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New York Electricity Generation Sources

This is a list of electricity-generating power stations in New York, sorted by type and name.



Plant Location Coords. Notes
Cayuga Power Station Lansing 306 MW
Greenidge Power Plant[1] Dresden 161 MW (inactive 2011-)
Dunkirk Generating Station Dunkirk 42°29′28″N 79°20′46″W / 42.49111°N 79.34611°W / 42.49111; -79.34611 (Dunkirk Generating Station) 530 MW (active 2013)
Kintigh Generating Station Somerset 43°21′29″N 78°36′14″W / 43.35806°N 78.60389°W / 43.35806; -78.60389 (Kintigh Generating Station) 675 MW (active 2013)
Huntley Generating Station Tonawanda 42°58′15″N 78°55′56″W / 42.97083°N 78.93222°W / 42.97083; -78.93222 (Huntley Generating Station) 816 MW (active 2013)
Westover Power Station Johnson City 146 MW (inactive 2011-)

Nuclear power stations[edit]

Plant Location Coords. Notes
Ginna Nuclear Generating Station Ontario 43°16′40″N 77°18′36″W / 43.277893°N 77.310104°W / 43.277893; -77.310104 (Ginna Nuclear Generating Station) 610 MW
Indian Point Energy Center Buchanan 41°16′11″N 73°57′08″W / 41.269745°N 73.952333°W / 41.269745; -73.952333 (Indian Point Energy Center) 2,045 MW
James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant Oswego 43°31.4′N 76°23.9′W / 43.5233°N 76.3983°W / 43.5233; -76.3983 (James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant) 838 MW
Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station Oswego 43°31′15″N 76°24′25″W / 43.52083°N 76.40694°W / 43.52083; -76.40694 (Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station) 1,761 MW

Gas-fired (or combined gas/coal)[edit]

Brooklyn Navy Yard
Plant Location Coords. Notes
Arthur Kill Generating Station Staten Island 842 MW
Astoria Gas Generating Station Astoria, Queens 1,296 MW
Athens Generating Plant Athens 1,138 MW
E.F. Barrett Power Station Hempstead 384 MW
Bethlehem Energy Center Bethlehem 754 MW[2]
Bowline Point Gas Power Plant Haverstraw 1,139 MW
Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Facility Brooklyn 286 MW
Caithness Long Island Yaphank 350 MW
CH2M Hill Rensselaer 535 MW
East River Generating Station Manhattan 317 MW
Far Rockaway Power Station (Plant Shutdown, April 2013) Far Rockaway, Queens 109 MW
Glenwood Generating Station Glenwood Landing 210 MW
Northport Power Station Northport 1,522 MW
Port Jefferson Power Station Port Jefferson 385 MW
Ravenswood Generating Station Long Island City, Queens 40°45′35″N 73°56′45″W / 40.75972°N 73.94583°W / 40.75972; -73.94583 2,410 MW
Richard M. Flynn Power Plant Holtsville 135 MW


Plant Location Coords. Notes
E.F. Barrett Power Station Hempstead 384 MW
Danskammer Generating Station Town of Newburgh 41°34′22″N 73°57′53″W / 41.57278°N 73.96472°W / 41.57278; -73.96472 (Danskammer Generating Station) 537 MW
Far Rockaway Power Station Far Rockaway, Queens 109 MW
Northport Power Station Northport 1,522 MW
Oswego Steam Station Oswego 1,700 MW
Ravenswood Generating Station Long Island City, Queens 2,410 MW
Port Jefferson Power Station Port Jefferson 385 MW
Roseton Generating Station Town of Newburgh 1,213 MW



Plant Location Coords. Notes
Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project PS Catskill Mountains 42°27′13″N 74°27′21″W / 42.45361°N 74.45583°W / 42.45361; -74.45583 (Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project) 1,057 MW
Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station Town of Lewiston 43°08′35″N 79°02′23″W / 43.14306°N 79.03972°W / 43.14306; -79.03972 (Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station) 2,525 MW
Lewiston Pump-Generating Plant Town of Lewiston 43°08′33″N 79°01′18″W / 43.14250°N 79.02167°W / 43.14250; -79.02167 (Lewiston Pump-Generating Plant) 240 MW
St.Lawrence/FDR Power Plant Town of Massena 45°00′23″N 74°47′42″W / 45.00639°N 74.79500°W / 45.00639; -74.79500 (St.Lawrence/FDR Power Plant) 912 MW
RG&E Hydro Station 26 Rochester 43°09′09″N 77°36′36″W / 43.152503°N 77.609906°W / 43.152503; -77.609906 (RG&E Hydro Station 26) 3.0 MW
RG&E Hydro Station 5 Rochester 43°10′49″N 77°37′39″W / 43.180243°N 77.627534°W / 43.180243; -77.627534 (RG&E Hydro Station 5) 45.4 MW
RG&E Hydro Station 2 Rochester 43°09′38″N 77°36′54″W / 43.160564°N 77.614976°W / 43.160564; -77.614976 (RG&E Hydro Station 2) 8.5 MW
Varick Hydropower Facility Oswego 43°26′55″N 76°30′18″W / 43.448539°N 76.505047°W / 43.448539; -76.505047 (Varick Hydropower Facility) 8.0 MW
Mechanicville Hydroelectric Plant Mechanicville 42°52′41″N 73°40′47″W / 42.878056°N 73.679722°W / 42.878056; -73.679722 (Mechanicville Hydroelectric Plant) 5.3 MW
School Street Hydroelectric Facility Cohoes 38.0 MW[3]

*PS indicates a pumped-storage hydroelectric power station.

Wind farms[edit]

A turbine of the Fenner wind farm
Name Location Coords. Notes
Altona Wind Farm Clinton County 97.5 MW
Bliss Wyoming County 100.5MW
Chateaugay Wind Farm Franklin County 109.5 MW
Clinton Wind Farm Clinton County 100.5 MW
Ellenburg Wind Farm Franklin County 81 MW
Fenner Wind Farm Madison County 30 MW
Madison Wind Farm Madison County 11 MW
Dutch Hill/Cohocton Wind Farm Steuben County 125 MW
Maple Ridge Wind Farm Lewis County 43°45′N 75°33′W / 43.75°N 75.55°W / 43.75; -75.55 (Maple Ridge Wind Farm) 320 MW
Steel Winds Erie County 42°48.8′N 78°52′W / 42.8133°N 78.867°W / 42.8133; -78.867 (steel winds) 35 MW


Plant Location Coords. Notes
Black River Power Station Watertown 50 MW (converted from coal in 2013)



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