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This is a list of prestige classes in the 3rd edition of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. Prestige classes were introduced in third edition as a further means of individualizing a character.[1] This list includes content for both the original 3rd edition and the 3.5 revision.

Nearly every official supplement source book and most issues of Dragon magazine introduced new prestige classes. This list does not include prestige classes from third-party material offered under the d20 System or the Open Game License. It also does not include prestige classes in video games based on Dungeons & Dragons, such as the Neverwinter Nights series.

Some prestige classes, such as the Bladesinger, Ur-Priest, and the Purple Dragon Knight, are printed in multiple sources. Sometimes there are slight revisions between these reprints, while others are exact duplications. As a result, there are fewer total prestige classes than the sum of those appearing in each source.


Dungeon Master's Guide[edit]

The prestige classes in the Dungeon Master's Guide were the first (and, to date, the only) prestige classes considered part of the core rules for the game. The 3rd edition Dungeon Master's Guide contained six original prestige classes; the 3.5 revision included these six, and added ten more.

Class Description Statistics
Arcane Archer Arcane archers mix archery with magical ability; they may enchant arrows and send spells as effects through them. They must be either an elf or a half-elf. OGL stats
Assassin Assassins are killers and spies, generally for money. They must be of evil alignment and kill a victim as an initiation rite to join. They focus on stealth, sneak attacks, and safe (for them) poison usage. They also have a limited degree of magical talent focused on intrusion and stealth; it is cast normally like a Wizard in 3rd edition and spontaneous like a Sorcerer in 3.5. OGL stats
Blackguard Blackguards are dedicated champions of evil; mechanically, they are similar to reverse Paladins in many ways. Some older versions of the game included "Anti-Paladins," which are similar. Blackguards may be of any evil alignment; fallen Paladin Blackguards gain additional abilities. OGL stats
Dwarven Defender Dwarven Defenders are dwarf warriors who gain great defensive ability; they possess a higher Armor Class and gain damage reduction. Dwarven Defenders can also gain bonuses from a Defensive stance ability if they stay rooted to one spot. They must be of a Lawful alignment. OGL stats
Loremaster Loremasters are scholars who acquire knowledge and occluded secrets. They must possess some skill in divination spells and detailed mastery of at least two Knowledge skills. OGL stats
Shadowdancer Shadowdancers are able to use the cloak of shadows for a variety of powerful effects, such as hiding in plain sight or teleporting a short range through shadows. OGL stats
Added in 3.5 revision
Arcane Trickster Arcane Tricksters are rogues who combine larceny with magical talent. They may attempt skills such as picking locks or sleight of hand from a distance, and can force sneak attacks even on prepared targets. Arcane Tricksters cannot be lawful. OGL stats
Archmage Archmages are powerful wizards or sorcerers who gain a variety of special abilities in exchange for spell slots. OGL stats
Dragon Disciple Dragon Disciples are those with some draconic heritage who seek to transform into half-dragons. They must have some inherent spellcasting ability to attempt this. OGL stats
Duelist Duelists are nimble warriors who focus on wits and finesse. They gain a bonus based on intelligence to their armor class when not wearing armor and may strike their opponents with great precision with light weapons. OGL stats
Eldritch Knight Eldritch Knights learn both martial and arcane arts. They must possess both skill with all weapons and significant arcane casting ability, and go on to improve both in training as an Eldritch Knight. OGL stats
Hierophant Hierophants are already-powerful clerics or druids who seek a different form of training. The class does not enhance their spellcasting ability any, but hierophants gain powerful special abilities of their choice from their deity instead. OGL stats
Horizon Walker Horizon Walkers are explorer-warriors. They gain knowledge of various terrains with experience, and eventually learn even the terrain of the outer planes. OGL stats
Mystic Theurge Mystic Theurges are students of both divine and arcane magic. Mechanically, they are generally cleric / wizards who advance their spellcasting in both classes. OGL stats
Red Wizard Red Wizards are members of the ruling hierarchy of Thay in the Forgotten Realms setting. They are extremely specialized wizards; they forsake access to even more schools of magic in order to increase their mastery in their specialized school. (see below)
Thaumaturgist Thaumaturgists are generally former clerics who specialize in summoning allies from the planes. OGL stats

The Red Wizard prestige class was adapted from Forgotten Realms campaign-specific material. Because of its origins in Forgotten Realms, the Red Wizard is the only prestige class to appear in the Dungeon Master's Guide but not in the System Reference Document (SRD).

Supplemental source books[edit]

3rd edition[edit]

Book of Vile Darkness[edit]

Book of Vile Darkness includes 18 prestige classes.

Defenders of the Faith[edit]

Defenders of the Faith includes 14 prestige classes.

Deities and Demigods[edit]

Deities and Demigods includes 3 prestige classes.

