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This is a list of prime ministerial trips made by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the 27th and current Prime Minister of Turkey, after winning the elections of November 2, 2002. The official residence and principal workplace of the Prime Minister of Turkey is the Başbakanlık Konutu, in Ankara.

Like many other leaders, Erdogan has made the most trips to the United States, because of (annual) meetings of the United Nations, G20 and other international organizations. The second most visited country is Belgium, due to issues concerning the European Union. The third most visited country by Erdoğan is the neighbour and brother country Azerbaijan.[1]

Summary of international trips[edit]

Map of international trips made by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as prime minister:
  Visited countries


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Serbia and Montenegro Belgrade April 8–9
 Northern Cyprus Kyrenia, Nicosia May 9
 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur June 13–15
 Pakistan Islamabad June 15–17
 Greece Thessaloniki June 20
 Portugal Lisbon July 1–2
 Austria Vienna July 11–12
 France Paris August 31 - 1
 Germany Berlin September 1–3
 Italy Como September 6–7
 Italy Rome October 3–4
 Belgium Brussels October 16–17
 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek October 21–22
 Tajikistan Dushanbe October 23–24
 Northern Cyprus Nicosia November 15
 Belgium Brussels December 11–13
 Azerbaijan Baku December 15
 Uzbekistan Tashkent, Samarkand December 18–20


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Germany Berlin January 9
 Saudi Arabia Jeddah January 17–19
  Switzerland Davos January 24–25
 United States Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. January 26–31
 Belgium Brussels February 1
 South Korea Busan, Seoul, Ulsan February 8–11
 Belgium Brussels March 25–26
  Switzerland Bürgenstock, Zürich March 29-1
 Ukraine Kiev, Simferopol April 2–3
 Japan Osaka, Tokyo April 11–15
 Afghanistan Kabul April 20–21
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo, Zenica April 21–22
 Germany Cologne April 27
 Ireland Dublin May 1
 Greece Athens, Komotini May 6–8
 Romania Bucharest May 20–21
 United Kingdom London May 28–29
 United States Boston, Chicago, Savannah June 9–13
 Netherlands The Hague June 16–17
 Belgium Brussels June 17–18
 Bulgaria Sofia, Targovishte, Varna July 6–7
 France Paris July 19–21
 Iran Tehran July 28–30
 Georgia Tiblisi August 11–12
 Greece Athens August 13–14
 Tajikistan Dushanbe September 13–14
 Belgium Brussels September 23
 Germany Berlin October 3
 France Paris October 20–21
 Germany Berlin October 26–27
 Italy Rome October 28–29
 France Strasbourg November 5–6
 Egypt Cairo November 12
 Luxembourg Luxembourg November 16–17
 Belgium Brussels December 9–10
 Belgium Brussels December 15–17
 Syria Aleppo, Damascus December 22–23


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Russia Moscow January 10–12
  Switzerland Davos January 27–30
 Indonesia Aceh, Jakarta February 6–7
 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur February 7
 Thailand Bangkok, Phuket February 8
 Maldives Malé February 9
 Sri Lanka Matara February 10
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo February 15–17
 Belgium Brussels February 22
 Ethiopia Addis Ababa March 2–3
 South Africa Cape Town, Pretoria March 3–5
 Spain Madrid March 11
 Belgium Brussels March 21–22
 Tunisia Tunis March 28–29
 Morocco Casablanca, Rabat March 30–31
  Vatican City Vatican City April 8
 Norway Oslo, Stavanger April 11–12
 Israel Jerusalem, Tel Aviv May 1
 Russia Moscow May 9
 Hungary Budapest, Szigetvár May 12–13
 Poland Warshaw May 16–17
 Kazakhstan Almati, Astana May 26–27
 United States New York, Washington, D.C. June 7–11
 Lebanon Beirut June 15–16
 Azerbaijan Baku June 29–30
 United States San Francisco, Sun Valley July 6
 Russia Moscow, Sochi July 17–18
 Mongolia Karakorum, Ulan Bator July 18–21
 United Kingdom London July 27–28
 Italy Como, Napoli, Rome September 2–3
 United States New York September 13–16
 Saudi Arabia Jeddah September 18–19
 Oman Muscat September 27
 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi September 28
 Pakistan Islamabad, Kashmir, Muzaffarabad October 20–21
 Kuwait Kuwait City October 25
 Yemen Sana'a October 26
 Germany Cologne November 6
 Bahrain Manama November 13
 Denmark Copenhagen November 15
 United Kingdom London November 26–27
 Spain Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca November 27–28
 New Zealand Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington December 3–6
 Australia Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney December 6–10


