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"List of political parties in Western Sahara" redirects here. For the only political party in the SADR, see Polisario Front.
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This article lists political parties in Morocco.

Morocco has had a multi-party system since independence in 1956 with numerous parties ranging in ideology from the far-left to Islamists. The Moroccan electoral system leads the political parties to seek coalition governments. However, both the post of Prime Minister and other four main government ministers are appointed by the King of Morocco.

Since Morocco considers the disputed territory of Western Sahara to be its annexed Southern Provinces, the political parties are also active in those parts of the territory under Moroccan control.

Parties represented in the Parliament elected in 2007[edit]

The most recent parliamentary elections took place in Morocco on 7 September 2007, the next ones will take place on 25 November 2011

Parties without parliamentary representation[edit]

Parties represented in the 2002 parliament, no longer after the 2007 elections[edit]

Parties not represented in the 2002 parliament, that took part in the 2007 elections without winning any seat[edit]

Other parties[edit]

Banned parties[edit]

Political parties established between 1940 and 1970[edit]

  Name in English Name in French Abbreviation Name in Arabic Ideology Establishment General Secretary
  Istiqlal Party Parti de l'istiqlal PI حزب الاستقلال conservatism, nationalism 1943 Hamid Chabat
  Democratic Independence Party Parti démocratique et de l'indépendance
Parti de la Choura et de l'Istiqlal
PDI حزب الشورى و الاستقلال nationalism 1946 Abdelouhahed Maâche
  Popular Movement Mouvement populaire MP الحركة الشعبية liberalism, nationalism 1957 Mohand Laenser (fr)
  National Union of Popular Forces Union nationale des forces populaires UNFP الاتحاد الوطني للقوات الشعبية} socialism 1959 (Abdallah Ibrahim)
last SG 1959-2005


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