List of political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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A political party is a political organization subscribing to a certain ideology or formed around very special issues with the aim to participate in power, usually by participating in elections.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments. Every ethnic community has its own dominant political party.

The parties[edit]

Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

Name Abbr. Leader Ideology House of Representatives/
House of Peoples
Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Socijaldemokratska partija Bosne i Hercegovine
SDP BiH Zlatko Lagumdžija Social democracy 8/3 Bosniak-dominated multi-ethnic party
Alliance of Independent Social Democrats
Савез независних социјалдемократа
SNSD Milorad Dodik Serbian nationalism and social democracy 8/2 Serb party
Party of Democratic Action
Stranka demokratske akcije
SDA Sulejman Tihić Bosniak nationalism, social conservatism and Islamic democracy 7/3 Bosniak party
Serbian Democratic Party
Српска демократска странка
SDS Mladen Bosić Serbian nationalism and national conservatism 4/1 Serb party
Union for a Better Future of BiH
Savez za bolju budućnost BiH
SBB BiH Fahrudin Radončić Bosniak nationalism and Conservativism 4/0 Bosniak party
Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hrvatska demokratska zajednica Bosne i Hercegovine
HDZ BiH Dragan Čović Croatian nationalism and national conservatism 3/3 Croat party
Croatian Party of Rights of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hrvatska stranka prava Bosne i Hercegovine
HSP BiH Zvonko Jurišić Croatian nationalism, neoconservatism and decentralisation 1/1 Croat party
Democratic People's Alliance
Демократски народни савез
DNS Marko Pavić Serbian nationalism and national conservatism 1/1 Serb party
Party of Democratic Progress
Партија демократског прогреса
PDP Mladen Ivanić Conservativism 1/0 Serb party
Democratic People's Union
Demokratska narodna zajednica
DNZ Rifat Dolić Big tent and regionalism 1/0 Multi-ethnic party
Croatian Democratic Union 1990
Hrvatska demokratska zajednica 1990
HDZ 1990 Božo Ljubić Croatian nationalism and national conservatism 1/0 Croat party
People's Party Work for Betterment
Narodna stranka radom za boljitak
NSRzB Mladen Ivanković-Lijanović Social liberalism 1/0 Multi-ethnic party

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