Country Areas visited Date(s)
  Switzerland Davos January 26–27
 Monaco Monaco March 1–2
 Sudan Darfur, Khartoum March 27–29
 Saudi Arabia Jeddah March 29–30
 Greece Thessaloniki May 4
 Azerbaijan Baku May 4–5
 Indonesia Bali May 13–14
 Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh May 20–21
 Algeria Algiers May 22–23
 Germany Berlin May 25–26
 Croatia Zagreb June 12–13
 Macedonia Skopje June 13–14
 France Strasbourg June 27–28
 Northern Cyprus Boğazköy, Nicosia July 19–21
 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur August 3
 United States New York, Washington, D.C. September 30-2
 Saudi Arabia Jeddah October 8
 United Kingdom London November 3
 Jordan Amman, Petra November 25–26
 Latvia Riga November 28–29
 Iran Tehran December 2–3
 Syria Damascus December 6
 United States New York December 18–20
 Turkmenistan Ashgabat December 24–29


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Lebanon Beirut, Tyre January 3
 Ethiopia Addis Ababa January 28–30
 Georgia Tiblisi February 7
 Turkmenistan Ashgabat February 13–14
 Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Riyadh February 24–26
 Azerbaijan Baku March 9–10
 Saudi Arabia Riyadh March 28–29
 Syria Aleppo April 3–4
 Germany Hanover April 15–16
 United States New York, Washington, D.C. September 21–29
 Romania Bucharest October 25–26
 United States Washington, D.C. November 4–6
 Italy Rome November 7–8
 Czech Republic Pardubice, Prague November 15–16
 Azerbaijan Baku November 16–17
 United Kingdom London, Oxford November 22–23
 Portugal Lisbon December 8


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Spain Granada, Madrid January 13–16
 Germany Berlin, Cologne, Ludwigshafen, Munich February 7–10
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Ilidža, Sarajevo March 25–26
 Bulgaria Kardzhali, Sofia, Targovishte March 27–28
 Sweden Stockholm April 2–3
 Qatar Doha April 13–15
 Syria Damascus April 26
 Lebanon Beirut May 25–26
Nakhchivan City June 3–4
 Iraq Baghdad July 10
 France Paris July 13
 Northern Cyprus Nicosia July 18–20
 Russia Moscow August 13
 Georgia Tiblisi August 14
 Azerbaijan Baku August 20
 Syria Damascus September 4
 Turkmenistan Ashgabat October 3–4
 United States New York, Washington, D.C. November 13–15
  Switzerland Geneva November 17–18
 Syria Damascus December 31
 Jordan Aqaba December 31


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh January 1
 Saudi Arabia Riyadh January 3
 Belgium Brussels January 18–19
  Switzerland Davos January 28–29
 Georgia Batumi March 5
 United Kingdom London April 1–3
 Germany Berlin April 18–19
 Azerbaijan Baku May 12–13
 Poland Warshaw May 13–15
 Russia Sochi May 16
 Belgium Brussels June 25–27
 Moldova Chişinău July 4–5
 Italy L'Aquila July 9–10
 Syria Aleppo July 22
 United States New York, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C. September 21–27
 Iraq Baghdad October 15
 Pakistan Islamabad October 24–26
 Iraq Baghdad October 26–28
 Qatar Doha November 12–13
 Italy Rome November 17–18
 United States Washington, D.C. December 7–9
 Mexico Mexico City December 9–10
 Russia Moscow December 11–13
 Syria Damascus December 22


