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This is a list of people noted for their contribution to gardening, either by working as gardeners or garden designers by occupation, or by commissioning famous gardens.

It does not include the innumerable people who count gardening among their hobbies.

Notable gardeners[edit]

The following are or were gardeners or garden designers by occupation. The list includes garden designers and landscape gardeners, who are involved chiefly in the design of gardens rather than the practical aspects of horticulture. It also includes experts noted for their writing or broadcasting on the subject.

People who have notably commissioned famous gardens[edit]

Other people whose primary profession was not gardening have made notable contributions to horticulture by planning or commissioning significant gardens.

Fictional gardeners[edit]

  • Pat, the White Rabbit's gardener in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Boothby, recurring character in Star Trek, groundskeeper of Starfleet Academy
  • Chance the Gardener in the film Being There, a simple American whose name is misheard as "Chauncey Gardiner" and accidentally becomes a Presidential advisor and candidate
  • Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings, a hobbit, the servant and companion of Frodo Baggins, the Ring-bearer
  • Tom and Barbara Good in The Good Life (1975 TV series), a middle-class English couple who try to become self-sufficient on the produce of their garden in Surbiton
  • Souseiseki and Suiseiseki in the manga and anime Rozen Maiden, referred to as gardeners for their ability to tend not only plants but also the "soul trees" of humans
  • The Chief Gardener of the Imperial Palace Grounds was a key figure on Trantor, the galactic capitol in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series – a high functionary with a palatial office in the enormous Imperial complex and "an army of men and women under him"[1]
  • There are multiple gardeners, botanists and herbologists in the Harry Potter series:
    • Pomona Sprout and Herbert Beery, Herbology teachers
    • Frank Bryce, the Riddles' gardener
    • Miranda Goshawk (in the film version) and Phyllida Spore, two authors
    • Elladora Ketteridge and Beaumont Majoribanks, discovered gillyweed, a fictional plant
    • Hadrian Whittle, named after a real-life garden designer

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