List of presidents of Brigham Young University–Idaho

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The following people have served as principals or presidents of Brigham Young University-Idaho, also known as the Bannock Stake Academy (1888-1903), Ricks Academy (1903-1917), Ricks Normal College (1917-1923), and Ricks College (1923-2000). This list does not include presidents of Brigham Young University or Brigham Young University-Hawaii.

Name Years Title School Name
Jacob Spori 1888-1891 Principal Bannock Stake Academy
Charles N. Watkins 1891-1894 Principal
George Cole 1894-1899 Principal
Douglas M. Todd 1899-1901 Principal
Ezra C. Dalby 1901-1914 Principal Bannock Stake Academy (1901-1903)
Ricks Academy (1903-1914)
Andrew B. Christenson.jpg Andrew B. Christensen 1914-1917 Principal Ricks Academy
George S. Romney.jpg George S. Romney 1917-1931 President Ricks Normal College (1917-1923)
Ricks College (1923-1931)
Hyrum Manwaring 1931-1944 President Ricks College
John L. Clarke 1944-1971 President
Henry B. Eyring2.jpg Henry B. Eyring 1971-1977 President
Bruce C. Hafen 1978-1985 President
Joe J. Christensen.jpg Joe J. Christensen 1985-1989 President
Steven D. Bennion 1989-1997 President
Elder Bednar.jpeg David A. Bednar 1997-2004[1] President Ricks College (1997-2001)
Brigham Young University-Idaho (2001-2004)
Robert M. Wilkes 2004-2005[2] Interim President Brigham Young University-Idaho
Kim B. Clark PR photo.jpeg Kim B. Clark 2005-current President


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