List of political parties in Greenland

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This is a list of political parties in Greenland. Greenland has a multi-party system.

Active parties[edit]

Name Abbr. Ideology Leader Government/Opposition MPs
Siumut S Social democracy, Centre left, Greenlandic independence, Third way Aleqa Hammond Government 14
Inuit Ataqatigiit IA Socialism,[1][2] Separatism,[2][3] Democratic socialism, Greenlandic independence Sara Olsvig Opposition 11
Demokraatit D Social liberalism, Greenlandic unionism Anda Uldum Opposition 2
Atassut A Liberalism, Nordic agrarianism, Greenlandic unionism Gerhardt Petersen Government 2
Inuit Party PI Far left, Socialism, Left-wing nationalism Nikku Olsen Government 1
Partii Naleraq PN Centrism Hans Enoksen Opposition 1

Dissolved parties[edit]