underhill Chittenden
Underhill Center Underhill Chittenden
Underhill Flats Underhill Chittenden
Union Village Shoreham Addison
Union Village Thetford Orange
Union Village (aka Wolcott Village) Wolcott Lamoille
Unionville Wardsboro Windham
Upper Graniteville Barre Town Washington
Upper Granville Granville Addison
Upper Narrows Danville Caledonia
Upper Websterville Barre Town Washington
Valley Halifax Windham
Vergennes Vergennes Addison
Vernon Vernon Windham
Vershire Vershire Orange
Vershire Center Vershire Orange
Victory Victory Essex
Wagner Island (Lake Champlain) Highgate Franklin
Wagner Point Alburg Grand Isle
Waits River Topsham Orange
Waitsfield Waitsfield Washington
Waitsfield Common Waitsfield Washington
Walden Walden Caledonia
Walden Four Corners Walden Caledonia
Walden Heights Walden Caledonia
Wallace Pond Canaan Essex
Wallingford Wallingford Rutland
Waltham Waltham Addison
Wardsboro Wardsboro Windham
Wardsboro Center Wardsboro Windham
Warners Grant Warners Grant Essex
Warren Warren Washington
Warrens Gore Warrens Gore Essex
Washington Washington Orange
Washington Heights Washington Orange
Waterbury Waterbury Washington
Waterbury Center Waterbury Washington
Waterford Waterford Caledonia
Waterville Waterville Lamoille
Weathersfield Weathersfield Windsor
Weathersfield Bow Weathersfield Windsor
Weathersfield Center Weathersfield Windsor
Websterville Barre Town Washington
Wells Wells Rutland
Wells River Newbury Orange
Wenlock Ferdinand Essex
West Addison Addison Addison
West Albany Albany Orleans
West Alburg Alburg Grand Isle
West Arlington Arlington Bennington
West Barnet Barnet Caledonia
West Berkshire Berkshire Franklin
West Bethel Bethel Windsor
West Bolton Bolton Chittenden
West Braintree Braintree Orange
West Branch Stowe Lamoille
West Brattleboro Brattleboro Windham
West Bridgewater Bridgewater Windsor
West Bridport Bridport Addison
West Brookfield Brookfield Orange
West Burke Burke Caledonia
West Castleton Castleton Rutland
West Charleston Charleston Orleans
West Concord Concord Essex
West Corinth Corinth Orange
West Cornwall Cornwall Addison
West Danville Danville Caledonia
West Derby Derby Orleans
West Dover Dover Windham
West Dummerston Dummerston Windham
West Ensoburg Enosburg Franklin
West Fairlee West Fairlee Orange
West Fairlee Center West Fairlee Orange
West Fletcher Fletcher Franklin
West Georgia Georgia Franklin
West Glover Glover Orleans
West Groton Groton Caledonia
West Guilford Guilford Windham
West Halifax Halifax Windham
West Hartford Hartford Windsor
West Haven West Haven Rutland
West Holland Holland Orleans
West Jamaica Jamaica Windham
West Lincoln Lincoln Addison
West Milton Milton Chittenden
West Newbury Newbury Orange
West Norwich Norwich Windsor
West Pawlet Pawlet Rutland
West Rochester Rochester Windsor
West Rupert Rupert Bennington
West Rutland West Rutland Rutland
West Salisbury Salisbury Addison
West Sandgate Sandgate Bennington
West Swanton Swanton Franklin
West Topsham Topsham Orange
West Townshend Townshend Windham
West Wardsboro Wardsboro Windham
West Waterford Waterford Caledonia
West Windsor West Windsor Windsor
West Woodstock Woodstock Windsor
Westfield Westfield Orleans
Westford Westford Chittenden
Westminster Westminster Windham
Westminster Station Westminster Windham
Westminster West Westminster Windham
Westmore Westmore Orleans
Weston Weston Windsor
Weybridge Weybridge Addison
Weybridge Hill Weybridge Addison
Wheelock Wheelock Caledonia
Whipple Point Newport Town Orleans
White River Junction Hartford Windsor
Whitesville Cavendish Windsor
Whiting Whiting Addison
Whitingham Whitingham Windham
Whitneyville Halifax Windham
Wilcox Point Grand Isle Grand Isle
Wilder Hartford Windsor
Williamstown Williamstown Orange
Williamsville Newfane Windham
Williamsville Station Dummerston Windham
Williston Williston Chittenden
Wilmington Wilmington Windham
Windham Windham Windham
Windmill Point Alburg Grand Isle
Windsor Windsor Windsor
Winhall Winhall Bennington
Winooski Winooski Chittenden
Winooski Park Winooski Chittenden
Wolcott Wolcott Lamoille
Woodbury Woodbury Washington
Woodford Woodford Bennington
Woodford Hollow Woodford Bennington
Woods Island (Lake Champlain) Saint Albans Town Franklin
Woodstock Woodstock Windsor
Worcester Worcester Washington
Young Island (Lake Champlain) Grand Isle Grand Isle


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