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This article lists political parties in Syria. Article 8 of the old constitution provided that "the Arab Socialist Baath Party leads society and the state". Since 1972, other parties that accept the leadership role of the Baath Party and support the government's socialist and Arab nationalist orientation have been allowed to operate as members of the National Progressive Front. In 2005, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party was licensed. It is the first neither socialist nor Pan-Arab legal political party to be legalized. While some socialist and liberal opposition parties now enjoy a limited degree of toleration, Kurdish and Assyrian parties remain more repressed, and the ban on religious parties is very strictly enforced. During the Syrian uprising a New Parties Law established a new constitution. It gave the right to create Political Parties outside the National Progressive Front.

Political parties and organizations[edit]

Under the Constitution of Syria approved in 2012, a licensed party must have at least 50 founding members, aged 25 or over, who have been Syrian nationals for more than 10 years, and are not members of any other party, Syrian or non-Syrian.[2]

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