  • Berserk
  • Justiciar of Taiia
  • Soldier of Light

Epic Level Handbook[edit]

Epic Level Handbook includes 9 prestige classes. As appropriate for the book's content, these classes have entrance requirements that limit them to characters above level 20. It also includes rules for continuing certain other prestige classes beyond their ten-level limits using the epic level rules. Unlike prestige classes from almost all other supplemental source books, these nine classes have been included in the SRD with the addition of the rules for epic levels. The SRD also includes epic levels for the Dungeon Master's Guide prestige classes (except the Red Wizard), including those in the 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide, released after the Epic Level Handbook.

Fiend Folio[edit]

Fiend Folio includes 3 prestige classes.

  • Fiend of Blasphemy
  • Fiend of Corruption
  • Fiend of Possession

Manual of the Planes[edit]

Manual of the Planes includes 4 prestige classes.

  • Divine Agent
  • Gatecrasher
  • Planar Champion
  • Planeshifter

Masters of the Wild[edit]

Masters of the Wild includes 20 prestige classes.

Psionics Handbook[edit]

Psionics Handbook includes 4 prestige classes.

  • Metamind
  • Pyrokineticist
  • Slayer
  • Soulknife

Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil[edit]

The module Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil includes one prestige class.

  • Doomdreamer

Savage Species[edit]

Savage Species includes 10 prestige classes.

Song and Silence[edit]

Song and Silence includes 10 prestige classes.

Sword and Fist[edit]

Sword and Fist includes 19 prestige classes.

Tome and Blood[edit]

Tome and Blood includes 15 prestige classes.

3.5 revision[edit]

Book of Exalted Deeds[edit]

Book of Exalted Deeds includes 22 prestige classes.


Cityscape includes 3 prestige classes

  • Ebonmar Infiltrator
  • Crimson Scourge
  • Urban Savant

Complete Adventurer[edit]

Complete Adventurer includes 26 prestige classes.

Complete Arcane[edit]

Complete Arcane includes 19 prestige classes.

Complete Champion[edit]

Complete Champion includes 11 prestige classes.

Complete Divine[edit]

Complete Divine includes 24 prestige classes.

Complete Mage[edit]

Complete Mage includes 11 prestige classes.

Complete Psionic[edit]

Complete Psionic includes 8 prestige classes.

Complete Scoundrel[edit]

Complete Scoundrel includes 13 prestige classes.

Complete Warrior[edit]

Complete Warrior includes 36 prestige classes.


Draconomicon includes 17 prestige classes.

D=Prestige class for Dragontype Only (true dragons, landwyrms, elemental drakes, half dragons and draconic). TD=Prestige class for true Dragon only

Dragon Magic[edit]

Dragon Magic includes 7 prestige classes.

Drow of the Underdark[edit]

Drow of the Underdark includes 7 prestige classes.


Dungeonscape includes 3 prestige classes.

  • Beast Heart Adept
  • Dungeon Lord
  • Trapsmith

Expanded Psionics Handbook[edit]

Expanded Psionics Handbook includes 9 prestige classes. Three of the four prestige classes from the 3.0 Psionics Handbook were revised as prestige classes in this book. The fourth was adapted as the Soulknife base class. Unlike prestige classes from almost all other supplemental source books, these nine classes have been included in the SRD with the addition of the rules for psionics.

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft[edit]

The module Expedition to Castle Ravenloft includes 1 prestige class.

  • Knight of the Raven

Expedition to the Demonweb Pits[edit]

The Expedition to the Demonweb Pits "super-adventure" includes 2 prestige classes.

  • Demonwrecker
  • Jaunter

Fiendish Codex II[edit]

Fiendish Codex II includes 4 prestige classes.

  • Hellbreaker
  • Hellfire Warlock
  • Hellreaver
  • Soulguard


Frostburn includes 10 prestige classes.


Ghostwalk includes 4 prestige classes.

Heroes of Battle[edit]

Heroes of Battle includes 4 prestige classes.

  • Combat Medic
  • Dread Commando
  • Legendary Leader
  • War Weaver

Heroes of Horror[edit]

Heroes of Horror includes 6 prestige classes.

Libris Mortis[edit]

Libris Mortis includes 11 prestige classes.

Lords of Madness[edit]

Lords of Madness features 8 prestige classes.

Magic of Incarnum[edit]

Magic of Incarnum features 10 prestige classes.

Miniatures Handbook[edit]

Miniatures Handbook includes 7 prestige classes.

Planar Handbook[edit]

Planar Handbook includes 9 prestige classes.

Races of Destiny[edit]

Races of Destiny includes 7 prestige classes.

Races of Stone[edit]

Races of Stone includes 15 prestige classes.

Races of the Dragon[edit]

Races of the Dragon includes 5 prestige classes.

Races of the Wild[edit]

Races of the Wild includes 8 prestige classes.


