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Sky has commissioned many homegrown programmers since it first started broadcasting back in 1984 but it was not until 1989 when content went beyond music and children reprogramming. During the early years new game shows including a few series of Blockbusters and Spellbound, along with Price is Right and Sale of the Century. Original Drama Dream Team, a drama series based on a fictional football team; The Strangerers (a science fiction sitcom that was dropped after one series and never repeated); Al Murray's sitcom Time Gentlemen Please; and Baddiel's Syndrome. Hex, another sci-fi show, had proved popular but was cancelled in April 2006 and Mile High also proved quite popular but it only lasted from 2003–2005. Sky One commissioned Terry Pratchett's Hogfather for Christmas 2006 proving to be their most successful programme ever. Following the success of The Hogfather Sky brought out in 2008 an adaptation of The Colour of Magic and its second half The Light Fantastic, and in 2010 Terry Pratchett's Going Postal, the 33rd book in The Discworld series. Sky also co-produces The 4400 and co-financed the first season of Battlestar Galactica.

This is a list of television programmes broadcast by Sky 1 in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

US Shows[edit]

Original Drama[edit]

Current syndicated programming[edit]

Domestic programming[edit]

Title First broadcast No. of series No. of episodes Status
A League of Their Own 2010 8 92 Current
An Idiot Abroad 2010 3 19 Ended
Little Crackers 2010 3 36 Current
Wall of Fame 2011 1 10 Ended
Trollied 2011 4 44 Current
Mount Pleasant 2011 4 34 Moved to Sky Living
Spy 2011 2 17 Ended
The Cafe 2011 2 13 Ended
Stella 2012 3 30 Current
Starlings 2012 2 16 Ended
Parents 2012 1 6 Ended
A Touch of Cloth 2012 2 4 Current
Moone Boy 2012 2 12 Current
John Bishop's Only Joking 2013 1 10 Current
That Hidden Camera Family 2013 1 Ended
The Moaning of Life 2013 1 5 Ended
Yonderland 2013 1 8 Current
The Kumars 2014 1 6 Current
Duck Quacks Don't Echo 2014 2 15 Current

Former programming[edit]