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The following is a list of programming, past and present, which has been carried by CITV, the children's television strand of ITV in the United Kingdom, both in the form of the programming block carried from 3 January 1983 to 2007, and on the separate CITV digital channel since 11 March 2006. More details about both the past programming block and current channel are contained within the CITV article.

Current programming[edit]

Programme title Format/Genre Original Years of Broadcast (CITV) Notes
Adventure Time Animation 2014–present Taken from Cartoon Network, also airs as part of Scrambled!
Almost Naked Animals Animation 2011–present Taken from YTV.
Art Attack Arts/Crafts 1990–2007 In 2011, on Disney Junior a new series premiered with a new presenter and designed for younger children. Re-runs of the original series with Neil Buchanan still air.
The Aquabats! Super Show! Children's 2013–present Taken from Discovery Family
Big Time Rush Comedy 2011–present Taken from Nickelodeon
Bottom Knocker Street Children's 2013–present Original production.
Bookaboo Children's 2009–present Original production
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That Animation 2010–present Taken from Treehouse TV
Canimals CGI animation, Live action 2012–present Taken from EBS
Curious George Animation 2006–present Taken from PBS
Dino Dan Children's 2012–present Taken from TVO Kids
Digimon Fusion Animation 2014–present Taken from Nickelodeon
Deadtime Stories Children's 2013–present Taken from Nickelodeon, also airs as part of Scrambled!
Fish Hooks Animation 2013–present Taken from Disney Channel
Fleabag Monkeyface Animation 2011–present Original production
Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge Game Show 2012–present Original joint production with Disney XD
Kung Fu Dino Posse Animation 2009–present Original production
Gravity Falls Animation 2013–present Taken from Disney Channel
Horrid Henry Animation 2006–present Original production, also airs as part of Scrambled!
Jessie Comedy 2013 Taken from Disney Channel
Jungle Run Adventure Game Show 1999–2006 Original production
Mr. Bean - The Animated Series Animation 2013–present Original production
Monsuno Animation 2012–present Taken from Nicktoons
Matt Hatter Chronicles CGI Animation 2013 Taken from Teletoon
The Munch Box Cooking 2013–present Original production
My Parents Are Aliens Comedy 1999–2006 Original production
My Phone Genie Comedy 2012–present Original production
Nerds and Monsters Animation 2014–present Taken from YTV, also airs as part of Scrambled!
Om Nom Stories Animation 2013–present Taken from ZeptoLab's YouTube channel
Pokemon Animation 1998–present
Scrambled! Entertainment 2014-present
Super 4 Animation 2014-present
Skillicious Children's 2009–present Spin-off to Skillz, which originated in 2006. Hosted by Anna Williamson and Nigel Clarke. Anna replaced Zoe Salmon, who presented the first series in 2009. A mini version of the programme also airs in between programmes during the 'Get Stuck In!' slot at weekends.
Sooty Children's 2011–present Original production
Teen Titans Go! Animation 2014-present Taken from Cartoon Network
Tricky TV Educational,
2005–2006 & 2010 Original production
Wolves, Witches and Giants Animation 1995–1998 Original production

Upcoming programming[edit]

Signed Stories[edit]

Signed Stories was created by ITV SignPost – ITV’s centre of excellence for multi-platform British Sign Language services – as a resource for deaf children and their families, and for teachers of deaf children. The £1.5million initiative was delivered with some of the world’s leading publishers,as part of the company’s corporate and social responsibility plan to give deaf children access to the best children’s books in their native sign language.

The free website has grown in popularity with deaf and hearing children, children with special educational needs and those learning English as a second language – it’s now used by hundreds of thousands of children around the world, at school and in the home.[1]

Former programming[edit]




























Saturday mornings[edit]

9.25am on Saturday mornings has traditionally been the slot for CITV's flagship entertainment programme. Over the years these have included:


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