Sandstorm includes 6 prestige classes.

Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde[edit]

The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde adventure contains 4 prestige classes.

  • Dark Scholar
  • Serene Guard
  • Solar Channeler
  • Twisted Lord


Stormwrack includes 7 prestige classes.

Tome of Battle[edit]

Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords includes 8 prestige classes.

Tome of Magic[edit]

Tome of Magic includes 15 prestige classes.

Weapons of Legacy[edit]

Weapons of Legacy includes one prestige class.

  • Legacy Champion

Campaign setting-specific sources[edit]


Only prestige classes from the Dragonlance Campaign Setting appear in this list. All further Dragonlance books that have been published for 3rd edition were licensed to a third-party publisher.

Dragonlance Campaign Setting[edit]

Dragonlance Campaign Setting, released under 3.5 rules, includes 12 prestige classes.



Dragonmarked, released under 3.5 rules, includes 12 prestige classes.

Eberron Campaign Setting[edit]

Eberron Campaign Setting, released under 3.5 rules, includes 8 prestige classes.

Explorer's Handbook[edit]

Explorer's Handbook, released under 3.5 rules, includes 3 prestige classes.

  • Cataclysm Mage
  • Thunder Guide
  • Windwright Captain

Faiths of Eberron[edit]

Faiths of Eberron, released under 3.5 rules, includes 5 prestige classes.

Five Nations[edit]

Five Nations, released under 3.5 rules, includes 5 prestige classes.

Magic of Eberron[edit]

Magic of Eberron, released under 3.5 rules, includes 8 prestige classes.

Player's Guide to Eberron[edit]

Player's Guide to Eberron, released under 3.5 rules, includes 3 prestige classes.

  • Gatekeeper Mystagogue
  • High Elemental Binder
  • Revenant Blade

Races of Eberron[edit]

Races of Eberron, released under 3.5 rules, includes 8 prestige classes.

Secrets of Xen'drik[edit]

Secrets of Xen'drik, released under 3.5 rules, includes 3 prestige classes.

  • Landforged Walker
  • Primal Scholar
  • Scorpion Wraith

Secrets of Sarlona[edit]

Secrets of Sarlona, released under 3.5 rules, includes 1 prestige class.

  • Haztaratain

Forgotten Realms[edit]

Champions of Ruin[edit]

Champions of Ruin, released under the 3.5 rules, includes 6 prestige classes.

Champions of Valor[edit]

Champions of Valor, released under the 3.5 rules, includes 4 prestige classes.

  • Knight of the Flying Hunt
  • Knight of the Weave
  • Moonsea Sentinel
  • Triadic Knight

City of Splendors[edit]

City of Splendors: Waterdeep, released under the 3.5 rules, includes 4 prestige classes.

  • Gray Hand Enforcer
  • Knight of the Blue Moon
  • Moonstar Agent
  • Sun Soul Monk

Faiths and Pantheons[edit]

Faiths and Pantheons, released under 3.0 rules, includes 20 prestige classes.

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting[edit]

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, released under the 3.0 rules, includes 13 prestige classes.

Lords of Darkness[edit]

Lords of Darkness, released under 3.0 rules, includes 5 prestige classes.

  • Darkmask
  • Entropist
  • Spur Lord
  • Thayan Knight
  • Zhentarim Skymage

Lost Empires of Faerûn[edit]

Lost Empires of Faerûn, released under the 3.5 rules, includes 5 prestige classes.

Magic of Faerûn[edit]

Magic of Faerûn, released under 3.0 rules, includes 11 prestige classes.

Player's Guide to Faerûn[edit]

Player's Guide to Faerûn, released under the 3.5 rules, includes 30 prestige classes: 20 for standard play, 2 for epic levels, 1 for psionic characters, 4 for use with the Book of Vile Darkness and 3 for the Book of Exalted Deeds. Many of these are revisions or reprints of classes published in other Forgotten Realms source books before the 3.5 revision.

Power of Faerûn[edit]

Power of Faerûn, released under the 3.5 rules, includes two prestige classes.

  • Court Herald
  • Merchant Prince

Races of Faerûn[edit]

Races of Faerûn released under the 3.0 rules, includes 9 prestige classes.

  • Battlerager
  • Bladesinger
  • Breachgnome
  • Elven High Mage
  • Great Rift Skyguard
  • Orc Warlord
  • Spellsinger
  • Warrior Skald
  • Warsling Sniper

Serpent Kingdoms[edit]

Serpent Kingdoms, released under the 3.5 rules, includes 6 prestige classes.

Shining South[edit]

Shining South, released under the 3.5 rules, includes 9 prestige classes.

Silver Marches[edit]

Silver Marches, released under the 3.0 rules, includes 6 prestige classes.

Unapproachable East[edit]

Unapproachable East, released under the 3.5 rules, includes 12 prestige classes.


