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List of prayers (See: Prayer)

Jewish prayers[edit]

Christian prayers[edit]

Common to several denominations[edit]

Anglican Prayers[edit]

Roman Catholic prayers[edit]

Prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Prayers to Saints and Angels:

Eastern Orthodox prayers[edit]

Christian prayers specific to the Eastern Orthodox Church and those Eastern Catholic Churches which follow the Byzantine Rite:

Other denominations[edit]

Prayers of the Theotokos ("Mary, Mother of God")[edit]

Islamic prayers[edit]

The English term "prayer" can refer to any of three separate concepts in Islamic spiritual practice:

  • Salat, ritual Islamic prayer, prescribed five times daily:
    • Fajr — the dawn prayer
    • Dhuhr — the noon prayer
    • Asr — the afternoon prayer
    • Maghrib — the sunset prayer
    • Isha'a — the night prayer
Besides the five daily prayers, other notable forms of salat include:

Hindu prayers[edit]