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AksyonTV is a news, current affairs, information and sports channel in the Philippines which using in Filipino language only and started commercial operation on February 21, 2011. AksyonTV is television station owned by ABC Development Corporation Inc., together with TV5. These are list of programs that are currently aired. On April 11, 2013, TV5 announces that the blocktime agreement with IBC will not be renewed, making AKTV to cease broadcasting in May 31, 2013. Broadcasting rights of the NCAA basketball tournament, the United Football League and the PBA D-League were moved to AksyonTV.

For previously aired defunct shows of the network, see List of programs previously broadcast by AksyonTV. Programming that is also aired on AksyonTV International is marked with asterisks.

Programs currently broadcast on AksyonTV[edit]


¹also broadcast on TV5

Documentaries & Public Affairs[edit]

  • Buhay OFW* (2011–present)
  • Numero¹* (2013–present) (re-runs)
  • Reaksyon¹* (2012–present) (re-runs)
  • T3: Enforced¹* (2011–present)
  • Yaman ng Bayan¹* (2014–present)
  • Kaya¹* (2014–present)

¹also broadcast on TV5


  • Astig!: Sa Sports Walang Tsamba!¹* (2013–present) (re-runs)
  • Demolition Job¹* (2013–present) (re-runs)
  • History with Lourd¹* (2013–present) (re-runs)
  • Kuwentong Kanto¹ (2012–present) (re-runs)
  • Mondo Manu¹ (2011–present) (re-runs)
  • Word of the Lourd¹ (2011–present) (re-runs)

¹also broadcast on TV5

Radyo5 Programs[edit]

Main article: DWFM
  • Aksyon Solusyon*
  • Balita Alas Singko sa Radyo5* (weekends only)
  • Bitag Live*
  • Chink Positive*
  • Cristy Ferminute*
  • Healing Galing*
  • Magbago Tayo*
  • Metro Sabado*
  • Perfect Morning
  • Punto Asintado*
  • Relasyon*
  • Remoto Control
  • Wanted sa Radyo

Other programs currently broadcast on AksyonTV International[edit]

These are the programs of AksyonTV International that have been not currently aired on the network.


  • Pinoy Explorer


  • Misa Nazareno/Healing Grace Mass


  • NCAA Basketball
  • NCAA Women's Volleyball

Previously aired broadcast[edit]

Upcoming New Programs[edit]


Title Air date Cast Genre Source
Aksyon Sa Hapon 2015 Jove Francisco, Chi Bocobo News [1]
Aksyon Weekend 2015 Roby Alampay, Maricel Halili News [1]

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