List of political parties in Quebec

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Parties represented in the National Assembly of Quebec[edit]

Name Founded Ideology Leader MNAs
  Quebec Liberal Party
Parti libéral du Québec
1867 Quebec federalism, Neoliberalism, Social Liberalism Philippe Couillard 70
     Parti Québécois 1968 Quebec Sovereignty, Quebec Nationalism, Social Democracy Stéphane Bédard 30
     Coalition Avenir Québec 2011 Quebec Nationalism, Neoliberalism, Fiscal Conservatism François Legault 22
     Québec solidaire 2006 Democratic Socialism, Quebec Sovereignty, Green, Global Justice, Feminism Pierre-Paul St-Onge (co-spokespeople Françoise David & Andrés Fontecilla) 3

Other parties registered with the Quebec Director General of Elections[edit]

Other officially authorized parties are:[1]

Unregistered parties[edit]

Historical parties that won seats in the National or Legislative Assembly[edit]


Other historical parties that nominated candidates[edit]

Historical parties that never nominated candidates[edit]

Municipal Parties[edit]


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