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A podcatcher, or podcast client, is a computer program used to download various media via an RSS or XML feed.[1][1][2]

While podcatchers are most known for downloading podcasts (generally audio files in MP3 format), many are also capable of downloading video, newsfeeds, text, and pictures. Some podcatchers can also automate the transfer of received audio files to a portable media player. Although many include a directory of high-profile podcasts, they generally allow users to manually subscribe directly to a feed by providing the URL.

Although the core concepts had been developing since 2000, the first podcast client software was developed in late 2003,[3] and became popular in 2004.[4]

When Apple added podcatching to its iTunes software in June 2005, it almost immediately became the most popular client.[5][6]


The following is a list of noteworthy podcatchers or software with podcatching capability.[nb 1]

Title Description Website License Operating System
Airing Pods Audio podcast discovery and listening service - 50 organised topics, 15000 channels website Android, web, Chrome
Amarok Music player and podcast client website GPL v2 FreeBSD, Linux
Banshee Music player and podcast client website MIT Linux, OS X, Windows
BeyondPod Podcast browser and client including offline and Chromecast support website Android
CatchUp Podcast Receiver Simple java podcast client website GPL v3 Linux, Windows, OS X
Clementine A cross-platform fork of Amarok website GPL Linux, Windows, OS X
doubleTwist Android music player with podcast directory and podcast support. website Android
Downcast Podcatcher for iOS and Mac. website Proprietary iOS, Mac OS X
Feedbooks Social networking client with support for podcasts. website Windows
gPodder A free audio and video podcatcher and launcher website GPL v3 Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows
HermesPod Podcast downloader for Windows. Synchronizes with mp3-players, Android devices and iPads/iPhones website Proprietary Windows
Instacast playback speed controls and iCloud sync website Proprietary iOS
iTunes Music and podcaster client website Proprietary Windows, Mac OS X
Juice A cross-platform podcatcher website GPL Windows, Mac OS X
Liferea News aggregator for online news feeds, features podcast support website GPL Linux
Media Go Similar to iTunes for Sony PlayStation Portable website Proprietary Windows
MediaMonkey Media organizers with integrated podcatcher website Proprietary Windows
Miro An integrated video player with podcatcher capabilities website GPL v2 Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Music + video hub podcast directory, subscription, and playback (available in United States only) website Proprietary Windows Phone 8+
NetNewsWire An RSS and Atom newsreader website Proprietary Mac OS X
NewsFire A news reader and podcast client website Proprietary Mac OS X
Pocket Casts Faster update checks due to central server instead of per-feed check. Synchronizes across devices, large directory, playback speed controls website Proprietary Android, iOS
Podcast Addict Manage all your audio & video Podcasts as well as your YouTube channels and News feeds from your Android device. website Proprietary Android
Podcasts (iOS) iTunes' counterpart for podcasts on iOS. website Proprietary iOS
podfy Player that synchronizes across devices website Web, Android
Rhythmbox Default music management application for GNOME website GPL v2 Linux
Winamp Commercial audio player with free Lite option, supports podcasts website Proprietary Windows
ShortOrange Online browser-based podcatcher website Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Zune Similar to iTunes Windows

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