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Russia Moscow January 12–13
 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi January 17–18
 Saudi Arabia Riyadh January 18–19
 Qatar Doha February 13–14
 Spain Cordoba, Madrid February 22–23
 Saudi Arabia Riyadh March 9
 United Kingdom London March 16
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo April 5–6
 France Paris April 6–8
 United States Washington, D.C. April 12–14
 Greece Athens May 14–15
 Iran Tehran May 17
 Azerbaijan Baku May 17
 Georgia Batumi May 17
 Spain Madrid May 18
 Brazil Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo May 26–29
 Chile Santiago May 30
 Canada Toronto June 27–28
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Srebrenica July 10–11
 Serbia Belgrade, Novi Pazar July 11–12
 Bulgaria Sofia October 4
 Germany Berlin October 8–9
 Syria Damascus October 11
 Pakistan Islamabad, Karachi, Muzaffarabad October 12–13
 Finland Helsinki October 19–20
 Greece Athens October 21–22
 Kosovo Mamuša, Pristina, Prizren November 3–4
 South Korea Seoul November 11–13
 Bangladesh Dhaka November 13–14
 Lebanon Akkar District, Beirut, Sidon November 24–25
 Libya Tripoli November 28–29


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Kuwait Kuwait City January 10-11
 Qatar Doha January 12-13
 Syria Damascus January 17
 Ukraine Kiev January 24-25
 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek February 1-2
 Germany Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hannover February 28
 Russia Kazan, Moscow March 15-17
 Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Medina March 19-21
 Iraq Arbil, Baghdad, Najaf March 28-29
 United Kingdom London March 30-31
 France Strasbourg April 12-13
 Georgia Batumi May 31
 Northern Cyprus Nicosia July 19-21
 Azerbaijan Baku July 27
 Somalia Mogadishu August 19
 Egypt Cairo September 12-14
 Tunisia Tunis September 15–16
 Libya Benghazi, Misrata, Tajura, Tripoli September 16
 United States New York September 19-25
 Macedonia Skopje, Tetovo, Ohrid, Gostivar September 29–30
 South Africa Pretoria October 4–5
 Saudi Arabia Riyadh October 26
 Germany Berlin November 1-2
 France Cannes November 3-4


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Northern Cyprus Nicosia January 17
 South Korea Seoul March 24-27
 Iran Tehran March 27-28
 China Beijing, Shanghai, Ürümqi April 8-11
 Saudi Arabia Riyadh April 13
 Qatar Doha April 20-21
 Slovenia Ljubljana, Bled May 7
 Italy Rome May 8
 Pakistan Islamabad May 20-22
 Kazakhstan Astana May 23-24
 Mexico Los Cabos June 17-19
 Brazil Rio de Janeiro June 20-22
 Russia Moscow July 18-19
 United Kingdom London July 26-27
 Azerbaijan Baku, Shaki September 11-12
 Ukraine Kiev, Yalta, Sevastopol September 13-14
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo September 14-15
 Germany Berlin October 30-31
 Indonesia Bali November 6-9
 Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan November 10
 Egypt Cairo November 17-18
 Pakistan Islamabad November 21-22
 Spain Madrid November 27-28


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Gabon Libreville January 6-7
 Niger Niamey January 8-9
 Senegal Dakar January 10-11
 Qatar Doha January 29
 Czech Republic Prague February 3-4
 Hungary Budapest February 4-5
 Slovakia Bratislava February 5-6
 United Arab Emirates Sharjah February 23-24
 Denmark Copenhagen March 20-21
 Netherlands Amsterdam, The Hague March 22
 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek April 9-10
 Mongolia Ulan Bator April 11-12
 United States Washington, D.C., San Francisco May 15-20
 Morocco Rabat June 3-4
 Algeria Algiers June 4-5
 Tunisia Tunis June 5-6
 Turkmenistan Avaza August 15-16
 Russia Saint Petersburg September 5-6
 Argentina Buenos Aires September 7-8
 Kosovo Prishtina October 23
 Finland Helsinki November 5-6
 Sweden Stockholm November 6
 Poland Warsaw November 7
 Russia Saint Petersburg November 22
 Qatar Doha December 4
 Pakistan Lahore, Islamabad December 23-24


Country Areas visited Date(s)
 Japan Tokyo January 6-8
 Singapore Singapore January 8-9
 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur January 10-11
 Belgium Brussels January 20-21
 Iran Tehran January 29-30
 Germany Berlin February 4-5
 Russia Sochi February 7
 Azerbaijan Baku April 4
 Germany Cologne May 25
 Austria Vienna June 19
 France Lyon, Paris June 20-21

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