List of power stations in Albania

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The following page lists all power stations in Albania.


Station Site Coordinates Capacity (MW) Status
Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station Fierza 42°15′05″N 20°02′33″E / 42.251393°N 20.042560°E / 42.251393; 20.042560 (Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station) 500 Operational
Koman Hydroelectric Power Station Koman 42°06′12″N 19°49′21″E / 42.103253°N 19.822383°E / 42.103253; 19.822383 (Komani Hydroelectric Power Station) 600 Operational
Vau i Dejës Hydroelectric Power Station Vau i Dejës 42°00′49″N 19°38′09″E / 42.013679°N 19.635851°E / 42.013679; 19.635851 (Vau i Dejës Hydroelectric Power Station) 260 Operational
Bratilë Hydro Power Plant Proposed
Devoll Hydro Power Plant Proposed
Skavica Hydro Power Plant Proposed
Shkopet Hydroelectric Power Station Shkopet Operational
Ulëz Hydroelectric Power Station Ulëz Operational

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