List of power stations in Cameroon

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The following page lists all power stations in Cameroon.


Hydroelectric station Community Coordinates Type Capacity Year completed Name of reservoir River
Edea Power Station[1] Reservoir 204 MW 1953 Edea Reservoir Sanaga River
Song Loulou Power Station Reservoir 384 MW 1981 & 1988 [2] Song Loulou Reservoir Sanaga River
Lagdo Power Station Reservoir 72 MW 1982 Lagdo Reservoir Benue River
Memve'ele Power Station Reservoir 200 MW 2013 Memve'ele Reservoir Ntem River


Thermal power station Community Coordinates Fuel type Capacity Year completed Name of Owner Notes
Kribi Power Station[3] Mpolongwe, Kribi 3°00′36″N 9°57′36″E / 3.0100°N 9.9600°E / 3.0100; 9.9600 (Kribi Power Station) Natural gas 216MW 2011 AES Under construction

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