Underdark, released under the 3.5 rules, includes 12 prestige classes.

Oriental Adventures[edit]

Oriental Adventures[edit]

Oriental Adventures, released under the 3.0 rules, includes 27 prestige classes. Many of these classes were intended to support the Rokugan campaign setting. All further source books for Rokugan were published by AEG.

Prestige Classes in NWN 2[edit]

  • Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep
  • Neverwinter Nine
  • Red Dragon Disciple
  • Red Wizard of Thay

Dragon magazine[edit]

Dragon magazine has published over 200 prestige classes. Many of these prestige classes were reprinted in sourcebooks later.

274 The Mystic
275 The Duelist
280 Divine Champion / Eldritch Master
281 Zerth Cenobite / Arcanopath Monk / Truth Seeker / Psi-hunter
282 Blessed of Gruumsh
283 Shining Blade of Heironeous / Radiant Servant of Pelor / Fleet Runner of Ehlonna / Mighty Contender of Kord / Flame Steward
284 Dragonkith
285 Lightbearer / Silverstar
286 Elder Druid / Nightcloak
287 The Athar / The Cipher / The Sensate / The Sinker / The Taker / The Xaositect / Fiend Slayer / Dreadmaster
288 Lifedrinker
289 Poison Fist / Ghost-faced Killer / Weightless Foot
290 Justicar / Dancer of Sharess
291 Gnome Giant Killer
292 Cave Stalker / Fiend Binder / Prairie Runner / The Darkwood Stalker
293 Nightsong Enforcer / The Glaive of Azharadian
294 Windsinger / Nightsong Infiltrator / The Green Hunter
295 Primal Rager / Fierce Grappler / Brawler / Master Siege Engineer
296 Dragonscribe / Knight of the Scale / Heartseeker / Vengeance Sworn / Dragon Mystic / Sphere Minion / Illithidkin / Snake Servant / Waker of the Beast / Acolyte of the Fist
297 Shadar Sentinel / Soulreaver / Arcane Lord / Bow Master / Perfected One / Stalwart Warden / Unholy Ravager / World Guardian / Master of the Secret Sound / Knight of the Chase
298 Deep Avenger / Gloomblade / Gray Sage / Bloodsister / Nightshade / Kabuki Warrior / Dragon Warrior
299 Reaper's Child / Monk of the Enabled Hand / Dwarven Thane / Orc Blademaster
300 Faceless Ones / Deep Thrall / Shoal Servant / Tiger Mask / The Flesheater
302 The Tainted / Mask of Johydee
307 Battlepriest of Cormyr / Council Mage of Cormyr / Noble Adventurer / Moon Drover of Cormyr / Royal Scout of Cormyr / Whitehorn / Follower of the Skyserpent / Tree-Friend / Artist's Vengeance / Ranger of the Night’s Watch
308 Aeromancer / Ordinator / Empowered
310 Branch Dancer / Mole / Jobber / Magic Filcher / Stoneface
311 Battle Howler of Gruumsh / Green Whisperer / Memory Smith / Metal Master / The Mourner / Worldspeaker
312 Oppressor / Poisoner / Replacement Killer
313 Mind Mage
314 Heartfire Fanner / Master of the North Wind / Master of the South Wind / Master of the East Wind / Master of the West Wind / Darkwater Knight / Earthshaker / Firestorm Berserker / Icesinger / Purebreath Devotee
315 Silverhair Knight / Companion of the Dead / Shark Cultist / Harmonium Peacekeeper / Anarchromancer / Omatu Master / Eagle Knight / Jaguar Knight / Boge of Nomog-Geaya
316 Master Inquisitive
317 Osteomancer / Flux Adept / Cerebrex / Ranger Knight of Furyondy / Battleguard of Tempus
318 Scout Warlord / Battlemage Warlord / Driven Leader Warlord
319 Aerial Avenger / Shen
321 The Infused / Barber / Corsair / Holy Slayer / Mamluk / Arvoreen's Keeper / Arvoreen's Warder
322 Shadow Apostle / Deathstalker of Bhaal
323 Spirit Speaker
324 Sworn Slayer
325 Bowman Charger
326 Shaper of Form
328 Chimeric Champion of Garl Glittergold / Itinerant Warder of Yondalla / Justice Hammer of Moradin / Mystic Keeper of Corellon Larethian / Force Missile Mage
329 Thrall of Pazuzu
330 Jester
333 Thrall of Fraz-Urb'luu
335 Charlatan
337 Thrall of Zuggtomy
338 Wormhunter
339 Incantifier / Son of Mercy
340 Master Astrologer
341 Thrall of Baphomet
345 Thrall of Kostchtchie
349 Thrall of Dagon
353 Thrall of Malcanthet
354 Totemic Demonslayer
357 Spell Sovereign / Thrall of Demogorgon


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