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This is a list of power stations in Ivory Coast. The majority of electricity generation (about 70 percent) in Ivory Coast is by power stations that burn natural gas; the remaining 30 percent of the country's generation is hydroelectricity. As of 2005, installed electric generation capacity totalled 1,084 megawatts (MW). Electric generation exceeded the country's needs; 5.31 billion kilowatt hours (kwh) of electricity was generated in 2005, of which the country consumed only 2.9 billion kwh. Export of electricity is through the West African Power Pool.[1]

Natural gas[1][2][edit]

Power station Community Coordinates Capacity (MW) Year completed Notes
Azito power station 5°18′07″N 4°04′31″W / 5.3020741°N 4.075413°W / 5.3020741; -4.075413 (Azito Power Plant) 288 1999 Addition of a 150 MW turbine is planned.[3]
Ciprel power station 210 1985[1]
Vridi power station 100 1984[1]


Hydroelectric station Community Coordinates Type Capacity (MW) Year completed Name of reservoir River
Kossou Power Station[4] Reservoir 176 1973 Lake Kossou Bandama River
Taabo Power Station Reservoir 210 1979 Taabo Reservoir Bandama River
Buyo Power Station Reservoir 165 1980 Buyo Reservoir Sassandra River

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